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This is a short fic I wrote because I was bored. It is very short. Not even a thousand words, and it's only two pages.

Summary: Late night meetings give Logan peace.

Pairing: slight Logan/Rogue


Logan walked along the halls of the mansion late at night, like he always did when he had nightmares. He could never sleep after them, it always felt like his mind was waging a war inside him.

He still couldn't get used to staying in such a large place. He was so used to tiny shacks, and transportable homes. He was always disoriented when he woke up in a room bigger than most buildings he had previously inhabited.

He had made his walks through the mansion habitual. He did it three to five nights a week. He never did the same thing twice, except for one thing.

He always ended up in the same place.

He'd always end up in the main common room, and Rogue would always be there. She'd be boredly laying on the couch and watching tv. He'd always pick her feet up, sit at the end of the couch, letting her feet rest on his lap, and he'd boredly watch tv with her.

She almost never slept for more than four hours a night. She'd inherited his chronic insomnia. One of his traits she'd absorbed at the Liberty Island incident.

Tonight was no different. He walked into the common room, and sat at the end of the couch while her feet rested on his lap.

"What are we watching?" He asked.

"Some really lame tv movie." She answered.

"Yeah? What's it about?" They had the same conversation every night. He'd ask what they were watching, she'd answer. He'd ask what it was about. She'd answer.

"This guy and this girl who hate each other switch bodies, and realize that they both have it rough and that they're really in love with each other."

"Huh." Logan nodded.

The watched the movie in silence. They always did.

Somehow Logan found their ritual comforting. It was his constant. With everything going on, something happening almost every day... This was the one thing he could count on.

Logan sniffed. Something smelled like artificial watermelons. He frowned.

"What's that smell?" He asked. It was the first time either had ever broken the silence.

Rogue gave him an odd look. "What smell would that be?" She asked. He noticed her accent wasn't as strong as when he'd first met her. It was still there, but faded.


"Oh. I used a different shampoo, it's watermelon scented." Rogue answered.

"It's nice." Logan stated.

"Thanks." Rogue smiled, Logan noticed there was a little red in her cheeks.

"No problem." Logan turned back to the movie. Rogue was right, it was bad. He found it almost physically painful to watch.

After a time Rogue broke the silence between them again. "You ever wonder what it'd be like to switch bodies with someone?"

"Not really, why?" Logan asked.

"I do. I want to know what it's like to be someone else. What it'd be like to live in someone else's shoes... Someone else's skin." She whispered the last part, but Logan caught it loud and clear.

Logan sighed.

She gave him a sad smile, "Sorry about that." she whispered.

Logan just nodded, and they finished the movie in silence.

When the movie was over, they got up and headed back to their respective rooms. Just like they did every night. And just like every night, Logan was able to fall asleep almost instantly.

He didn't know why, but...

Rogue gave him peace.


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