Surprise Arrival

The mission was going fine. However, Duo was uneasy.

"Q-man, do you feel anything wrong with this mission?" Duo asks.

"No. Why, Duo?" Quarte replies.

"I am feeling uneasy, like a show is gonna drop on us." Duo says.

"Quarte, Maxwell, keep your eyes open." Wuffie grumbles as Natuku's (sorry if not written right) beam saber slices between them, slicing through a dozen or so mobile dolls.

"Watch your own back, Wu-man." Duo chuckles as Death Scythe Custom's newest toy, a Glaive, goes slicing and dicing through some Mobile Dolls behind the gundam.

"Thanks, Maxwell, just keep them busy till Heero and Trowa are back." Wuffie grows out. Suddenly the OZ base explodes. "Looks like we wont have long to wait."

The mobile suits start to leave quickly, towards deep space.

"Mission: Complete." The static voice of Heero comes over the communications.

"Great time to go home." Duo smiles, a dreamy look on his face.

Just then a light, as bright as the Sun, appears above the Sea of Serenity.

"What the heck was that?" The guys say from the gundams.

"Duo and Wuffie go check out that light source. I and the others will provide cover.' Trowa says.

Both gundam pilots head to where the light is fading. It's then they see… "A ghost?" Duo whispers. "No, it looks more like an onna." Wuffie answers.

The girl's blonde hair floats around her, flowing like waves in a pool. She is dressed in a beautiful white dress, laying flat against her body. A single clear crystal floats above her, as a smaller golden one is below. Other crystals encircle her.

"It's just an onna with out a space suit." Wuffie grumbles.

"Don't know, but I'm gonna retrieve her. If that Nova was anything, OZ will be her in minutes." Duo says as he readies for an EVA.

"Can you tow hurry up? We've got company." Quarte calls back stressed.

"Maxwell's doing an EVA; he will be back in minutes. Hurry up and get her. I will keep watch." Wuffie says. Duo nods as he heads out.

When he reaches the girl, a glow surrounds them both. A wave of recognition hits him. "What a babe, why does she look so familiar?" Duo wonders to himself, as he heads back to his gundam. Upon entering Death scythe, the main crystal falls into his lap. When he sits, he just stares at her.

"If you're done starring at the weak onna…" Wuffie says.

"She's still alive and breathing, though, battered, broken and black and blue." Duo answers astounded.

"What! Get her out of here!" Quart sound upset. Duo nods and takes off.

On the ride there he notices how bad the wounds are on her. 'She looks like someone I should know. A tenshi, someone abused.' Duo sighs. As he lands in the hanger, Rashid is there with a stretcher.

"Master Quarte sent word ahead." Duo nods and puts the girl down. About ten minutes later the others arrive.

Quarte as usual, being motherly. "How is the girl?"

"Rashid just took her off to the Medical Wing. However, it looked as if OZ or someone did a number on her." Duo mumbles.

"Ouch" Quarte says, the others nod.

"This Onna is not weak." Wuffie says: shocking the guys.

"Broken and bruised ribs; one ankle broken, the other twisted; possible second and third degree burns. Then there is the other bruising that is over 75 of her body. Not to mention, the internal injuries to her organs." Rashid states as he rejoins the group. "How the young miss has survived this long, I have no idea."

"Could it have the crystal that protected her?" Duo asks.

"What crystal?" Rashid returns.

"This one…" Duo holds it up. "…It fell when DSC pressurized." Rashid shrugs as he holds out his hand.

"It might be, please allow me to return it to the young miss." Rashid states quietly.

Duo shakes his head. "I'll do it." He walks off towards the med wing.

"Isn't Dou being a little over protective of this onna?" Wuffie grumbles, while looking at the rest of the guys.

"Maybe he just wants her to be safe?" Quarte wonders.

The boys move off to follow Duo. When they arrive, Duo is sitting in a chair next to the girl, tears falling from his eyes.

"Duo, do you know who this girl is?" Quarte asks quietly.

"Yeah, it's my "Dream" friend, Bunny…aka Usagi Tsukino. Bunny taught me how to prank, and made me laugh once again after the deaths of people at the Orphanage." Duo says.

"How long have you known her?" Trowa asks.