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Prologue: Unexpected surprises

Monday, December 21st, 1998

Moments after Lucius had his baby both Draco and Blaise received pleasant surprises. Their partners were also pregnant and almost ready. They were shocked when they were told, but Harry and Hermione explained that with Lucius being older and all they wanted to focus on him.
Draco muttered to himself "Damn mood swings should have told me there was something up."
At this both Harry and Hermione laughed. The laughter was cut short however when Hermione gasped announcing that her water broke. Harry soon announced that his time had come as well.
They rushed to the makeshift hospital wing and ran into a hassled Madam Pomfrey. When she saw Harry and Hermione she nearly laughed.
"I told you that you should have told them sooner."
"You told her but not us!" Said Draco dramatically, which earned him a smack from his husband. "Damn mood swings" he muttered rubbing his red cheek.
Then Pomfrey hurried them into the room. Draco and Blaise were drafted into helping Pomfrey, much to their displeasure.
Then about 9 hours later two little boys were born, Raven Helios Zabini and Salazar James Malfoy.

Thursday, December 31st, 1998
Narcissa Malfoy wandered aimlessly around her parent's home. She absently patted her pregnant belly as if to make sure it was still there. Her revenge on Lucius, their baby.
She wasn't sure how far she was anymore. She had lost track of time in her parent's home and surrounding Eden. She thought she was late in the eight, or maybe soon into the ninth month. As she was mulling this over again she gasped and her mother rushed to her side. Her mother followed her wherever she went.
She was quickly escorted into the 'hospital' room where the family doctor was waiting. Narcissa had no idea that her baby's father and the others had given birth as well. She felt no pain in the drug-induced haze as she delivered her baby.
It was a little girl and she already had a small amount of Malfoy silver hair. Seeing this Narcissa smiled. This was her child, her better child, the child that would make up for all the wrong done to her by its father and brother. This child was Narcissa's weapon, Dracina Henrietta Malfoy.
Yes. She had hidden this well. Her big secret…

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