AN:thought I'd add this as I found it. not likely to continue the story though, I'm not a psychologist or even taken classes for psychology, though I wanted to. So I feel inadequate to write anything like this.

"Well, well, Mr. Potter, what are you doing up? You're supposed to be in a coma after all."

Harry jumped and twirled around to see the bandaged person standing there behind him.

"How long have I been out?" he asked

"Just a few hours actually."

"But then how am I already awake?"

"Who said you were awake?"

Harry narrowed his eyes.

"Who are you?"

He rolled his eyes, which were surprisingly green like his. Was this really some kind of dream? I thought people in a coma didn't dream?

"I am, Mr. Potter, to put it simply, your worst nightmare." The bandages began to dissolve, revealing a mirror image of himself.

"I am you if you had actually grown some balls and gone down the path of power. But as Voldemort told you, you are just too weak to seek that path. However, deep within your subconsious, I exist. And now, Mr. Potter, I'm afraid you'll have to die. Just like all the other aspects of yourself In this room.

curtains were pulled back and blankets to reveal that every single one of the people in the room were some form of himself. Some were younger, one even a toddler, his eyes open in horror, his body mangled, others were much older than himself, even.

Harry reacted the only way he could. He was afraid. He reached for his wand. which wasn't there.

The other Harry smirked, his eyes flashing a red color, much like Tom Riddle's had. He laughed.

"It's useless Harry. I built this arena. You are powerless within it. Not even you're precious "divine light" can reach here. We're in the reptilian section of the brain, Harry. A place ruled by sssnakessss." He hissed the last part as he changed form into a giant Cobra, towering over his powerless other self."

Harry panicked, trying to think of something he could do as he ran towards the next room.

"No, no, no, Harry." hissed his opposite number as a wall of stone rose out of the floor to cover the exit. "Don't run from death. It only makes it more fun. For me."

Snake Harry reached out with his tail in a flash and wrapped Harry's small form in his coils. He hovered over Harry, venom dripping from his fangs.

"You know, Harry. I could torture you. Make you scream for my mercy. Make you beg. But you know, I think I'll enjoy it much more when I torture your friends instead!" Harry moaned. "Hahahahahaha! Yes! Now I'll rule the mind! See you on the flip side, Harry! Ahahahaha!" He continued to laugh as he swallowed Harry whole.

Wait, that's it! thought Harry as he was being burned by acid. The flip side! This is my brain, damnit!

A rumbling was heard as Harry began to focus. The giant Snake went off like a bomb as it was apparated to a higher section of the brain. It reappeared in a stone temple that was glowing with light energy. The snake was burned where it touched the floor. It roared in pain and anger.

Harry focused on his light element, pulling it all to him, filling the snake's stomach with the power.

The snake's body begain to grow and grow and swell until....

"Yuck!" A slightly singed Harry said as he used his element to clean and heal himself and the surrounding area. "Ah, this sucks. He'll be back. At least I got rid of the damned horcrux. How do I get the hell out of here? Is this what happens to everyone that gets stuck in a magical coma?"

He observed his surroundings. He had no idea where he was or why the hell there were temple's inside his head. "My very warped, warped brain." he said to himself, rolling his eyes.

He decided to explore the Temple, looking for clues. He thought he saw a shadow down a corridor at the end of the room he was in. Looking up he realized this room was a lot like the great hall. The ceiling reflected stars, nebulae and distant galaxies. "Good to know that I secretly worship Hogwarts." he said sarcastically. "Now All I need is-" "Hello, Harry"

"Gack! Oh, it's you..."

"Harry, my boy, I'm hurt!" The headmaster chuckled.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Headmaster, I've just had a difficult and very long day. It happens from time to time. So many things to sort through I doubt I'll even remember it all tomorrow. Assuming I can wake up and get some real sleep soon."

"Well that's why I'm here. Technically I'm not really here this is just me speaking through the me that exists in your brain but....the point is I can get you to a place of rest and a way back there whenever you need it. And some advice on how to get through all this as well. Judging from the snake guts I stepped in on my way here I believe you've already met your opposite number, and judging from the smell you were almost his lunch.

