Rating: M by all means, for sex between two adult women and implying that love between two woman is normal. If it's not your cuppa coffee, don't drink it.

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Elements of Truth


"Oh, my only friend," the EMH grabbed Seven of Nine's hand. "The Captain has found out about the extracurricular subroutines I've added to my matrix. She wants to speak with me, but I'm certain she is going to tell me that I will be decompiled. I'm a dead hologram."

Seven of Nine furrowed her brows over the melodramatic outburst of the EMH. "Don't be afraid, Doctor. I will speak to the Captain. I will convince her not to harm you."

"How can you say that?" the Doctor whined. "Haven't you heard about the severely injured crewman she shot dead, so that I would be free to treat the pilot, who only had minor injuries?"

"I have," Seven replied. "But I believe every person has compassion. There can only be shadow when there is light as well."

"True, except that you are the light, whereas the Captain is but a pitch black shadow."

"That's not what I meant. However, I promise to speak with her. If anyone can change her mind it is me," with these words, Seven turned on her heel and left sickbay.


She, like almost every member of Voyager's crew already had, was running the Doctor's controversial holo-novel, 'Photons Be Free,' only she was not playing as the Emergency Medical Hologram, but as her alter ego Three of Eight, who was the only friend of the oppressed EMH of the Starship Vortex. And of course Seven of Nine, late of the Borg collective, was not only playing for entertainment or for something to rant about in the mess hall. She had set her mind to the task of convincing Captain Jenkins not to lobotomize the EMH. She believed that what she had accomplished once with Captain Janeway, she could do again with Janeway's alter ego. This time it would be far more difficult, but that was a challenge she wanted to accept, along with opportunity to broaden her knowledge of social and psychological interaction.

Seven entered chapter six, "Duel in the Ready Room." She walked into the ready room of Captain Jenkins, who looked exactly like Captain Janeway, apart from the black hair that was tied loosely back.

"Three of Eight," Jenkins said with some surprise. "I wasn't aware that the EMH is such a coward that it would send you to speak for its cause."

She aimed at Seven with one of her antique firearms that she had been busy polishing when Seven entered, then put it down on the desk.

"The Doctor is no coward; I volunteered to speak with you," Seven replied, remaining unimpressed by Jenkins behavior.

Jenkins walked around the desk and crossed her arms over her chest. "How so?"

"I believe I can convince you not to harm the Doctor."

Jenkins laughed low and sat herself on the desk. "Now, what makes you say that?"

"At least you regard me as a person."

"A person, yes," Jenkins paused for a moment and roamed Seven's body with her eyes. "But that doesn't mean that you're equal to us. You're not fully organic."

"Organic enough," Seven spat. Then she inhaled sharply, reminding herself that Jenkins was just a fictional character programmed to be a chauvinist.

To Seven's surprise Jenkins smiled faintly as she continued staring at her. "You sure are organic enough for many things," she said in a quiet voice.

"Captain?" Seven's eyebrow went up. She had not missed the leer on Jenkins' face.

"Well, Three. You want something, so you have to give something in return."

"I do not understand. Explain."

"You certainly have some arguments why it is important for your so-called friend to pursue his hobbies, to explore his sexuality and extend his programming."

"Of course I have. It is…"

"All right," Jenkins cut her off with a gesture of her hand. "You might have noticed that I find actions more convincing than words."

"I'm aware of that," Seven said sarcastically. "That's why you want to tamper with the Doctor's programming instead of arguing with him over the sense of his modifications."

"Now you're catching up. So, would you show me how important it is to discover one's sexuality?" Captain Jenkins jumped from the desk and smirked at Seven.

As it dawned Seven what Captain Jenkins was suggesting she panicked slightly. "My sexuality is not under consideration, Captain."

Jenkins looked smug. "I consider it. Now," she said huskily and stepped towards Seven. "Computer, lock doors, code Jenkins beta one."

"Captain!" Seven blinked.

Seven was appalled. She was disgusted about the way her friend, Voyager's Chief Medical Officer, had displayed Captain Janeway's alter ego. Slowly it dawned on her why her colleagues were offended by the Doctor's holo-novel. But Seven was also shocked about her own reaction. Besides the panic, which arose in her, she also felt excitement. She probably was inexperienced, but that didn't mean she didn't fantasize. In fact, she fantasized a lot and she had utilized the holodeck before for this purpose. But as tempting as it was she never had copulated with a holo-projection of one of her crewmates. She thought it would be a betrayal to use the projections without their knowledge for such a frivolous activity and asking them wouldn't be appropriate either.

Jenkins tilted her head and grinned. "How is the old saying? Resistance is futile?"

"Please, Captain. You must not do this. It is against Starfleet protocols."

"Do I look like a protocol stickler?"

"No, Captain." Seven knew she should not let this happen. She should end the program, but she was not even able to move. She inhaled deeply as she looked at Jenkins. Despite her lack of experience with real partners Seven knew what she saw in Jenkins' eyes. It was raw lust. A desire that Captain Janeway would deny having, although Seven believed that her Captain was certainly capable of feeling.