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Oww, my head…

Yuuri opened his eyes reluctantly. He was laying on the floor of his bedroom. "What am I doing on the floor?" he said aloud. His eyes widened a bit when he heard his own voice; it was oddly hollow and it had a strange, lingering echo.

He got up. His whole body ached. Yuuri furrowed his brow and massaged his back. Was I dreaming the first time I woke up? But… I'm already in my uniform…

'Hello, your majesty.'

Yuuri gasped. His reflection in the mirror had spoken to him! He had screamed… and then probably fainted.

The Maou realised the aforementioned mirror was behind his back. Slowly, maybe a bit cautiously, Yuuri turned around – only to let out another, shallow shriek.

He didn't have a reflection anymore.

Something had to be wrong with the damn mirror. Yuuri's head filled up with stories about blood-thirsty vampires who weren't reflected in mirrors or photographs. Shakily he spun around to check out his shadow. As he had suspected, there wasn't one.

What's happening! Why am I feeling so – so thinYuuri panicked. I've got to find somebody… Where is Wolfram when I actually need him!

The young king ran out of his bedroom with a strange sensation of not feeling the floor under his feet.


Wolfram was flabbergasted. Never had Yuuri acted this way towards him. Albeit sometimes, when Wolfram had been loosing his almost eternal hope, Yuuri had, presumably without knowing, held the prince's hand for a tad bit longer or smiled in a more loving way. But this morning was something unheard of.

Wolfram was glad they were alone. Of course there were the maids and the guards, but he didn't really mind them. If he wouldn't have been in that utter state of euphoria, he might've wondered the absence of his brothers and Gunter. Wolfram knew his mother was visiting his uncle Stoffel in Spitzberg and Anissina… well, she was probably preoccupied with her new Whatever-It-Will-Be-Called-This-Time-kun.

The blond soldier had spent numerous times alone with his fiancé, but none of those times had been like this. Not quite like this.

Yuuri was sitting in Wolfram's lap very comfortably, occasionally planting soft and teasing kisses on the flushing boy's neck and earlobe. Smiling seductively, he ripped a piece of bread into two and delicately ate the other half himself. He saw the somewhat lustful and hungry look in the emerald green eyes in front of him, and smirked devilishly.

"Open your mouth, Wolfie," he whispered and gently touched Wolfram's lower lip with his fingers.

Letting his eyes flutter shut and a faint moan escape, the blond Mazoku parted his lips obediently. Yuuri tenderly slipped the bread into his mouth, his slender fingers lingering for a moment on Wolfram's lips, earning him another deep moan. "How is it, love?" he asked stroking the blond locks.

Wolfram nodded with a small smile and swallowed. His heart was pounding almost painfully in his chest and he felt a warm blush covering his cheeks. His arms were loosely wrapped around Yuuri's slim waist while the dark-haired boy rested his head on Wolfram's shoulder. The blonde had never been happier, but still, he had a slightly uneasy feeling. He couldn't quite put his finger on it; but it sure was nagging him.

Oh come on! I'm finally being treated like a fiancé and what do I do? Complain! I need to relax… I'll talk to him later – this might not happen ever again. He might not – he might regret…

"Is something wrong Wolfie?" Yuuri asked innocently and caressed the fine material of Wolfram's blue uniform. His body felt so warm and safe that Wolfram never wanted to let go.

He smiled, forcing the uneasiness away. "No, Yuuri, everything's perfect."


When Conrad, Gwendal and Gunter reached Yuuri's bedroom they found no one there. The bed was neatly made and Yuuri's pyjamas were on the chair next to his side of the bed. Wolfram pink nightgown was at it's place too.

Conrad frowned. "I'm sure it was Yuuri's voice yelling," he muttered and searched the room with his eyes. "Who else could it have been…"

He was torn from his thoughts by an irritated grunt from Gwendal. "It was most likely one of the maids stepping on a spider. His majesty's screams are pretty high-pitched at times." He crossed his arms over his broad chest. "If neither of you mind, I'll go and finish up my breakfast."

Gunter let out a shocked yell. "I mind, Gwendal! His majesty might be in grave danger! Assassins are always on his tail… Ooh, please be alright, your majesty… Your Gunter is going to save you!"

Conrad tried to hide his amusement as he saw the scowl on Gwendal's face deepen at Gunter's affectionate words of their majesty. He had attempted to act oblivious to his big brother's and Gunter's budding relationship. He was pretty sure he was the only one in the castle who knew about the nights Gunter had spent in Gwendal's sleeping quarters and vice versa.

Soon Conrad's thoughts wandered back to Yuuri, and immediately his face turned into a concerned frown. Why had he screamed like that? Or was it Yuuri after all... Somehow he was certain it had been Yuuri.

He continued to ponder for awhile, until another one of Gwendal's irritated grunts pulled him back to earth.

"Here aren't any traces of his majesty being abducted or harmed in any other way," he said with a tone of finality and turned to leave. "However, if something turns up, I will be in my office knit - erm, working." He opened the heavy door of the Maou's bedroom and stepped into the corridor. With a last, very meaningful glare he shot at Gunter, he slammed the door shut in a rather rebellious way.

Conrad chuckled at Gwendal's unusually childish act. His brother was probably right though. Conrad had a habit of making mountains out of molehills when it came to Yuuri. He scratched his head and realised he was still a slightly hungry.

Conrad nudged the forlorned Gunter in the direction of the door Gwendal had just almost stormed through. The brown-haired man smiled calmly and was fairly sure they'd meet with Yuuri in the dining room. The young king had probably been shocked by Wolfram's scandalous night attire or by the morning hard-on he quite often had because of this scandalous (and seemingly very attractive, in Yuuri's - denying - opinion) night attire. Conrad felt somewhat honored that Yuuri had told him about his "problem", albeit very embarrasedly and with a burning face. Conrad almost laughed out loud at the memory of the stuttering and mumbling Yuuri.

If he hadn't been so amused and deep in thought, Conrad might have noticed the peculiar glint of green in the mirror on the wall next to the vast wardrobe.


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