Chapter One

The words I'd kiss you goodbye but your boyfriend is watching keep reverberating back and forth through her head, making it impossible for her to close her eyes and find the slumber that she so desperately craved. She closed her eyes hoping that for some insane reason it would actually help but all she saw when she did that is his face and the look in his eyes as he repeats the annoying phrase again and again. Her eyes snap open immediately and a groan slips past her lips before she can stop it. The fact that he was having any affect on her whatsoever was nerve racking. She reached over, flipped her lamp on and reached out for the closest book to her. She gets through half a sentence before she realizes exactly what she's reading. She let out an angry half groan half growl and launched the book across the room, shrieking as it collided with her mirror. The sound of glass shattering had her mom throwing open the door, concern etched into her face. "Rory what the hell!"

She quickly got out of bed and start walking over towards the shattered mirror. "I'm sorry…" she started to say

"Don't move!" she snaps, "You're going to get glass stuck in your feet."

She nodded absently and began looking around the room for a pair of shoes. She found a pair of slip on tennis shoes and placed them on her feet. "Better?" she asked saucily

Lorelai rolled her eyes and slipped on a pair of shoes herself. "Yes, and you can drop the attitude. I'm not the one in my room breaking mirrors at midnight." She walked over to meet her at the mirror and reached down to pick up the glass. She looked at her curiously and then held up the book. "What did Romeo and Juliet ever do to you?"

A groan slipped past her lips as she reached for the book and launched it out the door into the kitchen. "Nothing." Rory snapped and then finished picking up the glass.

"Well whatever it is I doubt that it was Shakespeare's fault." She said smiling slightly

Rory nodded. "You're right it's not." She looked down and noticed that all the glass had been picked up. Lorelai held out her hand for Rory to give her the collected glass. She placed it gently in her hand so she didn't cut her.

Lorelai threw the glass away and looked back at her daughter. She knew something was bothering her. She had known something was bothering her the second she walked off the stage after her act was over but hadn't wanted to pry because Dean was there. Since Dean was not here now though she thought she should try. "Rory are you ok?"

"I'm fine. I'm going to bed. Goodnight." Rory told her before crawling back into my bed and pulling the blanket up over my head.


"I said goodnight Mom."

Lorelai sighed and shut the door. As soon as the door was shut Rory threw her blanket off of her in frustration. She looked over in the direction of where her mirror used to be and couldn't help but think that the events of tonight were all a prophetic part of the seven years of a bad luck that comes with breaking mirrors.


The three and half hours of sleep that Rory had gotten had worked wonders for her mood only not the way she had hoped it would. She had woken up just as cranky as she had been before she had gone to sleep. She walked out of her bedroom and the first thing she had came into contact with was her book. She looked up at Lorelai who was sitting down drinking coffee at the table smiling guiltily. "Did you put this here?" Rory asked from beside the coffee maker

"It was in the middle of the floor. Besides I thought we agreed that Shakespeare didn't do anything wrong." Lorelai stated calmly

Rory shook her head slowly. "But why is it right next to the coffee maker? I thought it was obvious that I didn't want see it, but you put it in the first place I'd go."

Lorelai sighed. "I didn't want it to get messed up on the floor."

"It's a book. I have others." Rory snapped before storming out of the kitchen and back into her room, leaving the book on the counter.

Lorelai shook her head and mumbled What in the hell has gotten into her? Lorelai stood up and began to follow after her but stopped when Rory's door opened again suddenly. Lorelai took this as a positive sign until three books flew past her head and the door slammed just as suddenly as it had opened. Lorelai bent down and picked up all the books, noticing that they were all copies of Romeo and Juliet. Picking up one in particular she forced herself into Rory's room. "Rory, are you aware that you just threw your antique copy of Romeo and Juliet out the door?"

"Yes." Rory stated calmly

Lorelai groaned. "We don't throw antique books across the kitchen."

Rory nodded. "You're right." She said reaching for the book

"Of course I'm right." Lorelai said smiling

Rory took the book out of her hands and walked towards the window. She reached over and opened the window and threw the book out of it. "Better?" she asked cheekily

Lorelai looked at Rory confusion written all over her face. "No." she choked out

Rory gathered up the stuff she needed to take her shower and breezed past Lorelai. "I don't know what to tell you then Mom. I'm taking a shower."

