Kon wa minna! How are you? I'm fine, I'm on VACATION. And I got a burst of inspiration, actually, I got a couple of them, but I'll start with this. Gotta say, don't be turned off but I got the idea for this fic from Disney's 'The Swan Princess' It's a silver millennium fic that goes deep into the hearts of our heroes and emphasizes their love. WARNING: Besides the cheery and witty name: Tragedy, (duh, they both died, remember?) But cool at first, It might take a while…

The Love that Refuses to Die:

Prologue: Over a millennia ago…

"She's beautiful. And silver hair, just like me! Oh, I love her so much," Queen Serenity said with happy tears in her eyes.
"She's perfect, our little Serenity. She'll be so loved and protected," King Solstice said lovingly. He wrapped his arm around his wife who was holding their just born baby girl. Serenity.

"Who's the most beautiful princess on the moon? You are! You are!" King Solstice said while gently poking his daughter's nose lovingly. "Would my little princess like to walk in the gardens? Would she? Yes she would! Yes!" He made baby faces, picked up the three-month-old baby and cradled her in his arms. In a flash of golden light he transported them outside into the royal gardens.
The air was fresh and smelled of earth and flowers. There was a light breeze, which ruffled the King's gold blonde hair. He lifted his daughter up to sit on his shoulders. Surprisingly, Earth, the Sun and the stars shown brightly in the velvety black sky. The illusion of a bright blue sky must have been taken down from the bubble that surrounded the moon and encased its atmosphere. He thought of his wife and her magical powers and smiled to himself. He had powers of his own only different; his origins came from the outer planets, Pluto to be specific. How he had ended up ruling the most powerful kingdom in the solar system with the love of his life. How lucky he was.
He looked back up to his daughter who was staring in awe at the sky. She clutched his hair as reigns and giggled. He also looked up, but his gaze settled on Earth and his eyes narrowed. 'But don't think of that now, spend time with your daughter while she still can't talk back.' He laughed out loud at his own thoughts. 'She'll be a talker, this one.'
Serenity cooed pleasingly and started to drum her hands on her father's head. He walked slowly towards the rose maze. The fragrance filled his nostrils and Serenity calmed and stared ahead with big curious eyes. King Solstice lifter her off his head and again cradled her in his arms. He slowly made his maze and rocked Serenity gently. The smell seemed to have a calming effect on the girl. When he was almost to the center of the maze he looked down and found his daughter asleep, and snoring gently.

