Note: Well, thus ends my first long story in the Firefly universe. It's been a blast to write and read everyone's reactions. Thanks to everyone who enjoyed the tale.


Post coital bliss notwithstanding, Kaylee had never felt so happy, comfortable and safe in her entire life. Sensing that Simon wasn't asleep yet either, she lifted her head.

"Do ya think we'll, well not us, but our kids or our grandkids, ever go back there?" she asked as she snuggled closer to Simon and dropped her hand atop his chest. It was still damp and she absently made small circles on his skin as she spoke. "Back to Earth-That-Was?"

"I won't give up until I've discovered why that old man wanted me to see what he knew." Simon tightened his arms around her shoulders and kissed her forehead. "There had to have been a reason. If it takes the rest of my life I will find out why."

Kaylee pressed her mouth to the center of his chest and placed a lingering kiss over his heart. "Cap'n'll help. He's tha curious sort, ya know."

Simon grinned and slid a hand into her hair, tugging gently at the honeyed strands. "Are you sure you're not just the least bit curious yourself?"

"I seen the vids, the pics of Earth-That-Was. Even read some history on it when I was a kid. Would be nice to know if it's really there, y'know?"

"It's there." Simon said with a certainty he could not explain.

Kaylee looked up into his determined eyes and trembled. Something about his certainty frightened her. But she had him back and his beautiful blue eyes were clear and full of love when he looked at her. He was back from what she'd thought was certain death. If a few odd memories were all that was left of the experience, she would be grateful. She brushed her fingers across his cheek, her eyes shining. "I love you, y'know."

Simon gazed adoringly into her bright eyes and kissed her sweet mouth. "I love you, too, Kaylee."

Simon reached over to turn out the dim light, immediately casting the small room into darkness. He cradled Kaylee in his arms, his certainty that he would one day discover why they'd truly abandoned Earth-That-Was lulling him into a peaceful, contented slumber.

On every world, from the Core to the Rim, the terraformed land sustained and blessed the lives of the children of Earth. But it would not always be this way. One day, they would need to return to their homeland in search of what the wise men of old failed to bring to their new home.

What they didn't realize is that one day was approaching faster than they ever anticipated.


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MORE End Notes: In an effort to keep the action going, I started the story with the Feds already having caught Simon. With enough prodding, I may possibly go back and write just how they got a hold of him in the first place. Or I may write a sequel. Right now, I have no plans to do either. Guess it all depends on how this story is received.

Yet EVEN MORE End Notes: The information on Earth-That-Was has been taken (and expounded upon for this story) from the Serenity RPG book. It has some excellent info on a lot of things in this 'verse. If you don't have it yet, I highly recommend it, simply for the spectacular historical information.

Notes on the drugs mentioned in the story:

Naltrexone and Methadone are used to combat drug dependency. They attach to the endorphin or opiate receptors in the brain and completely block them.

Propoxin - sedative

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