A different way of life by Happychik

Have you ever wondered what kind of a life Harry would have had if Voldemort had

Not killed Lilly and James?I don't know whether or not this type of story has been done

before or not but I promise you that ot is not as bad as you think!

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It was Halloween night.The sky was inky black with several silver shimmering lights

Illuminating it.Godric Hollow was quite tranquil at 11:30.Everyone was asleep.

Everyone except one man who wore a long black cloak which billowed behind him.

His eyes were red slits at the corner of his face and he carried a piece of wood.

To wizard eyes this was a wand. As he approached the Potters home his only thought

was to kill Harry Potter.

Voldemort quietly opened their small teak gate and stormed up to the wooden hall door.

He blasted it open with "alohamra" and surprisingly never awoke a soul in the house.

He trampled up the carpeted stair case,wand firmly in hand and as he reached the top he

Began searching for Harrys room which luckily for him was the room right next to the

Bathroom.As he entered Harrys room there were two things in particular he didn't know.

Firstly that Lilly and James room was right next door to Harrys and secondly that Lilly

Who had anticipated his arrival for the past week,had put a love spell on her son which

Ment that Voldemorts spell would repell and that he himself would be vanquished!

As he approached Harrys crib a slimy grin spread across his face as he muttered

"bye bye baby Harry.I promise this will be quick but….not painless." He then laughed to

himself and said "avada kedavra" and with that a there was a flash of green light tinged

with a ray of white light as the house began to crumble with Harry asleep in his crib

and Voldemorts cloak is all that was left of the memory of that fateful night.

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