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Blue Sky

Chapter One

Blue and Black

One more minute and I'm out of here…

Sasuke tapped his fingers impatiently against the dust-free and sparkling desk before him. Behind the antique table was a woman who suspiciously looked like a drag queen with the all the make-up and lipstick. He glared at the woman. He's usually a very patient person, but when it comes to dealing with drooling hags and wrinkled fangirls…Gross…

"When can I pick my car?" The question came out harsher than he intended. Not my fault. He scrunched his nose in disgust and irritation and began tapping the desk louder. The deep and cool voice that came out from the cherry red lips of the pale and very handsome Uchiha pulled the woman back to earth and fortunately right back on her swivel chair. Her fingers on the desk began to tremble and to Sasuke's horror she was blushing.

Ain't a woman that old already banned from blushing?

"What…is…your name s…sir?" She asked in a low and dragging voice obviously trying to make it sound sexy. But it didn't work. It had sounded much more like croaking to Sasuke's ears than anything else. He stopped the urge to roll his eyes and vomit in chagrin.

"Uchicha Sasuke."

The woman began shuffling the papers on top of her very neat desk, her trembling lessening slightly but her cheeks looked worse, like a rotten tomato or something.

"Uchiha Sasuke." She said the words hoarsely and Sasuke had a really strong urge to vomit. She stopped shambling the white sheets when she found what she was looking for and opened one of the drawers to let out another sheet of paper.

"Please sign this…sir." She said again in the same annoying tone. But what made Sasuke cringed so badly was the way she was looking at him…like he was some kind of…of food…

I had enough.

He snatched the fountain pen she was holding, careful not to let her fingers brush against his and quickly signed on the damn paper. When he handed the pen back to her, he noticed that her nails were colored bloody red and he flinched inwardly. He pushed away the unnecessary thoughts and headed quickly for the door, not bothering to look back nor question her further about his car. He'd call the shop later. He didn't even spare her a glance when she called him for a cup of coffee.

"Thank you so much Naruto-kun." The pale-eyed Hyuuga girl blushed prettily and bowed gracefully before his blonde companion. Naruto grinned widely, the sun matching the brightness of his hair and the sparkle of his blue eyes. He clutched Hinata's books tightly against his chest and nudged her forward a little.

"Hinata-chan, that was like the millionth time already." He laughed gawkily and started to walk forward in little steps that matched hers.

It was the first day of classes at Konoha University and Naruto's the complete epitome of content and excitement at the very moment. Because not only was he to start college but he was also starting to live on his own. Minus dog boy that is…He lived in a small apartment a few blocks away from where he spotted Hinata walking alone. They had been classmates in high school but she was always so shy and reserved that they never had a chance to become close. It was Neji, Hinata's cousin and whom Naruto considered as one of his closest friends who had introduced him to her. After that, they never really talked that much. Naruto found it extremely weird of her to blush every time she looked at him.

"How come you're alone on the first day, Hinata-chan? Where is Neji?" He asked politely. Neji has always been the busy one, Student Council President and a consistent Dean's Lister, anyone would thought that guy had no social life. But Neji was what the entire population of the Konoha Highschool considered as Mr. Perfect, perfect grades, perfect family and perfect looks (Hell! He's even prettier than Hinata-chan!). He wouldn't have a hard time picking friends and companions…the reason he had chosen Naruto to be the closest one to him and probably the only friend he can trust and care about was beyond the said blonde. I didn't know then that kicking someone's ass will make you his best friend…

Hinata's cheeks colored again before she shook his head. "Neji-san was called earlier today by his SC advisor." She answered softly, her fingers playing with the hem of her blue sweatshirt, twirling the cloth like a nervous child who did something very wrong.

"Ohh…that guy…" He shook his head in disbelief and added, "Always acting cool around everyone." Naruto looked disgusted at the thought of getting up earlier than what he usually does. Plain torture …

Hinata bit back a laugh and smiled sweetly in a very…Hinata-way. She a looked at her wristwatch and noticed Naruto did the same. We are running a bit late. Naruto realized this as well and was already looking thunderstruck and panicky. Hinata laughed a bit, amused at the blonde boy and noticed for the umpteenth time what a sight Naruto had become. His blonde hair had always been spiky as far as she could remember but the way they framed his tanned face now…and the bright blue eyes that perfectly matched his golden locks and tanned complexion… He's attractive… Hinata blushed even more at that thought.

Way back in high school, Naruto was the "idiot prankster" as what people liked to call him. He skipped classes and did horrendous stuff to other people and to the facilities of the school, vandalizing every now and then when opportunity and inspiration strike him. He was the constant topic of teachers, the center of riots in Konoha High school and the target of sermons by the school principal, Sarutobi. A lot of rumors circulated in school at that time. That he was a son of a notorious criminal who had killed a hundred and did other crimes along the way. There were people who swore he was a criminal himself at the age of eight and to Hinata's horror, a lot of people really believed those rumors. They seem to have found ways to hate the boy and Hinata pitied him badly for that. It was a good thing all of that were in the past now. He had already proved his worth to everyone. Even though many were still reluctant to be with the "idiot prankster", he wasn't talked about as badly as before. The taunts were still there but had only been at a minimal and tolerable level. And besides…who could resist Naruto?

"Hey, Hinata-chan, let's use the subway." Naruto looked at her adorably and she blushed deeply.

