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Chapter 3: Postponed on that sad note.

"So, my dear," Terra teased, over all this time since the arrangement their conversations had become less formal, the bonds between them had regained their hold over the political block of ice recently separating the two, according to Serenity. "I heard about the banquet, did you spoil the food for the ball, I heard you got smashed," she burst out into laughter, the Queen giggled nervously.
"Actually, we did use up quite a bit of food and drink but we will have it all replaced, I swear!" They laughed wholeheartedly.
"Any news…?" Terra asked slowly. The war was a sensitive subject, although she wouldn't bring it up, the casualty list had not yet arrived, nor had the historical records. Only the council would know what exactly occurred there, they lied to Royalty just as often as they did to the public.
"Unfortunately, no, but from what I hear it should be here in a few days. Actually," she looked down sadly; Terra could tell she was holding back tears. "I'm not sure I want it. I'm scared… to see what… I might… find." She almost sobbed, though no tears fell.
Terra bit her lip. "You trust me, right?"
Serenity paused, being caught off guard, then nodded.
"Please, Sere, let me come and help. I can tell that you are dead tired and troubled with worry. I know you hate to be weak, being a Queen, but swallow your pride and allow me in. I promise that when you get the news I will be there for you. We may have had a fall out or two due to the problems between our respective planets but I hope you think of me as Terra, not as the Queen of Earth only. Having some one to talk to helps, I know you don't tell Luna everything and that you would never burden Sere with your problems. Please, I worry about you." Terra was almost in tears herself now but was gratefully comforted when after a fear filled pause Serenity nodded.
"I can be there by the fortnight. I can't wait to see Sere and yourself, now go to bed, and I will see you soon! End transmission in five! Good-bye!" Terra said.
"Bye," Serenity responded weakly. The transmission ended.

Serenity watched as her mother talked to the council of Mercury. There was a kind and short looking woman talking. She wore small glasses on her face that made her look smart, or so Sere thought and her hair looked like the color of blueberries! Blueberries are yummy.
"So you have heard no news at all from Metra? Are you sure?"
"Yes, I am sure and according to my consul's calculations survivors, casualty lists and historical records should arrive the day after tomorrow. Calm down your majesty, as soon as they reach the outer senshi the news will be relayed-"
"Ethana! I did not call you for a collage course on common sense. Do not patronize me nor give me such useless information. I am concerned for my family but that is no reason to believe I have lost all competencies. When you hear from Metra, please have one of your oh-so-dependable consul members notify me or so help me I'll have Solstice turn you into the child you are treating me as! Out! Sign out now!" The screen went black and Queen Sere stood before her diplomacy table, trembling in rage.
Slowly, she unclenched her hands and slid into her seat. She buried her face and groaned, "I lost my temper…" She paused and considered her daughter as a presence in the future. "I hope that Terra has taught her son well in matters of politics for my daughter should never have to experience such cold-hearted treatment of peoples' lives as Queen. Otherwise I should pass my crown to Luna."
Seeing her mother in such a state, broken and withering, and Sere feeling every bit of it between their bonds, Serenity decided she would make her mother proud. Previous decisions to be spiteful were demolished by the wish not to torment and punish her very blood but rather to uphold it with dignity and honor.
"No, Mommy!" Sere ran to her mother who had turned in surprise and launched herself onto the seat upon the Queen's lap. "Mother, don't give up. I can be a great Queen, you'll see. I want to be like you, I want you to train me more seriously now. I swear I can do it!" She began to cry into her mother's comforting arms.
Her mother also began to cry, "I know. I have faith in you, my dear. I'll always love you and I will make sure you won't make the mistakes I have in my years past. No matter what happens. That lady implied that our guardians may never return and mistook me for a confused, grief-crazed child. But listen to me," Serenity took Sere's chin into her cupped hand and stared honestly into her eyes, "even if that is true, I will always be there. Never again shall I make the mistake of taking my anger out on you, because there will always be a you and me. I promise, always."
Sere nodded and jerked herself again into her mothers embrace. Again, they stayed there for almost an hour before returning to their day.

