Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Naruto's Guide on How to Be a Good Hokage---------------------- Pg 2

Chapter 2 - Sasuke's Guide on How to Deal with People-------------------------Pg 3

Chapter 3 - Sakura's Guide on Dates---------------------------------------------Pg 4

Chapter 4– Lee's Guide on How to Be a Gentleman ----------------------------Pg 5

Chapter 5 - Kakashi's Guide on Excuses to EVERYTHING ---------------------Pg 6

Chapter 6 – Jaraiya's Guide on How to Get "Inspiration" ------------------------Pg 7

Chapter 7 – Tsunade's Guide on How to Beat Up Idiots ------------------------Pg 8

Chapter 8 – Itachi's Guide on How to Be a Good Enemy -----------------------Pg 9

Chapter 9 – Acknowledgements and the Winner who got the most Review------ Pg 10

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