by Gunman

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Shinji Ikari walked into the classroom Tokyo-3 Municipal Junior High School's Class 2-A. His head was down his hair brushed a certain way he normally didn't have it.

Normally, no one would have noticed. Or even cared.

However, someone did notice.

Ikari-kun is wearing his hair differently. He has never done so before. A certain blue-haired girl thought as she continued to stare at him through the reflection in the window. She stared at him for several minutes as he sat at his desk, not noticing that the Second Child had arrived.

She always ignored her anyway.

It was then that Rei noticed something else. Something about the way Shinji Ikari stiffened at her arrival. Not that it was unusual, but when he turned to not look at her, his hair brushed aside and she saw the mark.

A hand-sized mark.

The Second Child has struck the Third. Again.


Lunch time came quickly and Shinji found himself eating alone. Or at least he thought he was alone, as the blue-haired girl suddenly appeared side him.

"Huh? Oh, Ayanami-san."

"Please, call me Rei." she said with a lite smile.

"Uh, alright. Thank you, Rei." he said as she sat down next to him. "Can I do something for you?"

"I wish to know why the Second Child injured you."

His mood dropped a bit. " reason."

"She struck you for no reason?"

"She was just upset."

"At you?"

"At Misato."

That didn't make sense. "Captain Katsuragi? For what reason?" she asked.

"Something to do with Kaji." he explained.

Rei had seen Asuka's blatant infatuation for the unshaven man and knew that this was plausible. "I meant why did the Second strike you if she was upset with the captain?"

"Probably because she couldn't take Misato in a fight, and I wouldn't hit back."

"You would not strike to defend yourself?"

"Not a girl."

Rei thought about that for a second. He is considerate of others enough to let himself get injured. "So you allowed yourself to be injured on the captain's behalf."

"I'm used to it. Toji and Kensuke will probably say Asuka was just marking her property."

That made Rei frown. Property? Shinji-kun is not a slave to that...that... Rei paused as she realized that she was becoming irritated at the redhead. This cannot be allowed.

"Shinji, would you come by my apartment after school?" she asked.

"Uh...sure. What for?" he asked.

Considering it was Friday, and he had no school over the weekend, due to a new policy that had come into effect since the Angels, Shinji saw nothing wrong with it. But he was curious.

"A personal matter."

"Alright." he said, not saying more.

"I will see you at 4:00." she said as she stood up and walked away.

Well, it's not like she would try to seduce me. Shinji mused as he finished his lunch and then headed back inside for class.


Shinji arrived at the apartment of the First Child, 402, in the dingy rundown building that he felt an overwhelming urge to clean up. But he wasn't here for that. First and foremost, it was Rei he was here to see.

He knocked on the door and waited. Seconds later, it opened to reveal Rei Ayanami still in her school uniform.

"Shinji-kun, please come in." the girl said as she stepped aside as Shinji stepped inside.

She lead him through the small apartment and over towards the center of the room.

"So, Rei, what did you want to talk to me about?" Shinji asked as he set his

"I wish to hug you." she said bluntly.

Had Shinji's knees not been locked in a straight standing position, his legs would have buckled and he would be on the floor. Still he felt... shaky.


Seeing his confusion at her question, Rei decided to explain. "You and I are friends, correct?"

He didn't hesitate. "Of course."

"Before your arrival, I had not known what it means to have a friend. I have been alone much of my life, and have not had to depend upon another."

"Then why me?"

"Because you have protected me in battle against the Angels. You have shown more concern for me than others have. You have extended your hand in friendship to me." she paused a second. "Are you withdrawing your friendship?"

"No!" he quickly shouted. "Friends don't do that."

" friends...hug?" she asked as she moved closer to him.

Shinji was more than a little hesitant, but somehow found the courage to move. He stepped up to the girl and slowly wrapped his arms around her body, pulling her close.

Rei's arms were under his own as they wrapped around his torso, resting on his back. Her head rested on his shoulder, he couldn't see the almost blissful smile on her face.