Three and a half years later…

"Daddy! They just put up the greenhouse! I wanna go see the new flowers! Please take me, please?" She looked up at him and folded her hands in a sign of begging on his leg. She also did her best to make a puppy face, pushing out her chubby little cheeks.
He caressed her cheek with his hand. 'She looks so much like her mother, blue eyes and even the same hair style,' he thought. And she did. Her hair was up in two buns with two little pigtails, although it was still half gold and half silver. The gold from her father had been fading with age and every time he came back from a diplomatic mission it gave in more and more. Her mother had her dressed up in a frilly white dress complete with bubble sleeves. He noticed that she pulled at it in annoyance every once in a while.
"Did you ask your mother?" Her eyes flickered a little. Queen Serenity did her best to try and impose 'acting like a princess' on their daughter. King Solstice did his best to let her have fun. It turned into good cop; bad cop and you could guess who was who.
"I did and she said yes; just that I couldn't get the dress dirty." Serenity tried her best to imitate her mother, Solstice laughed.
"Well, then, we can't have that!" In a sweeping motion he lifted Sere, (as she was sometimes called) off her feet and mentally recited a spell that would transport them out to the courtyard. She squealed in excitement.
They ended up in a spot that was mostly referred to as the 'picnic grounds'. There were steps leading to a back room in the palace connected to a vast tiled platform with scattered benches and umbrellas. This whole area had tub like awnings on each side instead of any kind of fence. Then there were more steps leading to the tiled area where the two stood, with more benches, which simply ended, and the grass started. It ran on for about half a mile long ways only interrupted by a huge fountain, which gracefully spilled water over each of the four circular ledges into what can only be described as a shallow underground pool like pond, complete with fishes and lily pads. A crescent moon stood on top, cut out of a grainy marble.
Any ends to the courtyard were bordered with bushes of flowers but no trees in this specific spot. There were a few gardeners and one of two maids (who were cutting across the courtyard as a shortcut) walking around. One of them came close to the two; a gardener wearing overalls with grass stains and a gray T-shirt.
"Hi, Freddy!" Serenity yelled. She waved anxiously in her father's arms.
"Hello, princess. Where are you off to today?" He stopped and walked over. "Oh, I'm sorry, your highness! Good day to you King Solstice." He bowed.
"Hello, Freddy. We're off to see the new greenhouse. How's it look?" He set his daughter down on her own two feet.
"Beautiful, sir! Most exotic plants shipped in from Earth and Europa. Jupiter plants are so hard to import but very well taken care of, a gift from the Queen herself, you know she loves flowers. But yer lucky we could pull them away from that daughter of hers, enfatuated, she is." They started to walk towards the private gardens on the left side of the palace.
"Yes Europa is wonderful, have you ever been there?" The king asked. He held his daughter's hand lightly. The private gardens were visible from the balcony of the Royal couple's room and Serenity's. It included the rose maze, warm grass in the sun, a couple of trees for shade and now, a greenhouse. Only honored guests, close friends, the Royal family and a few maintenance workers ever saw its beauty. Unlike the courtyard where they hosted parties and on special occasions, it was open to the media.
"Why, that's where I'm from, I trained fer my profession there. Best darn weeder on Europa; Beautiful place, not even that cold 'cause of Jupiter. I taught the princess all I knew when I saw her; she really loved those flowers. Then I came here and met little Serenity, I don't know what it is about princesses but they're like daughters to me." He placed a hand on Serenity's head.
"Princess Jupiter is around you're age; I think you two would get along. She cooks, you know." Freddy looked down at Sere.
At this Serenity looked up hungrily. "Ya' think she'd be my friend and make me cookies?" She happily grabbed Freddy's hand with her free one.
"Why, sure. And she could garden better that I can. Nice, tall strong girl. Beautiful too, you two could work magic," he winked.
"Actually, there has been talk of putting together Serenity's Royal court and one of the ideas was to make it the four inner planet princesses. Now I can put in a good word, although I don't know how anxious Queen Jupiter will be to have her leave." King Solstice said.
"As far as I know, that'd be a great idea. Not only is the Queen loyal to Queen Serenity but on a pit stop on my way here I stopped at Mars and you'll never guess who I met," he looked down at Serenity who's face was deep in thought.
She looked up and smiled. "The princess!" she exclaimed triumphantly.
"Yes! You're so smart!" He looked back at the King. "Tough kid, good to have in your court. Smart, witty, gorgeous and can already control fire a little. Gonna be a powerful girl and a fast thinker. One of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen. A very hard worker-"
"What does she look like?" Serenity asked.
He looked back down to her. "Well, she's a little taller than you, raven black hair with a twinge of violet that's pretty long for her age, violet eyes and rather tan skin, but she does live on Mars." Serenity smiled widely.
"She sounds pretty, is she very smart?" Serenity asked again.
"Well, all her, um, smartness, comes from her hard work. She studies already in the fields of magic and meditation and trains to be a warrior and control her element," Freddy said proudly, these were his adopted children; he had lots to be proud of. "Quick mouth though," he mumbled. Serenity looked away, 'That isn't like me.'
"Thank you for walking with us Freddy, and thank you for the insight. This will be very useful. We'll see you around, good day." Solstice said.
dd>Freddy bowed and kissed Princess Serenity's hand. "Good day, pleasure to be of service. Good day princess, enjoy the Greenhouse."
"Bye!" She waved frantically with her free hand. Solstice should have scolded her and told her to curtsy properly but he couldn't do it. Today had to be perfect because he had to leave soon. Instead he rested his hand on her head.