"I…I never…" She stuttered, looking unsure and scared. I've never been in a subway before…She looked at Naruto and saw the panic and excitement in his eyes. He must be really excited today… Well, I guess if Naruto-kun is with me…

"It's okay, I've tried it before and I enjoyed it a lot. Come on Hinata-chan, I heard public transports are in strike today, we won't be able to find one. Come on, we'll be late.." Naruto insisted and before Hinata could say anything, she was dragged by the blonde boy, his hand clutching her small wrist. I've already lost count of the times I've blushed around him…

People continued to flood onto the platform. There were those holding their suitcases with one hand and the other busy groping their cellphones, busy shouting at whoever it was at the end of the line. There were the groups of teenagers, swapping compact mirrors and deep colored lipsticks, conversing among themselves about the latest celebrity gossips and fashion statements. There were the jocks with their headsets on totally oblivious to their surroundings, parents tugging at their children, students eager to get into their first classes and there were absolutely ones like Uchiha Sasuke, running late and swearing words that made the devil beam in satisfaction, thumb sticking out of his hand in approval..

"Damn you Itachi…" Sasuke swore under his breath, leaning on a poorly vandalized pillar. He was sweating and his breath was hitching. It's true that he reached the subway on time but with all the conflicts he encountered along the way, he might as well have dropped dead now, school completely forgotten. He looked at the tiny card on his palm and put it in his pocket for safekeeping. Car broken…No Taxis…Because of Itachi…He glared at each and everyone he laid his eyes on, his eyes narrowing into tiny slits and his lips forming a perfect line. He was scandalized, robbed and had walked a long way and lost countless of times. This is starting to be the worst day of my entire life. That was true of course except that all the bad days of his life included Itachi in it and all are the worst, if that's even possible.

A loud screeching sound reverberated and Sasuke had no clue what else to do but follow the people as they scampered towards the little doors, squeezing themselves and others in the process. Sasuke grunted irritably. These people have no dignity…

Naruto and Hinata reached the subway with no delay. Lucky for them, they did not wait long for as soon as they inserted their tickets and reached the platform, a loud and piercing noise of the approaching train greeted them. He reached for Hinata's arm (ignoring the blush, Not again!) and guided her inside. They found a convenient place and after a few seconds, the train started to move slowly and then speeded up as it progressed on its way.

"Hinata-chan, just hold on tightly and make sure you stand properly or you'll get swayed easily." Naruto instructed patiently to Hinata. The girl was easily losing her balance. He smiled in understanding and showed her the correct way. He did the same thing to Neji before, after he insisted, pouted and whined to make him ride the train with him. It wasn't that hard of a task because Neji easily gave in and had learned pretty quickly. He had even caught Naruto a couple of times when he toppled and slipped.

"Ah…o…ok…aay…Naruto-kun " Hinata's face looked exactly the same color as a tomato and Naruto swore in the name of ramen that he heard a woosshing sound coming out of Hinata, similar to the sound of a kettle when it's boiling. Hinata was holding on to Naruto's right arm as if her life depended on it. He readjusted Hinata's books against his chest and reached again for the metal bar above him followed by the screeching sound of the train slowing down as it reached its first stop.

"We'll reach our stop in ten minutes Hinata-chan." He informed her and she nodded, her eyes had been closed and her hold had tightened considerably when the train moved again. He smiled a little, enjoying the ride. We will make it in time…

He had received a call from Iruka-sensei the day before. They had talked for a couple of hours to catch up with each other, talking about how they spent their vacation. His favorite sensei even gave him tips on how to start his school right and in the end, it was mostly Iruka-sensei who did the talking. Before they hang up, he persistently reminded Naruto over and over again about him being late all the time and that he had no sense of time. He wanted to get back at his teacher for reprimanding him so much that he suggested they have a bet and that if he won, his he will have to treat him for lunch. Thinking about the number of bowls of ramen he'll make Iruka-sensei buy for him tomorrow, he grinned as wide as his mouth can manage…

…And then it happened. The train sped up faster and the lights began to dim, or is it just me? He started to feel uncomfortable all of sudden and the hairs on his back started to stand on ends. What the hell is happening?

"He's so hot." A girl squeaked somewhere. Sasuke had no idea and he didn't give a damn. He already considered this day officially as the worst day of his life and on top of the list of his Bad Days Without Itachi. The other list with Itachi on it in every fucking number is a different story. Sasuke chose to ignore the girls, the fags and everyone, his eyes resting on the glass pane of the train. The outside of the train was so dark and he welcomed the company…

…And he blinked. He blinked again and stared back at the glass pane. Something is not right… He blinked some more but the vision did not vanish, on the contrary, the clarity was enhanced some more. The train was gaining speed as if it didn't want to stop any moment soon but Sasuke took no notice. He was drawn into…something so much that it unnerved him. He blinked a couple of times more and saw again right on the reflection on the window pane was a striking blonde hair and the bluest orbs he had ever seen. He tore his eyes away from the reflection and let his gaze wander for the real thing. It was not difficult. The almost shoulder length blonde hair was too bright to miss. He fixed his gaze on him. I'm barely taller…And then, the blonde head moved and tilted… Sasuke's eyes widened and his breathing had stopped his pulse quickening and his chest tightening painfully. What the fuck is wrong with me!

The blonde head continued to tilt as if looking for something…anything and before Sasuke's mind had sent him the message Look away! Look away! and the red warning lights to reach his conscious mind, their eyes locked. And Sasuke knew there was no turning back.

To be continued…

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