Chapter 3

by Gunman

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Rei let out a sigh as she rested against the naked form of one Shinji Ikari.

That was most... enjoyable. She thought.

It was 10:32, Monday night, and both teens were exhausted after having... physical sexual intimacy, as Rei put it.

The reason for this was a little complicated. The only one who didn't think so, was Rei Ayanami.

Everything has worked out perfectly.


5:17 in the morning...

Rei awoke to the feeling of something passing over her. She opened her eyes and focused her red eyes into the staring blue orbs that belonged to Shinji Ikari. She just looked at him, the girl still wrapped in his arms.

"Shinji-kun? Are you alright?" she asked curiously.

"Yes, Rei-chan. I was just... admiring you."

Rei blushed a little and snuggled against the boys chest, immersing herself in his scent.

Shinji-kun is mine. And tomorrow... I will make sure he remains as such.


The pair went to school two hours later. After what they had done, and a good nights sleep, the pair spent the rest of the time just holding each other and talking until they were ready to go.

When they finally made their way to school, their apparent hand-holding generated a great deal of, well, talk.


(Talk being a foreign concept to one Asuka Langley Sohryu)

Rei looked inquisitively at the redhead.

"To be honest, we received the minimum amount of necessary sleep." Rei said.

Anyone within earshot found their jaws on the ground. Rei's little statement obviously had the desired result, as the blue-haired girl noted the stunned look on her classmates faces. Even Asuka looked incredulous.

"You... how... How could you! Why..." Asuka started sputtering, trying to form coherent sentences all the while still maintaining her anger.

Rei noticed this.

"You are upset because I have been intimate with Shinji." Rei stated.

"Yes!" Asuka shouted.

"Why? You do not care for him." the albino exclaimed.

"That's not...what do you mean by that?" the redhead demanded.

"You insult him. You injure him. You show no concern for him whatsoever. You speak to others about him behind his back, repeatedly saying how pathetic and weak he is."

"But he is!" she retorted.

"I can personally assure you, he is not."

And while this argument was going on, Toji and Kensuke were grilling Shinji about his success.

"Come on, you have to tell us! How was she?" Toji asked.

"I'm can't..." Shinji started to say.

"You can't hold out on us, Shinji." Kensuke said. "It's just not right."

"I'm not..."

"Oh, please!" "One little detail?" the pair asked.

"Will you..."

Meanwhile, back to Rei and Asuka...

"If he were as weak as you have described, then he would have died in his first battle against the Angels. As it stands he has successfully killed more Angels than you or myself." Rei said.

Asuka had to admit, with GREAT reluctance, that Rei was right about that.

"And you do not care for Shinji-kun." she added.

"How do you know?" Asuka accused.

"If you had any feelings for him, you would have shown them in private. Yet, Shinji-kun has said you treat him the same, in public and in private."

"He told you?" Asuka asked, shocked.

"I asked, and he answered me honestly. We have that much trust in each other." Rei explained.

At this point Asuka was so mad that she just let her inner feelings blurt out...

"You stole him from me!" she cried out.

Rei looked at Asuka strangely, or at least that was how she perceived it. "I have stolen nothing you did not have a claim to. I became one with Shinji because I care for him. Because he is the only one who has shown me true concern and affection. My first and only friend."

"Friends don't have sex!"

"Our relationship has moved beyond mere friendship."

"Yeah, I'd say that was obvious."

"I do not think you will ever truly understand, Pilot Sohryu. Those who care about each other will do anything for that person."

"You're not a person!" she spat.

Rei was unaffected by this. "Shinji-kun believes I am. And his opinion matters more to me than yours."

That was pretty much where the conversation died as the teacher came in and both him and Hikari managed to calm the proliferating excitement.


School ended dramatically when Misato Katsuragi came to the school, pulling both Shinji and Rei out of class to talk to them. She dragged them to the parking lot and started off.

"Alright, I'm going to make this, short, simple, and to the point." Misato said to the pair. "You two have had sex, right?"

"Uh... yes." Shinji said, blushing at the older woman's bluntness.

