Seeing Double

Symmary: Wolfram makes a "harmless" wish.
Genre: romance
Rating: T
Warnings: shounen-ai (I guess that is a warning to some prejudice-filled creeps)
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Wolfram von Bielefeld had a fiancé. He wasn't sure did he like the fact that his fiancé was the Maou and that his fiancé never actually intended on proposing him, but nevertheless, Shibuya Yuuri, Wolfram's raven-haired fiancé, was very, very important to the Mazoku prince. Though he knew that, in Yuuri's opinion, the whole proposal was an accident and a mistake, Wolfram just couldn't let go. He had lost count on how many times he had thought about breaking the engagement; how many times he had almost announced it. Everytime he was about to call it quits, something stopped him. And that something irritated him more than anything.

Maybe it was hope (a fool's hope, if anything). Maybe he was waiting to see a caring side of Yuuri. But, realistically speaking, Wolfram believed he would never see that side of Yuuri, not at least as his fiancé. But most of his actions towards Yuuri were driven by this hope. Helplessly hoping that perhaps this time he wouldn't end up hurt and dissappointed.

Often Wolfram found himself thinking about what it would be like to rest his head on Yuuri's chest, to inhale the wonderful scent of Yuuri's black locks, to feel the warmth of Yuuri's slim body on his. Usually, these thoughts made Wolfram blush madly, but now and then they actually brought tears in his eyes. And Wolfram wasn't one of those who easily cried. He was one of those who almost loathed crying. To Wolfram, tears from a soldier were a huge sign of weakness of mind. So when he realised rivers of sad tears were streaking down his face, he despised himself. He was so pathetic, crying over something he could never have. Something that would never be his.

For some reason unknown to Wolfram, this made him cry even more.

The last time this had happened, Wolfram had locked himself into his room. Sitting on the floor, his face buried in his knees, Wolfram von Bielefeld made a wish:

I wish I could see Yuuri care for me. Just for one day and I'd be happy forever. I wish…

Little did he know how powerful the mind can be. So when falling into his bed, still fully clothed and closing his tearful eyes, Wolfram had already forgotten his wish. He was prepared for tomorrow to be nothing different that the other days; being treated like a nobody.

But the blonde prince had never been so wrong.


A/N: Ok, so the prologue might be slightly angsty (and short), but I promise the future chapters wont be (well, I dunno about the shortness)! Thanks for reading, hopefully you'll stay with me until the end! Arigatou!

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