Disclaimer: The characters of Calvin and Hobbes and Harry Potter are belonging to Bill Watterson and J.K. Rowling, respectively. I have, however, taken the liberty of giving Calvin the surname of Mitchell. Anyway…

It was a quiet summer evening at the little house in England. Mr. Mitchell sat calmly in his chair; glancing over the newspaper in his lap, sipping his coffee and mostly, enjoying the quiet. Presently, he stretched and gave a content yawn. He really was enjoying the English town they were living in. Being transferred, he thought, was the best thing that has happened for a long time.

The silence was broken by the opening of the front door.

"Mom, Dad, Hobbes, I'm home!" called out the man's son.

"Hi Calvin," he turned in his chair. "How was your day?"

"It was… interesting" Calving placed his hat on the coat hanger, revealing the blonde hair that still stood up every which way. His father began excepting the fact that nothing, in all of his son's eighteen years had made him even consider changing his hairstyle. So, it was likely that nothing ever would.

"Interesting, huh?"

"Yeah, a couple of cats found their way into the blood raven cages. You can just imagine the fiasco that followed."

"Uh, sure son." He said (Though, in all honesty, he couldn't.) "Oh Calvin, before I forget, you have a visitor."

"A visitor?" Calvin asked in surprise.

Calvin found his way into the kitchen, where two brown haired women were talking over a batch of sugar cookies. The older woman was Calvin's mother, and the younger one he knew immediately as…


Her hair was longer than he remembered, but sure enough, Susie Derkins was sitting in kitchen. The sight of her brought a flood of memories back to Calvin. He could clearly see himself, at the age of six, hurling pine cones at her from within his tree fort. There he was at eight, seeing her at recess, and beginning to feel his feelings of apathy for her melting away. At nine, those feelings disappeard entirely and he and Susie actually became close friends. And then, then as he was halfway through his tenth year, he remembered all the sadness of telling his new friend that his dad had been transferred, and that they were moving to England. He remembered painfully the first – and last – hug he received from her just before climbing into the car to drive to the airport. He could all too clearly see, from the back seat of their car, Susie watching them leave, quickly – too quickly – shrinking into the distance. And now, here she was sitting in his kitchen eating cookies.

"Susie, um… Hi."

"Hi Calvin." She said

"Oh Calvin, your home." His mother chimed in

"Honey… " Calvin's dad said from the doorway "Honey, could you come here for a minute? I need help straightening the pictures in the hallway."

"We just adjusted them this afternoon, Dear." His wife stated

"Well, I think they need to be fixed again." He said jerking his head in Calvin and Susie's direction.

"Oh, ooooh" She rose from her seat "You mean those pictures. Yes, why don't we?"

They left the two alone together, but Calvin hadn't even noticed.

"S-s-so Susie, what brings you up this way?" Calvin said as he helped himself to a cookie

"My parents and I are visiting my Grandma." Susie replied, smiling

"Oh, she lives out here? Cool, so how long have you been here?"

"Well, I remembered that you were living close to where Grandma lives, so this afternoon, I thought I'd drop by. But, we've been in England for a couple of weeks now. Grandma and I have done all kinds of great things, like, when we first arrived she–"

"Ooh, wait!" Calvin jumped out of his seat "Let me go find Hobbes, then you can tell us both."

"Hobbes…?" Susie said, uncertainly "You mean that stuffed tiger you always used to drag around? That Hobbes?"

"That's him." He replied. Susie hesitated before saying

"Calvin, why are you still playing with stuffed toys? Even I stopped playing with Mr. Bun after awhile."

"Well… Mr. Bun was an ordinary toy. Hobbes is… special."

"Special?… In what way?" Calvin sat completely motionless for a moment, contemplating the best thing to say.

"I'm sorry, I am not at liberty to share the information you have requested." He said finally

"Well, fine!" She started to rise, with the look one has when they're trying to hold back tears. "If you're going to be all secretive about it, then maybe I should just leave!"

"Susie no!" Calvin dashed in front of her "Susie please, don't go."

"Then, tell me what's going on with Hobbes!"

"I can't!"

"Why not?"

"I just… it's, y'know – that is… he, I… it's a funny thing it… I just can't!"

"I see." She said "Good night, Calvin."

"… Alright." Calvin said, defeated. "Alright, I'll tell you."

"You will?" Susie turned back

"Yes," He replied "but first, you have to promise me that what I'm about to tell you is going to remain between us."

"Okay, sure"

"I mean, really." Calvin said "Don't tell anyone. Not your parents, not your Grandma, not any of your friends, don't even write it in your diary. Okay?"

"Alright" She agreed

"I have your word?"

"You have my word, just please tell me what's going on."

"Okay" Calvin took a deep breath and thought of where to begin "Susie, do you believe in… magic?"

"Magic?" She asked, confused "You mean wand waving and pixie dust, 'Bibbity bobbity boo' kind of stuff? That magic?"

"Yeah," Calvin answered "that magic."

"… n, not really." She responded "Why?"

"Because… Hobbes is a magical creature. He's a tiger, but he can walk on his back legs and he can speak perfect English. Also, anyone without magical abilities can't see him that way. They can only see a toy."

"And you say you can see him this way?"

"That's right."

"But, only magical people can see him that way?"


"And that's because…?" She asked, not wanting to hear the answer.

"Because…" Calvin paused "because, I am… a wizard." Susie sat motionless

"A wizard?" She asked, anger beginning to bubble up within her "Calvin, it was bad enough when you wouldn't tell me, but to go and make up some stupid lie?" Calvin swallowed hard, knowing what he would have to do "I thought I knew you better than that. I'm leaving, goodnight."

Susie got up and walked to the open door, she stopped suddenly when the door swung closed without being touched. She turned around to see Calvin pointing a dark colored stick at the door

"Please don't go, Susie" He said "Here." He now pointed that stick into the air. At first, nothing happened, but then something green began to flow from the tip. It grew longer and straighter until the end began to ball up, and then it burst open revealing a bright, yellow Daffodil. Calvin picked the flower off of the wooden tip and handed it to Susie

"I know they're your favorite." He said

"Oh Calvin," Susie said "This is, I – you… that was… it… I wish this kitchen was carpeted." She then fell, unconscious. Calvin, in spite of this, smiled contently.