Terra was a busy woman. Queen of Earth in fact. She hadn't really known herself for years. That child inside her she had grown up to loose was gone.
Or so she thought. Even after beginning to talk to childhood best friend again she still felt empty.
Or so she thought. She had never actually planned on going this far. What she said slipped past all her defenses. It was something she didn't even know she wanted… until she arrived.
Terra used to be rather strange in her days back at the moon kingdom. She was flighty (and flirty) and flaky. She had one best friend there, anywhere in fact. They were happy whenever together… until the war.
When the war broke out between Earth and the Moon Kingdom Terra was taken away from her only friend and locked away for safekeeping. The moon kingdom's court consisted of the inner and outer planets. Earth was beaten easily and it was beaten badly. Terra never knew what started the war, but she knew that she lost both of her parents.
It didn't really matter though; she was never really close to her parents. The only two things that interested her were her friends and guys. Not politics. It would figure that once her parents were dead and the war was lost she would loose her best friend. But she still had guys... in fact, there was a gap in her life she ended up filling with them. She used men, not the other way around. She could have any man she wanted, and did.
She avoided politics as much as possible but soon the people were becoming unhappy with her lack of leadership. She continued to have fun and her country suffered for it.
That's when the revolutions broke out; the revolutions against the castle. The attempts on her life… she was assigned a bodyguard, Orlan. Soon they fell in love. They wished to be married but the revolutions were preventing that. He seemed to fill that gap in her heart better than anything. So she started sleeping with him although it was against the law; they were engaged after all… what could happen?
For the first time in a long time she felt happy. But it was selfish. She was in love, her gap was being filled, and she was happy what else mattered?
The revolts.
Actually they wouldn't have mattered except that on one night, when two dazed lovers were in the mood and happened to order some wine… One of the servants came to the door with a bottle in a chiller. She went unnoticed… until she spoke.
"It's not right, for you to be so content when everyone around you is suffering."
"Sirrah, leave us!" She said from on one of her couches.
"And you don't care. I feel no remorse." The servant pulled out a dagger and aimed it at the Queen.
"Sirrah! I said leave! You- no!" The servant threw the knife. Terra never really knew if Orlan took the knife for her because he loved her or because it was his job… Probably because of duty, he knew she would have rather died than feel that gap again.
The servant had been dragged away and executed for attempting to murder the Queen. The Queen herself was grief stricken, but although it had been known that they were to be married, their love was secret.
However empty she felt though, Terra continued to search for a companion. Soon she had men she didn't even love. Some of the servants knew but were loyal enough not to tell. She was never actually confronted, but how could they not hear the sounds?
She met a general, this was near the end of the revolution and he was winning for her. It became some sort of game, if you were doing well in the war your reward was council with the Queen. That was about eight years together. They were together for a while and he liked reaping the benefits of being in the Queen's favor.
The general's name was Endymion and one night, Terra simply knew: she was to have a child. That was about one week into her pregnancy. If she had a bastard child the rest of the court might turn on her and she would be executed. Endymion was quite happy when they decided to marry. And within the month the rebels were defeated, before the Queen even begun to show the carriage of her child. Directly after that the two were married. That was seven and a half years ago.
Being married to someone she didn't love didn't fill her gap, and Endymion made sure she stayed loyal. Terra couldn't stand her own emptiness, it seared through her heart and tormented her every night, as well as Endymion did.
Three months into her pregnancy she decided to hide the child. She planned to kill herself. After her third attempt Endymion announced the pregnancy, thereby binding her live through this hell. He watched her continuously and ended up roughing her up into submission.
Terra decided to throw herself into her work at last. Politics hadn't interested her until she had nothing left. She had nothing left. She started to learn manners and magic she should have learned from her parents years ago.
She learned political strategies and current events and finally she learned to hate the moon kingdom. Silently she cursed them. She blamed her past and her emptiness on their deaths and she blamed the Moon Kingdom for that.
She had been completely absorbed into her duty by the time of childbirth. She secluded herself from both Endymion and her son. She was scared of being a bad mother, and she was scared of causing the child as much unhappiness as she felt inside. Endymion finally forced her to spend some time with their son and upon seeing him, she fell in love all over again.
Being a mother and a politician now occupied her life. She couldn't be a mother all the time or else her son wouldn't be able to live so the rest of her time was spent as a Queen.
She wasn't completely happy and that gap turned to a bitter scar that seemed never to heal, but she lived like that for years, in fact she lived liked that for most of seven years. Until one day, after all the trouble she went through of avoiding her feelings and shutting out the world she got a call from the only friend she ever had… and her most hated enemy.
At first she had put on a politicians face, she happened to be quite and actress, and 'gladly' agreed to Serenity's plan. Serenity didn't even know, but it had been so long since they even talked.
Her outer shell was all politician. It was a mask of happiness and cheer. On her inside she burned with hatred and disgust, peace? There's no such thing, she had obtained peace for her country alone and would retain it alone. They the politician in her would argue: "Allying with the most powerful Kingdom in this Solar System is a wise move. Serenity not only trusts you but also even offered it."
"Tricks and lies."
Politician: "The only tricks you seem to be playing are on yourself. You never act the way you did with Serenity even to other politicians like her."
Deep down inside Terra there was a little girl saying: "Serenity's our friend. Trust her. If you can't accept peace within yourself at least realize that she's better than you know and her word is true."
Terra eventually complied. She was never one to let hatred rule her body. Otherwise she wouldn't be married to Endymion still. She had conditioned herself to be logical. The politician and the child won out.
Still, Terra couldn't understand why she acted so carefree around Sere. She hated the Moon Kingdom.
But after the treaty, the time she spent with her old best friend had changed her. She cared for others besides herself and her son, she had learned to forgive the Moon Kingdom and she even planned on going through with the plan for her son to marry a Lunarian. In fact, the upcoming ball excited her.
Lastly, the treaty had indeed done some great things for her planet. Relations and trade with the inner planets had soared and it was even agreed that Her son, Endy, would get his own court from them. Earth was becoming a great power once again, and as agreed, Serenity was helping.

