Title: Life of Tomorrow
Author: Nadia Mack
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Season 4 & beyond
Summary: Clark Kent awakens in a life not of his own, or so he thought.
Disclaimer: I have nothing, I own nothing blah blah blah... a
Important Note: This is probably the second multi-chapter fic I did after Mist of Change. This is also the story that brought to life "Awake." This time, it's all about Clark. Warning though, I simply jumped right into this first chapter, but as lazy as I was trying to come up with a scenario as to why the following scene happens, just think of any (and many) of Clark Kent's issues and problems that it'll easily make sense to you why 'said argument' is taking place.

Chapter 1: Heated Argument

Lois arrived at the Kent Farm, with the full intent of giving Clark Kent a thrashing. His ride on the self-pity train has gone on long enough that he needed a reality check. He's a big boy, it was time he started acting like one.

Reaching the top of the stairs, Lois sees him leaning by the window, staring intently outside. She marches forward. "Is sulking a favorite past time for you, or what?" she quipped. She wasn't making fun of him this time; having known him for the past few months, she said it as an factual observation.

Clark sighed before turning to her irritably. "Can't you just go away," he says, mentally exhausted by the earlier days events.

"Why should I when I can stay right here and laugh hysterically at you and your pathetic attempt at a life," she replied in deep sarcasm.

He smirks at her, but not in that fun way he usually does. "You think you know everything, don't you?" He questioned, taking her attack and throwing it back right at her.

"Of course not! That'd be your forte"

"What the hell is that suppose to mean?" Giving each other a hard time was usually the norm between them, but the verbal sparring they were having at this moment was nothing like they've ever had before. It both annoyed and frustrated him.

She continued. "For a guy who has a lot more than children dying in Africa do, you're the most selfish person I've ever met," she commented in an angry tone. The seriousness in her tone replaced her usually fun and snarky facade.

Upset at her words and by which she was displaying them, Clark stood up. "Just leave," he urged. He really did want her to leave, so why won't she? Why couldn't she just let him be, let him worry about his problems? Why doesn't she understand that this was his fight to do alone?

"What's wrong, Smallville... did I strike a nerve?" She refuted, standing her ground. She knew her words hit him hard and she made no apologies for it. She refused to apologize.

"What do you know?" he shot back, his temper flaring.

Lois doesn't flinch at his tone. "You have parents who love you and friends that'll do anything for you. You have more going for you than you know and you treat it like it's a burden. I don't know what you're afraid of, and at the moment, I personally don't care, but you need to get your head straight because the world doesn't revolve around you, Kent."

The genuine conviction in her words shocked him more than he thought possible. Deep down, he knew she was right, because Lois Lane's words always go straight for the hard truth, and the truth pierced through his gut more horribly than any Kryptonite can. To keep from falling apart, he continues to put out a faceless mask.

"Just leave me alone," he pleaded once more. His voice dropping almost immediately after. He looked at her and noticed her face was as unreadable as his own. As fast his eyes faced her, it fell right back down, eyes focusing on a spot on the floor.

There was a brief silence between them before Lois replied. "If there's one thing I've learned when I thought Chloe was dead - loneliness was not my best friend - And that having a friend wasn't such a horrible thing."

She was closer to him than he realized as he felt her pick up his chin with her forefinger. Their eyes locked.

"I learned that from you," she finished, a look of surprised stretch along Clark's face hearing her last words. The sincerity in her voice caught him off guard. The dichotomy of Lois Lane has always been a mystery to him. She could be fun and exciting one minute, ruthless and unforgiving the next, then completely honest and caring that you would think she had multiple personalities.

Before he even had a chance to think of a response, she had disappeared as fast as she came.

A moment passed before Clark let himself fall on the comfort of his sofa, it didn't feel all that comfortable now. Unable to get his meeting with Lois out of his head, he willed himself to sleep. And when he did, something strange happened...

Outside, clouds of grey covered the brightly lit moon until there was nothing else, and just like the day he had returned last summer, an electrical storm simmered in the heavens. Clark did not wake, instead, at the other side of town; the symbols on the Kawatche cave walls begin an eerie glow. Every second it began glowing brighter.

Back to Clark, he continued in his restless sleep and felt a jolt. His eyes flashed open one moment, taking him down deep until another flash occurred and he burst out of bed in heavy breath and a deep sweat.