I like this. It feels...nice. She thought as she let out a sigh that sounded almost happy. However, she also noticed that Shinji was a little tense.

"Shinji-kun, are you alright? You seem tense."

"A little." he replied. Which was true since he had little experience actually being this close to a girl. Especially one he liked.

Rei pulled back to look at him. "Why? You have seen me naked and touched me as well. I am fully clothed now. You should not be tense." she said. "And you have held me before. Do you remember, when we first met, I was injured and bleeding."

Shinji nodded his head. "That was a little different. I did that out of concern for you."

"Yes, a concern which I feel enough to return to you." she said, moving close so that her head was gently nestled between his neck and shoulder.

"Rei?" he asked, wondering what she was doing.

"You smell nice." she said.

He blushed.

"Shinji-kun, do friends also...kiss?"

That freaked him out quickly. "What?"

"Do friends kiss?" she repeated.

"Uh...only close friends do that." he said, figuring it as best an explanation as he could manage.

"You are the closest friend I have." she argued.

"Rei, I..."

"What is wrong?" She asked, noting his hesitation.

"I just..."

"You have never kissed a girl before?"

"Once." he said with an almost cheerless tone.

"It was not...good?"

"Not really."

Rei stared at him for a few seconds, a feeling of sadness at seeing the boy in such pain.

The Second Child. Somehow she convinced Shinji-kun to kiss her. He obviously did not enjoy it. She thought as she moved towards him, without hesitation as he tenderly pressed her lips against his. She felt him tense up, but made no effort to move away or protest. He moaned softly as she felt his arms tighten around him. He is enjoying this. She then realized she was feeling rather good herself.

The pair continued kissing for a couple more minutes, until they broke off as Shinji's cellphone rang.

Infernal device. Rei grumbled as Shinji moved away from her to answer it.



"Misato, what's wrong?"

"Not much. There's a storm coming. Unless you want to be trapped at Rei's all night, you'd better get home and quick." Misato said.

Shinji could feel the emphasis she put on that 'you want to be trapped at Rei's' statement. He knew the teasing that would result from that would go on for months. And Rei would be teased as well.

"I have to go Rei."

"Of course." she said as she moved towards him, kissing him lightly on the cheek. "I enjoyed our intercourse today." she said, which made Shinji panic.

"Rei! This wasn't an intercourse! This was an...interaction." he corrected.

"Then I look forward to our next...interaction very soon." she said.

"Me too." he smiled as he left.

Rei turned back to her room and took out something from her bag. Phase One complete. She thought as she heard the sounds of the thunderstorm heading towards Tokyo-3. Phase Two is on it's way. And Phase Three will take place on Monday.

With that, she tossed the weather report printouts she had downloaded from her computer before lunchtime with Shinji.


Authors Notes:

Like this story so far? The next chapter is almost done and I'll be uploading it ASAP. I'm more of a Shinji/Rei fan, and I got this idea from reading another fanfic called Misconceptions, which was absolutely hilarious. But it did leave me with a bit of a question as to what would happen next. So I decided to write this one and see what I could get from it.

Also, I am not duplicating the Misconceptions story, though a couple lines may seem familiar to anyone who has read it. The fic was just so damned funny and interesting that I couldn't help but write this story about it, my own interpretation of one thing that Rei said which sparked off that fic.

I basically wrote this story to show just how cunning and intelligent Rei could actually be. While it may seem like she could be manipulating Shinji, she does have emotions that Shinji had sparked in her. Such as her resentment of Asuka and actually liking Shinji. Therefore, without any concern for the possible repercussions to herself personally, Rei is pretty much unafraid and will do whatever she feels is what she has to do.

And I wouldn't say she's selfish, but I'm kinda playing it up that she has needs and wants as anyone else, and as a result would want to have something special in her life as well.

So please, read and review, and if I offend anyone, I apologize.