Lorelai shrugged and followed after Rory. "What is wrong with you!" she demanded

"Nothing." Rory snapped

"I don't believe you." Lorelai stated firmly

"That's your prerogative." Rory said shutting the bathroom door and locked it behind her so that Lorelai couldn't follow

Lorelai groaned when she heard the water cut on. "I'm going to Luke's. I expect you there for breakfast, without the attitude!" she yelled

"Whatever." Rory snapped

Lorelai grabbed her purse and slammed the door on her way out.


Lorelai slammed the diner door shut as she entered gaining everyone's attention. "Lorelai what in the hell did my door ever do to you!" Luke demanded

Lorelai groaned. "Nothing. I need coffee."

Luke looked at her closely, taking in the look of anger and the obvious look of upset on her face. "Yeah, Ok." He replied knowing that now was not the time for their patented 'coffee's going to kill you' banter "Where's Rory?"

"She'll be here." Lorelai said stiffly

Luke poured Lorelai's coffee. "Everything ok?"

"Everything's fine Luke."

"Are you sure?" Luke asked concerned

"Positive. Rory will be here any minute."

Luke nodded and walked back to the counter still unconvinced that Lorelai was fine.


Rory finished getting dressed and exited her bedroom again. She knew that she was out of line with Lorelai before and she felt bad, but she couldn't shake the bad mood. She went back into her room and grabbed a box. She went over to the kitchen counter where Lorelai had stacked the books she had thrown and placed them inside and then went outside and brought the book outside her window in placing it gently in the box as well. Then she went and got the Juliet costume and put it in the box too. She closed the box up and placed it in the top of her closet before walking out and heading towards the diner.

She sighed as she walked past the dance studio. Memories of them arguing outside of it just two days ago floated into the front of her mind. She could almost hear her herself telling him that she wasn't surprised he had to join their group, that anyone he had ever dated would have known better to let him join theirs. And she could almost feel his face fall and hear him call himself pathetic. A small tear fell from her eye as she began to briskly walk past Patty's. She entered the diner and dropped into the chair next to Lorelai. "Coffee?"

Lorelai handed her the to-go cup Luke had brought her when he saw Rory approaching. "You need to hurry up. You're going to miss your bus."

"I know that." She snapped

"The attitude has to go Ror. Did something happen last night?"

"I don't even want to think about last night." Rory said softly barely loud enough for Lorelai to hear

"Did you and Dean have a fight?"

"This has nothing to do with Dean mom." Rory said before looking up at the window and spotting Dean tapping his watch, "I have to go." she said and without another word was out the door and walking towards her bus.


Dean looked over at Rory and he knew something was wrong. "Everything ok?"

Rory nodded absently. "Yeah."

"Do you want to do something tonight?" Dean asked hopefully

"Dean, its Monday. I'm studying. I always study on Mondays. You know that." Rory said exasperated

"Maybe we could study together." He offered

"I tend to view studying as a solitary event." Rory said. Her feet automatically stopped moving and her memory was plummeting back to the very first time she had uttered those words. Thankfully her bus arrived in front of her. "I have to go." she said suddenly and getting on the bus without kissing Dean goodbye.


Rory stepped off of her bus and onto Chilton's grounds reluctantly. She hadn't expected Chilton to feel as different as it did without him. She slowly walked to her locker and once she got there her breath caught in her chest and her heart felt a twinge when the realization that he wasn't going to be at her locker in the morning anymore sunk in. That he was going to be following her around day in and day out calling her 'Mary', something she hadn't known at the time didn't even bother her anymore. That he wasn't going to be there to help her get her locker open when it wouldn't budge. When she passed his old locker she remembered seeing his face fall and his expression harden when she had told him that everything was fine between her and Dean, a lie since Dean was becoming more and more possessive thanks to Jess. Her head dipped down slightly as she walked into her Shakespeare class, her hatred for Shakespeare growing every second.

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