Summary: She was the school's biggest geek. She was bullied a lot and made fun of by practically everyone, especially me. Then she left. A few years past and she came back. And when she came back…she took my breath and…my heart away…but there's one problem…she hates me…

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"Hey! Ugly get over here! I need you to wipe the dirt on my shoe that looks like your face!" yelled a 13-year-old boy with silver hair over the cafeteria who was waving his arm frantically in the air and the other pointing down to his shoe that was covered in dirt.

A girl with midnight hair in two pigtails turned to face the silver boy, "Shut Up Inuyasha! Why don't you lick it off yourself! You're good at that right! Licking dirt off others and your own!" yelled the girl.

Inuyasha scoffed and yelled out, "Maybe! But you're the professional! I learned from you! The Great Dirt Licking Kagome Higurashi" Inuyasha yelled followed by laughter of the other 13-year- old students.

"Hey why don't come over here and say that again if you dare!" yelled out a girl with her hair in a high pony tail.

"Alright Sango! As you wish!" yelled Inuyasha.

13-year-old Inuyasha Taisho walked confidently to the other side of the cafeteria. With his silver hair flowing behind him that stopped at his shoulders. His amber eyes challenging and his lips in a cocky smirk. He was wearing a white muscle shirt and a red button-up shirt over it. The shirt showed off his already developing muscles. And his blue baggy jeans with white tennis shoes. But his most interesting feature besides his shining amber eyes were the furry triangles on top of his head signaling he was a hanyou. Inuyasha was very popular despite him being half of each world; after he beat the toughest bully in the school he gained a lot of respect. He walked and kept his challenging eye contact with Sango.

Sango Taiga kept the challenging eye contact. She held her head up in pride. Sango was, well, beautiful. She gained a lot of attention from boys for her good looks. She wore a black halter top that showed off her upper curves. She had a jean skirt on that stopped at mid-way thigh and black sneakers, which helped the boys, see her well-toned legs. She always wore eye-shadow on, today she wore black but she looked her best with pink on. She didn't waver her chocolate eyes from Inuyashas amber orbs, even when her best friend was talking to her.

"Sango, stop this! This is silly! You shouldn't be wasting your time on him anyway." Kagome begged her to reconsider. But to her misfortune she wouldn't budge. Kagome sighed giving up hope on trying to get her cousin/best friend from getting into another fight with the jerk.

Kagome Higurashi was, in short, ugly. She always wore her midnight hair in pigtails or a French braid. She had glasses that were too big for her own heart-shaped face. She had braces. She wore a green baggy shirt. She was flat chested. And she wore baggy jeans with black tennis shoes. She didn't have anything to look at, literally. She was very smart and had an A+ in every subject, except gym…she had a B. She hated her life at Tama Junior High School. She was made fun of her looks and smartness especially by the stupid jerk Inuyasha.

"Ready, Sango." Asked Inuyasha with a challenging tone.

"Of course, when am I never?" Sango said as she was getting into a fighting stance.

And with one last snicker from Inuyasha the fight was on.

Kagome looked at the two fighters. She sighed. 'I want to get out of here so bad…Sango's just wasting her time…they're gonna end up in a tie like always…sigh…I should go home…I'm tired of this…'

Kagome started to walk off from the fight and the hated school. Of course she didn't make it out of there with out a few pinches, pushes, and hated words send her way. But in any case she made it out of the dreadful thing called school. She made it to the gates and looked back at the crowd surrounding the fighting teens. She got a small glimpse of Inuyasha getting hit in the face and she cracked a smirk. She shook her head and walked home.

Inuyasha felt his cheek stinging. He touched it slightly and smiled at his competitor. He clutched his hand to go in for another attack at the stomach. But he didn't see her going for the same attack with the other arm.

They both struck each other in the stomach with opposite arms and both gasped. At last they both fell over in pain.

"Dammit Sango, it's not fair, you were trained by demon slayers. You know special techniques." Inuyasha grunted out holding his stomach that was in pain.

Sango smirked and snickered a bit, "And it's not fair that you're a half-demon, more strength than me, ya know." She murmured, also clutching her throbbing stomach.

Inuyasha looked at her and stood up. "Whatever, Sango. The Dirt Face is out of here. See you tomorrow." With that he left with one arm at his stomach and the other waving a 'bye' to her.

Sango sighed; "You'll suffer for what you've done to her. Fate is a cruel thing sometimes…very cruel. Just you wait." she whispered out to no one in particular and stood up. She began walking the opposite direction.

At Kagome's house

"WHAT!" yelled a shocked Kagome.

"It's what I just said Kagome, we're moving, and do you have to yell?" Said her mother clutching her ears with her two hands from her daughter's outburst.

"But, I have a life here." Countered Kagome lowering her voice just a bit.

"You can start a new life, in America." Her mother answered back.

"What about my education?" Kagome asked

"All your records, projects, and grades will be sent to your new school and you're even put in advanced classes." Said her mother while clearing out the table.

"What about my friends?" Kagome desperately added.

Her mother turned to her, walked straight up to her and hugged her daughter tight.