Terra's greeting was a grand one and there was a banquet in her honor as well as Earth's. (Although she had jokingly yelled at Serenity for using more food.) As of now the tread in the gardens, speaking of their past truthfully for the first time in over twenty years.
"Are you truthfully happy with Endymion, my friend?" Serenity asked. Terra had told her some of her past and some of how her and Endymion came to be married. Serenity still didn't know how much of a men's lady she used to be.
"Truthfully, not in the least. In fact I despise the man to the very core. But I don't actually have to deal with him that much. He handles his duties and I handle mine. I'm sure he's not faithful though." That was something that Terra hadn't even admitted to herself yet, why did she always tell Sere these things?
"Oh, how's Endy, I must hear all about him!" Serenity became excited and hopped a little. Terra laughed and complied.
"As you know he's some over three years elder of Serenity. He's strong in magic and loves the sport. (The sport of sword fighting.) He does very well in his studies and has great focus. I'm very proud of him, the only thing he gets from me is his manners, I'm afraid." They both laughed, "And Serenity?"
Serenity smiled a little sheepishly. "I'm also afraid you've done a better job at teaching yours than I have. Sere is still a bit clumsy; actually, very clumsy, forgetful and lazy. Her father spoiled her and I'm trying to correct the damage. She likes nature, flowers, loves to eat… I suppose she has quite a personality for a three year old."
"She's almost four, Sere." Serenity sighed and the sentence was left unsaid, though understood silently.
"You miss Solstice terribly, do you not?" Serenity smiled tearfully and they seemed to have another silent conversation.
"I'm so glad you're here, Terra!" Both stopped walking and Serenity flung herself into Terra's arms, sobbing.
Terra cradled her and whispered comfort. "It'll be okay, Sere, your strong, no matter what, you'll make it."
"I never… cry Terra, never." Serenity sobbed more relief into her tired body.
"Because you're stronger than I. You are a great Queen because you aspire to be and you care about your people. I… am weak and selfish. We both…" they were both sobbing to each other now, "Need each other. That's why, I wanted to come…"
"You are at least a mother."
"We are both mothers and both politicians. And we are both unhappy. Shh, let us sit." They sat in the grass and comforted each other as children once again.