"Have you had sex with anyone else?"

"No!" he said quickly.

"I assure you Major, Shinji-kun has not had time to seek out other partners." Rei stated.

Misato was at least relieved by that. She turned back to her ward. "You do realize that Rei's probably gotten pregnant as a result! Do you know how badly this will screw up her synch ratio?"

"It is of no concern."

Shinji and Misato looked at Rei in shock.

"What do you mean, Rei-chan?" Shinji asked.

"I am... incapable of having children."

Misato was stunned. "How can that be?"

"An accident during my Unit 00 activation damaged my reproductive system. Dr Akagi gave me an examination after I was released from Unit 00. So you see, it is of little concern." she said with a rather sad expression.

Shinji almost paled as he moved up beside her and took her hand.


She looked at him, eyes wavering, almost like she was going to cry at this.

"I have never given this any thought or consideration. It was not important for my task of piloting Eva. However, recent events have... caused myself to look at this as... as..." she stopped and looked down at her feet.

Shinji's heart went out to her and the girl found herself suddenly wrapped in her lovers arms.

"It's okay, Rei. It's okay." he said softly as he rubbed her back soothingly.

Misato didn't ask any more questions, and failed to see Rei's small smile. Which she would have assumed was from Shinji holding her.


(Gendo's office, late afternoon...)

"You are asking me to approve of this, Rei?" The Commander asked.

"Yes." the girl said.


"Because this will only help keep the Third Child under control."

His eyes narrowed. "Explain."

"Pilot Ikari is an introvert. He has been without a strong emotional bond for nearly all of his life. Such a bond is essential for a child's early development. Yet, his mother died when he was very young, and you yourself have shunned him since then."

Gendo said and did nothing.

"By bonding him to me, I make him stronger in will. I give him a reason to pilot. In doing so I keep him under your thrall. And he has proven much more receptive to myself than to you."

Again, Gendo said nothing as Rei continued to explain.

"Pilot Ikari first agreed to pilot in order to ensure I did not have to. Later, he chose to pilot because he wished to hear praise from you. Yet you only praised him once. He does not like piloting Eva. In fact he despises it. He would abandon it if he could. Therefore, it became essential that a new form of bonding was needed. To put it simply, I have given him a true reason to continue to pilot Eva for NERV."

Gendo was silent for several minutes, until, "Is there anything else?"

"Yes. In order to facilitate this relationship, I will need to move in with the Third Child."

Gendo sighed. "Very well, Rei. Dismissed."

"Do you think this is wise, Ikari?" Fuyutsuki asked after the girl had departed.

"Rei's argument is without flaw." he said, grinning with some measure of pride.

It should be. The girl is more cunning than she lets anyone suspect. The older man thought.

"By allowing this, I am allowing the scenario a greater chance at success."

And deluding yourself at the same time I see.



"I have approval from Commander Ikari." Rei said with an ever-straight face, a single bag in her hands.

"Great! Just Great! I can listen to you two having sex all night!" the redhead groused as she stomped around the living room just grumbling.

"If you wish."

Asuka growled, ground her teeth together, and took off to her room. A heavy slam of the door and Shinji was alone with Rei.

"Uh... dinner?" Shinji asked.

"Yes, please." Rei replied.

A couple hours later after Misato had gotten home, the older woman enjoyed her meal, and excessive beer, and went to bed. Asuka deemed to eat in her room. PenPen was happy for his fish and plopped down in front of the television. Remote in flipper.

While the pair cleaned up the kitchen, Shinji decided to ask Rei about something.

"Uh, Rei?"

"Yes, Shinji-kun?"

"Why did you tell father you were doing this for him?" Shinji asked.

The girl had told Shinji about what went on in the commander's office this afternoon. To be honest, Rei didn't think the commander would be so easily fooled.

"He would not have approved of this relationship if he did not think it was for him. He would have put a stop to it. Did you want this?" Rei asked.

"No. I... I like our relationship." he said with a smile and a blush.

"Good. As do I."

Rei gripped his hand and lead him back to his room.

