Here's the beginning of a new story that's been wrecking havoc inside my head. I'm experimenting with making it only dialogue. Hope you like it.



(story was formerly titled Sacrifices)

Chapter one. Sacrifices.

Albus Dumbledore arguing with Snape about Harry Potter...

"Well Albus?"


"When will you do away with this? It's been three weeks. What are you waiting for?"

"I can't interfere."


"I can't."

"You won't. You're stalling to see how you can use this to your advantage."

"Severus such accusations?"

"You're more Slytherin than I care for so don't play the innocent cause I won't buy it."

"Severus you know that trying to interfere with something like as this can be dangerous to the three of us."

"I'm willing to risk it."

"But I'm not, and since I would have to do away with the bond, a bond that could put your, mine and not to mention Harry's well-being at risk. I have decided against it."

"What are you hoping to gain by this?"

"I want to keep both of you safe. Is that too hard to understand, Severus?"

"Yes! I'm a spy for Merlin's sake! I risk my life everyday. The kid has been battling the Dark Lord since the age of one so I ask, what are you hoping to gain by this?"

"...The truth is that I believe Fate has stepped in to give us an edge in this battle."


"Yes, Fate. The way this bond came about is quite odd; it's almost as if someone intervened to make it happen."


"There's no need to insult Mr. Longbottom."


"I know you are Severus that's why you're here."

"Still Fate…"

"Fatehad nothing to do with it. The brat is a wreck in potions. He's been screwing up since his first year."

"Exactly and now Harry creates a potion, a perfect potion."

"The Perfect Bonding Potion. It was an accident, Fate had nothing to do with it. I saw what happened. That idiot Neville helped mess it all up. If he hadn't added the lily petals nothing would have exploded."

"Yes, I know Severus and Harry would not have dropped the vial with the sense enhancement into his potion causing the fumes to hit him and you. You really must be grateful it did not hit Mr. Longbottom too. That would have been a most awkward situation for you three."


"Severus I feel that this happened for a reason. Harry needs a protector after I'm gone."

"Albus this is not about protection and you've been dying for 20 years!"

"We dislike each other you know that."

"You can't dislike each other that much or the bond wouldn't have taken hold in the first place."

"But we do."

"No, you don't. You dislike him but at the moment you were rescuing him you were worried and that sense of responsibility tied in with his respect or affection…"

"He does not feel affection for me! Sweet Merlin! At least tell the boy!"

"Why worry him? The bond will not be activated until he comes into his magic and that won't be for another four years at least."

"Well then why worry about a protector? He won't need one. Surely the Dark Lord will be long gone in four years."

"One can never be sure….so one must take precautions."

"Headmaster when Harry comes into his magic he will be stronger than you. What makes you think he'll accept a bonding such as this?"

"His magic maybe stronger but you know it's the older of the two Wizards who has dominance in a bonding spell. Power such as Harry's has only come once before. Tom Riddle. I'm sure you recognize the name. We know how that turned out."

"So you're saying that the Dark Lord turned evil because he was not bonded, don't be ridiculous…."

"There's a muggle saying idle hands is the devil's playground."

"And you intend to keep Potter busy with me."

"Yes, I intend you to keep him busy. I know this sounds evil in itself but I am thinking of what may happen once I am gone."

"I stand corrected Albus I don't know you."

"It's the lesser of the two evils Severus. Harry will defeat Voldemort with his stronger magic; a magic that you will help him grow into. Once the final battle is won, he will remain grounded with your guidance. The power he will wield will be unimaginable, greater than the Dark Lord's, such power could corrupt his young soul. You'll make sure that doesn't happen."

"What if I turn, what if I'm not strong enough?"

"First, if you turn I shall have to do away with you myself, so you won't. As for the second, this is not completely about magical strength Severus. You have a strong sense of survival and an innate slyness that will ensure your success with Harry. I have complete faith in you on both accounts"

"You're playing with fire. This will not work. I'm a spy. This is something that will eventually come out. You must realize that the loss might be greater than anything gained."

"The removal of such a spell is too dangerous. If I tried to do as you ask and were to make a mistake it would kill both of you. I am not ready to sacrifice the two of you."

"Yes, especially when you can gain so much more."

"I didn't create this situation."

"No but you're certainly taking advantage, aren't you? Exploiting your resources."

"Harry's magic tied to yours would make a powerful combination once it has matured. Harry will need someone to guide him. I frankly think no one can do a better job than you. It's for the light. If you think this is a sacrifice then you are not the only one sacrificing. Now we both have things to attend to."

"You'll regret this. I don't deserve this and neither does he!"

"You see Severus, you already worry about him."

"I'm not worried I am stating a fact. We've both worked for the light we don't deserve to have our personal lives dictated to."

"I can do nothing, " with that Albus turned his back on Severus dismissing the Potions Master from his office. Severus rose angrily and left. He did not speak to the Headmaster for a long time.


Main theme will be manipulation! If you don't like it save yourself the heartache and stop reading! Any flames will be used to warm my chimney!

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