Serenity sat drinking tea across from Terra. They talked of current events and plans for the ball. It was the day after Terra arrived and the day for the ball. Sere sat of Terra's lap, eating a cracker.
"Are you sure it's okay-" Serenity began.
"Sere, calm down, it's fine, she's only eating a cracker. I don't mind."
"But your dress!"
"Sere, it's fine. She's not doing anything. Calm down, the news is due in today. Then no more worries."
"Yes, no more worries." Serenity looked mournfully at the tablecloth; if Solstice were dead of alive at least she would no longer have to worry.
While her friend was distracted Terra was keeping her senses aware for any messengers that were coming. She wanted to know first. That way she could control Serenity.
Some one was approaching quickly. "Wait," Terra said to the two Lunarians. She disappeared in a flash of golden brown.
The messenger was startled when the worried earthling queen appeared before her, in fact, he jumped back and trembled in fear. Terra snickered. "What news do you bring?" she asked.
The messenger paled and silently handed her the scroll.

We regret to inform her majesty, the Queen Serenity that her late husband his maj-

"Oh, my stars." Tears filled Terra's eyes. She clutched the scroll to her chest and it opened as she brought one hand up to cup her mouth. He letter spilled free and landed upon the ground with a thwack.
For moments Terra stood there with a quickened pulse and shallow breathes. But then, her motherly instincts kicked in. Serenity could handle it. She was strong enough though she didn't know it; her daughter… her poor daughter. Without a father now and so young.
Terra was resolved and she prepared for the worst. There was a brown gold flash.

A bright brown-gold flash cast shadows onto the furniture as Serenity stood in shocked silence. Sere sat quietly in ignorance.
As soon as Terra appeared she simply ran over to young Serenity, scooped her up and held her, sobbing. A lump immediately built in Serenity's throat. Nothing need be said… she simply couldn't talk or breath and her thoughts were paralyzed. Terra ignored her and tried to comfort a clueless Sere. Or Sere might have been in shock, in which case that would explain her deathly pale complexion and vacant eyes.
That was good, Serenity thought. Now I don't have to worry about her, I have to deal myself. She calmly or robotically regained the function of breathing and concentrated.
Silver flash. Terra held the terrified princess knowingly as she comprehended the fact that Sere had left. She half guessed what Sere would do… She would retract herself into her duty as Queen and try to completely loose herself. When she checked Serenity the small girl was staring straight ahead with tears pouring out of her eyes. Terra bit her lip but couldn't help but join her.

Serenity didn't know where she was or what she was saying. Inside she felt dead, outside she was barking orders. The one thing she did catch was:
"The ball is postponed."
Everyone that heard her gasped. She had been planning this ball for months. It was to introduce Serenity's new court and her betrothed. It was a big deal.
"Prepare the balcony… the people-" She tripped while walking towards the balcony. Her husband was dead. Her love was dead. Her… love… spinning. Everything was spinning. She felt hot and queasy… why was everything spinning?
"My Queen?" One servant asked. But all the blood had rushed to her head and the only sound she heard was of the blood pounding in her ears. She collapsed to the floor and to her own relief, passed out.

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