Disclaimer: I own Mal. I own the story idea. ... That´s about it, really. Heh.

When I stay up too late, I get ideas. This was one of them.

This bit conceived and written the 20th of January, 2005.

Warning: WIP

Geared - Teaser

There were nights that he found himself unable to sleep. There were nights when there were memories teasing him with whispers of their full selves, even as they eluded him effortlessly.

There were nights when unnamed horrors wouldn't allow him any rest.

And then there were nights like these.

When Mal would wake up in the middle of the night, flee from his bed and press himself into the farthest corner of the room and try to remember to breathe.

They didn't happen often, but often enough for the man to appreciate that they only happened every now and then.

Unfortunately, tonight was one of those 'every now and then's.