"He had a trap set for me the moment I got here. He wanted to brandish the corpses of some of my other possible selves at me. Including a toddler. It's just disturbing having to face that that prick is a part of me."

"Well Harry you could be stuck fighting him forever, and believe me you're other aspects are not dead permenantly, just like He isn't, as I'm sure you can feel. He'll be recovering in the bowels of you're middle brain, as they call it."

You'll have to find the other you's Harry, help them, and band together to trap him in some permenant way. I've always felt the only way to win against your darker side is to deny it what it wants, the opportunity to fight with you.

The headmaster transfigured a bit of cloth into a ring, then waved his wand over it and muttered "Portus". "This should take you to you're inner child, Harry. Its the easiest for me to find, and so its the only one I can be most sure of. He will be able to find you a place to rest. Oh, and one more thing before I have to leave Harry. Other versions of yourself are not all you will find here. There are also other versions of people you know here, as well as you're own conglomerate archetypes and such. Just be wary of who, or what, you trust. After you've rested, seek that which most represents magic to you. Au revoir, Harry." And with a pop, Dumbledore was gone.

Harry had no idea what conglomerate archetypes was supposed to mean or exactly what most represented magic to him. A wand maybe? He shook his head. The headmaster had been intentionally vague. He'd think about it later though.

He put on the ring he'd been left, muttered "activate," and was whisked away to another part of his mind.


Harry woke up feeling sore, and he couldn't roll out of bed because there were big lumps on either side of him. Wait, what? Harry snapped into consiousness and realized first he was tiny, only about two and half feet tall at the most, and second, he was in his parents' bed! When did that happen? he thought in confusion. Just then a carbon copy of himself jumped up onto the bed.

"Hullo me! Me awake! Daddy say it rude to wake up. Me angy? Hop! Hop!" Harry watched himself hop up and down on the bed and talk in gibberish, not sure he understood everything he just said. This caused his father to groan and mumble in his sleep about bludgers. Wait, his father! No, I've got to keep in perspective! It's not my real dad, just my perception of him, which I'm kind of afraid to meet anyway, and he promptly decided to stick with his toddler self instead. He climbed off the bed and resized into his actual shape.

The smaller Harry clapped for him. "Yay!" he climbed down as well and ran over to a basket in the corner which was full of books for wizard children. Self-repairing popup fairy tales and even a few muggle books about a purple dinosaur named Barney which Harry was sure he'd never heard of. It was amazing what his mind had sponged without him even realizing over the years. Little Harry, which it was difficult for him to watch, having seen his lifeless body on the hospital bed earlier, brought him one of the barney books and was grabing his pants leg and saying "weed gook! weed gook!" or something like that. A rocking chair appeared magically behind him and Harry gave in to the relentless child and picked him up into his lap, sitting in the chair. As Harry began to read to himself he realized something important about young children's minds. They were extremely curious, and if you discouraged that then they would probably lose a lot of that curiosity as they were so keyed into their environment. He realized that was probably why he was always finding things out after the fact in the past. He was raised by the Dursleys, after all.

Harry read to himself until the little one fell asleep in his lap, and then he left him in bed with his parents, and his mother took him into his arms and kissed him, which Harry surprisingly felt on his own cheek, and he smiled, something he didn't do so often anymore.

'Well, now its time for me to get moving I suppose' he thought to himself. 'I have to seek out my magic.'

Harry was astounded by the landscape of his mind. He walked through a section which was filled with toys and broken clocks and books lying about outside the bedroom, and heard horrible sounds and smells coming from what he thought must be the kitchen. His aunt's kitchen from the sound of it. And the smell of it...

He came through a library section that was filled with lots of girls that all somehow looked like Hermione or Luna or some variation of them with some Pince mixed in. It was scary really. He walked up to a Luna-ish looking person and asked them which way to the books on wands.

"Well if you're having trouble with your wand then there's no hope for you is there?" she said, and stomped off. Harry felt as if he'd been insulted, but couldn't quite make out the joke.