A/N This story has meant a great deal to me. Admittedly it is not perfect grammatically in places but I do nonetheless appreciate the support it has received. I feel it`s time to end it here. I do obviously intend to finish it as a sequel. My favourite crime drama is The Mentalist and right now I`m working on a chapter for that as well as a new one for Harry Potter. I hope those of you who enjoyed my interpretation will be patient enough to wait for the next instalment and I promise I will do everything in my power to make it better. Thank you for reading, reviewing and supporting. Mad love and respect to you all!



Harry will be beginning his fifth year at Hogwarts. There will be many challenges that face him and his family including the threat of a ministry official – Dolores Umbridge.

Luna introduces Harry to Thestrals but it is not until he sees death that he can appreciate their beauty.

Voldemort is growing stronger. Therefore Dumbledore and Harry must pursue horcruxes and destroy them as fast as possible. Will they succeed?

Harry is introduced to Professor Slughorn once more. He obtains relevant information which can aid their destruction of horcruxes but at what price?

Sirius and Shari struggle to make their relationship work while Regulus embarks on a love of his own.

The Dursley`s continue to remain part of Harry`s life. They will require the most protection.

How will Harry cope when he learns the truth about his connection with Voldemort?

Lily realises that Snape is in danger. Will she agree to protect him?

Harry learns from Dumbledore the truth about his family.

A/N These are just some ideas that I`ll be working on in part two. I hope you will enjoy it as much as you have before. Thank you once again for your unfailing support. Talk to ya later!