She grabbed both of his hands and pulled him towards the greenhouse. "C'mon daddy! The greenhouse!" She started skipping towards the tall glass structure.
They were greeted at the door by the construction workers with a bow as Serenity mercilessly pulled her father in.
"Wow…" Serenity whispered under her breath. Solstice was thinking the same thing. It reminded him of the Babylonian hanging gardens. Sunlight gleamed in through the glass walls and ricocheted off into prisms which hung from the willow with purple flowers that was in the center of the great glass pyramid.
There were two levels, and on each beam of the structure hung a flowerpot. Hanging vines with yellow blooms, cacti with orange and pink flowers and anything else you could think of. The only part of the pyramid that wasn't covered in plants or some sort of flower was the cobblestone walkway on the ground and the metal ramps on the second floor. Even the railings were covered in vines.
Serenity let go of his hand and proceeded to run around joyously. 'This is too much,' the king thought. 'I need to tell Serenity.' His daughter was already looking at all the flowers on the ground floor and asking planters about them.
He closed his eyes and concentrated on his wife, her voice, her touch and her train of thought… *Serenity,* he thought to her. Because their bond was very strong he could see she was helping organize the upcoming opening for the new greenhouse. She was currently yelling at the obnoxious reporter trying to get a sneak peek at the ballroom. The king sighed.
She hadn't noticed yet, she was too wrapped up in her work. *Serenity, you have to come see the Greenhouse, it's, it's, magnificent.* She heard him that time but continued to work. She was a master at this sort of thing because she was trained since birth.
*Dear, I'm a little busy at the moment… Maybe later?* she thought, while saying, "You're not permitted on these grounds, they will be open to the public soon, with a press pass-"
The reporter interrupted the Queen, this, as an understatement, angered her. The King's pleas didn't help. *You're too busy to spend time with your family before I leave?* The queen growled, probably at both of them.
"Guards, escort her off the premises!" *Solstice, Don't test me!* she yelled. It wasn't at all like her to yell at her family, Serenity immediately noticed this. *I'm sorry dear, you're right, I'll be right there.*
*It's almost as beautiful as you, my love,* the King flirted. He was rewarded with a light mental giggle.
Another organizer approached the Queen, before she could speak the Queen said sweetly, "I'm sorry, an important matter that needs my attention has presented itself. I'm afraid I must leave." The person looked awestruck, but surely the Queen had a really good reason fo abandoning the rest of them, right?
"If you have any questions, ask Luna." In her mind she giggled to her husband and he chuckled in amusement. She broke the link and refocused on transporting herself to her husband's location.
Two ribbon like lines of light arose from the air and encircled the Queen. In a flash of sparkling silver she appeared behind Solstice.
He felt her warmth immediately but allowed her to play around. She covered his eyes with her hands and rested her chin on his shoulder. "Guess who?" She said in her angelic voice. As quick as he could he transported himself behind her, but she had been trained for almost one hundred years more than he and turned around just as he disappeared.
"Minx," he said, he encircled his wife with his arms and kissed her. Their energetic three-year-old daughter was done running around the ground floor by then.
"Mommy! You're here! Great! Please take me up to the second floor now, please?" She pulled on her mother's skirt. Queen Serenity turned around and picked her daughter up to kiss her on the cheek. Then she looked around.
"By the gods… You were right, this place is magical." She put down her daughter who grabbed both of her parents' hands, they all walked towards the stairs.
Sere looked up. "Mommy, I'm ready to try," she said. Solstice looked at his daughter, then his wife, completely confused.
"Really? That's wonderful, sweetie! I'm so happy! And you get to surprise your dad before he leaves!" She was almost jumping up and down with excitement.
"Um. What?" Solstice asked; question marks seemed to flash above his head. He frantically looked at his daughter and back to his wife again.
"Daddy, I wanted to surprise you. I'm gonna try, I mean, I am going to transport myself! Are you proud?" She asked tentatively. Sere dug her foot into the ground (she was stopped when her mother nudged her).
He hugged her, knowing that this was a big moment for her. No one talked about it but most girls her age with magical powers already learned how to transport themselves. But his little one had a tendency to… slack off. He worried about that sometimes. He spoiled his daughter he knew, but he was only around six months out of the year.
"Of course I'm proud. Are you ready?" Serenity nodded. He let go of her hand and concentrated, golden flash. Solstice was faintly aware of his wife's silver transportation as well. They both appeared on the floor above and looked down at their daughter. She was down there with her eyes clenched shut as well as her fists but nothing was happening.
He looked at his wife, who's eyes glazed over and heard a mental, *Concentrate, Serenity, just focus.* Slowly, his daughter began to glow faintly silver, Solstice smiled.
Both Serenity's smiled also. Two silver balls of light arose and twirled around Sere, leaving a trail of sparkles in the air. Solstice's smile grew wider; it was a beautiful sight. He turned around and noticed the faint glow in the air… high in the air. His daughter materialized, about six feet off the ground.
Something that could only be noticed by King Solstice himself, or a master of the art, Queen Serenity flicked her hand in a ceremonial gesture. When Sere should have hit the floor she hit and invisible air pocket and bounced back onto her feet only to tumble onto her knees. All this went unnoticed to the little three-year-old and she looked up happily. "I did it! I didn't think I could before because it wasn't working but I did it!" She leaped into her parents awaiting arms.

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