"Honey, what friends?" asked her mother in a soft tone.

Kagome's eyes started to get glossy and she hugged her mother back.

"Honey, you can start a new school, you can make friends even." Said her mother.

Kagome pulled a little away from the embrace to face her mother, "Yeah, I can make friends, and the advanced classes will be more challenging than the ones here, and nobody will know me, I can be like a whole new person."

Her mother smiled at her daughter, "Kagome, you can start a whole new life…we can start a whole new life, and we can get away from all the nightmares."

Kagome hugged her mother one more time and whispered, "I love you mommy."

Her mother silently cried and said, "And I always will too, my beautiful angel."


Kagome walked through the halls of her soon-to-be ex-school. This was her last day at the Loathful School. She was pretty excited about moving to America. She wasn't going to let anyone ruin her day, she was just too happy to be mad. She got to her locker and was humming a happy tune.

"Hey Kagome! I heard about the news! Oh My God I can't believe you're leaving me! You can't do this Kagome! Please don't go!" Sango cried as she ran to Kagome.

Kagome turned to her with a slight smile on her face, "Oh Sango, I didn't want to leave either but…then…"

Sango looked at her and said, "Wait. Hold up a minute Kags. Did you just say 'but' as in you're considering it?"

Kagome looked at her and sighed, "Oh Sango, with me gone you won't have any more fights, waste your free time with me just to make sure I'm protected, and you could even go on dates without canceling them because of me." She put a hand on Sango's shoulder.

Sango had a skeptical look, "But…but…Kagome…I like the fights…I like to spend time with you…and it's actually funny how the boys come crawling to me when I cancel." She put her opposite hand on Kagome's shoulder, "You're my best friend Kagome and I'm not letting you go without a fight." She then put a determined face on her.

Kagome had to laugh a little at how determined Sango looked. "Sango I…I…I want to go." She said with sympathy in her eyes.

Kagome felt guilty when she saw how Sango looked. It looked like her whole world just crashed down on her. Kagome's eyes started to water and she pulled Sango into a tight hug.

"Oh Sango, I'll will never ever never in a million years leave you. I will always be in your heart and you will always be in mine. You're the only friend I have, literally. And I love you with everything I have. But I have to go…Sango…I have a chance to leave this damn school…I can leave the pranks, the names, the torment, the nightmares…I have a chance to begin a new life…a new me…" she pulled herself away from Sango for a bit to see her eyes and saw that Sango was accepting her decision, "Please understand Sango, I have to leave to start anew, but I promise I'll never leave you for real… And besides, you can visit me in a America you can get in as many fights as you want, and even break some hearts." They both laughed at that.

Sango smiled and one tear fell from her watery chocolate eyes, "Alright Kagome, I understand. You need this, and what kind of friend would I be to keep you from something that you want. Just this one time, I'm letting you go without a fight. But just this once."

They shared another tight embrace. They both pulled apart and smiled at each other.

"Come on Sango, or we'll be late for class." Kagome said starting to walk to class with Sango at her side.

As they entered class Sango asked, "So, when will you be leaving?"

"Today, after school." Answered Kagome.

She nodded, "I'm coming with you."

"Of course you are, I want my best friend to be there when I leave."

Sango snickered and nudged Kagome with her elbow, "Maybe you'll even find yourself a boyfriend, huh."

She looked at Sango a little surprised, "Oh Sango, like that'll happen." She said with a small laugh.

She smiled. And Kagome smiled back.

Kagome was actually surprised that everyone stopped bugging her for the whole day. After the announcement of her leaving everyone just pretty much ignored her. And she was just fine with that.


"Finally!" exclaimed Kagome. The last bell of the day and now it was time for America.

Kagome skipped to her locker and quickly took out her books. She met up with Sango at her locker and they both ran to the office to drop off the textbooks, Sango helped her. Then they were leaving the school premises.

Kagome was an inch to getting through the school gates when she heard HIS voice.

"Hey, Dirt Licker!" yelled the 'jerk'

She stopped turned around and said, "You should really stop talking to yourself, ya know."

You could practically see Inuyasha turning bright red and smoke coming out from his ears.

He marched right up to her and said, "I'm soo glad you're leaving! Good riddance to you! I hope you never come back! The school is gonna be so much better without you! Finally the school will be disinfected! And we won't see your stupid face again! You're always crying cause of our pranks! You're soo weak! I hope over there they'll kill you!" He slapped his hand to his mouth when he said that. He didn't mean to say it but, his anger... he wasn't thinking straight

Kagome bowed her head, bangs covering her face. She felt an unknown energy stirring up inside of her. She raised her hand and slapped Inuyasha right across the face.

He reeled backwards and fell. He touched his cheek and it actually burned his fingertips. A shadow covered him and he looked up to find Kagome. She looked at him with darkness in her eyes and he gasped at how sad and angry she looked.. She turned around and before she left she said, "Good riddance to you Taisho, and I never want to see you again either."

Inuyasha watched her retreating form and that's the last time he would see her. Or so he thought…

"Keh, good riddance…" were the last words he said to the 'old' Kagome.

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