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Chapter 2: To be a Malfoy

Narcissa looked into Dracina's room. Although the girl was only six she could read and was slowly but surly making her way through the Malfoy Code of Behavior. She was already raised to be haughty and to look down on the mudbloods and muggles. She was becoming the perfect little Malfoy.

Dracina looked up at her mother. "Mummy!" she said in her pross little voice

"Yes darling?"

"What does this mean? 'Rule number 246. Malfoy's must never have sex after having worn pink.' What's sex mummy?"

"You'll know when you get older sweetie." Replied Narcissa taking the book away. She would have to wait until Dracina got older to let her finish. After rule 246 things progressed rapidly to being much to mature or confusing for a 6 year old girl. Narcissa just wasn't ready to handle the questions from rule 300 "When all else fails in producing a heir shag your sister/ brother".

"Come darling. Mummy's having a party today and you have to look your best.

"Yes mummy."

On the way to the room they chatted about dresses and cosmetic charms. They also touched on the subject of perfumes.

When they arrived in the room several house elves helped Dracina into a deep green Dress with silver accents. It was time for her to learn what it meant to be Slytherin.

The Malfoy Code of Behavior
Version 310

To be a Malfoy takes not only the ancestry, but the mannerisms.
Any Malfoy that breaks the Malfoy code can no longer tie themselves to the name Malfoy. For this reason they must be destroyed.
What follows hereafter is the Malfoy code. To follow is to live by pride and to break is to die by shame.
So shall it be.

1. Malfoys are superior to all other wizards and therefore will behave as such
2.The mark of a true Malfoy is the disdain to all the impure
3. A Malfoy must never show any emotion other then disgust and possibly anger
4. A Malfoy bows to no one
5. A Malfoy must love no one but themself
6. A Malfoy must never fall in love
7. A Malfoy must never shower in front of others
8. A Malfoy must never show weakness
9. A Malfoy must be able to fight with at least 2 weapons including a sword. (Daggers or crossbows are best second weapons)
10. Malfoys must always brush their teeth and hair before sleeping
11. Malfoys must always use proper etiquette while dining or entertaining guests.
12. Malfoys must never cheat
13. Strike that… Malfoys must always fight fairly ONCE before cheating
14. Malfoys must always be Slytherin
15. Malfoy Heirs must always have grey eyes and blond hair
16. A Malfoy must never be seen without their wand and sword
17. A Malfoy who is seen without either must be punished
18. Malfoys must never die their hair
19. Malfoys must never look abmormal

244. A Malfoy must not wear underwear, because Muggles wear them. (Thanks to XxVampire EmpressxX)
245. A Malfoy must wear only silk underwear or boxers with the Malfoy insignia. As rule 244 was overkill.
246. Malfoys must never have sex after having worn pink. This applies to the past week.
247. Malfoys must never use sporks
248. Malfoys must never use chopsticks
249. Malfoys must only use the finest China and eating utensils.
250. Malfoys must never eat insects
251. A Malfoy who breaks a nail must tap-dance on their bed table wearing only pink
252. A Malfoy who fails to do this must wear red and gold
253. A Malfoy who fails to do this will be petrified and forced to do so under the imperious.
254. When eating a blue Popsicle you must make sure your tongue doesn't change color.
255. When eating a green one you must make sure it does.
256. The same applies to all tongue color changing items.

299. A Malfoy must always produce an heir
300. When all else fails when trying to produce a heir shag your sister/ brother.
301. If this fails shag every pureblood in sight.
302. If this also fails, use the time-turner to go back an hour or two to impregnate yourself. (Thanks to XxVampire EmpressxX)

And then she saw it. Written on the very bottom of the last page.
Malfoys must always serve Lord Voldemort.

It had recently been crossed out with a note.


So what do you think of the rules :)