"Rei, where are we going?"

"I wish to have another intercourse."


"Yes. It is quite enjoyable."

Great. My girlfriend is a nymphomaniac. He mentally groaned as he was dragged into his bedroom.


It had begun on Friday at school when Rei had noticed that Shinji had bore a slash mark received at the hands of one Asuka Langley Sohryu. Annoyed at the harm of her fellow pilot and the one true person she considered her friend, Rei devised a plan.

The first phase of that plan was easy: to invite Shinji to her apartment at lunchtime in order to reinforce the bond that had thus far been almost negligible.

The second phase of her plan was also easy: to make sure that Shinji was caught in the rainstorm she knew was coming that night after she had downloaded the weather reports before talking to him at lunch.

The third part of her plan was a bit more complicated: to make sure the whole of Class 2-A thought that she and Shinji had had intercourse. (This was accomplished by a slip that she had made to Shinji on purpose when he was at her apartment, one she made believe a simple mistake)

The fourth part of her plan had been... enjoyable, as she had said.

From the start, her plan had been to seduce Shinji so as to forge an unbreakable bond between her and him, mostly so that Asuka would have no influence over him whatsoever.

It was reasoned that since Shinji suffered great mental and physical abuse at another's hands, comfort and care from someone else could only help him.

However, what she did not anticipate was the benefit of her own awakening of emotions that she believed had been suppressed for years under the commanders influence. It had started with their first smile, and motivated Rei to expand upon their relationship. In a way, she had to thank Asuka for what she had done. It had given her a reason to come up with this plan, both to help her true friend and annoy her own antagonist. Though she had to admit, becoming one with Shinji was enjoyable on levels she never imagined.

Case in point...

"Ah. Ahh. AHHHHHHH!" Rei screamed as the pair climaxed and started to slowly drift into slumber. Their bodies virtually drained of energy, the pair weakly wrapped their arms around each other, holding their lover as they started to fall into darkness.

"I... I love you Rei-chan." Shinji said weakly before passing out.

"And I you... my Shinji-kun." Rei replied as she rested comfortably on his chest, with a smile.

This was Rei's plan. And it had worked.


An omake by Shinji the good sharer

"Then perhaps we should." she said, taking his hand and leading him away.

"Huh? What? Ayanami! What are you saying?" Shinji gasped, trying to stop the blue-haired girl as she continued to drag him away.

"I am saying that we should have intercourse." she said simply, as if it were the plainest thing in the world.

If Shinji was confused before, he was totally stupefied now.


"If everyone assumes we are doing so, then we should do so in order that we do not prove them wrong." she stated.

"But what will that accomplish?" he asked, still confused.

"If they were to discover that we have deceived them, they would logically become hostile towards us." she explained as simply as possible.

Shinji had to think about that for a minute.

Asuka was already mad as hell at him. Misato was also upset. Kaji was congratulating him, but given the mans reputation as a playboy that was different. He could only imagine how the others would react if they found out that Shinji hadn't been doing anything and just let people believe he had been. His natural feelings of inadequacy made him think that he would suffer for this, even though he hadnt done anything and Rei had made an honest, albeit royal, mistake.

Finally, he caved.


Rei only smiled as she lead him to her apartment.

Phase I has been completed. Rei mused as she lead Shinji back to her apartment, her hand holding his soft skin tightly. With Shinji-kun incapacitated by the rainstorm, he was unable to attend school today, thus making no attempt at correction for my explanation to representative Horaki regarding his whereabouts. With everyone from school and NERV believing that the Third Child and I have had physical sexual intimacy, he will have to go along with this in order that he suffers no further repercussions from them all. And now, for Phase IV. She grinned mischievously.

Shinji nervously sat on Rei's bed noticing a wide range of new items on her walls and on her medical cart.

"Rei, when did you get these whips and strap-on's?"

Rei only grinned and looked at the poor scared little boy as she picked up the first item.

"I shall explain later, but for now... CALL ME QUEEN!"


Shinji's screams of pain/pleasure were ignored by all that heard them.


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