Lord of Pranks is Born

"I've known her for what seems like my whole life. She has always known how to cheer me up. However, to meet her in real life…We thought was never to be. Or so we thought." Duo sighs.

"It started about the time OZ burned down the Maxwell church and killed everyone. As you know I'm the only survivor. When I finally calmed down enough to sleep, I was transported to a beautiful place. Open fields and waterfalls, grassy plains and trees. There I met Bunny. She was dressed in a pretty white dress, her hair up in two rabbit ears."

Flash Back

"Hello, are you ok?" a little girl with cornflower blue eyes asks.

Sniff. "Yeah, I guess." The boy, a little older than the girl says.

"I'll try, but I lost my family a few days ago." The Violet eyed boy says.

"Oh, gomen nasi, I did not know. I won't hold you to the smile." The girl smiles warmly.

"It's ok. I know they've gone to a better place. I need to find a new family." The boy smiles up at the girl.

"You have a beautiful smile. By the way, I am Tsukino Usagi. Just call me Bunny." The girl offers her hand to help the boy up.

"I am Duo Maxwell. Nice to meet ya, babe." The boy grins.

"Hai, come on lets play, before we wake up." The bunny runs off at great speed. The rest of the dream is full of fun. As the kids tire, Bunny feels herself waking.

"Promise to meet me here next time. It was fun meeting you." Bunny says as she starts to fade away.

"I promise. I'll be here, babe." Duo says.

Back to Present

"Over the next few nights both of us, I guess, try to return to the paradise. However, I know it takes nearly a month before the gates appear once more." Duo sighs. "I figure since we were kids, we didn't notice that the moon had to be full. So when I entered I started looking for her."

Flash Back

I waited and watched the gates, when next they opened my Bunny arrived.

"Duo! Where are you? Come out and play, please!" Bunny yells as she comes running in.

I jumped from my hiding spot and glomped her into a hug. I was near the gate waiting. "About Time you got here." I laugh as off we went and had out innocent fun. Before long, its time for Bunny to leave. She kisses me on the cheek with a whispered promise to be back tomorrow.


"It's the only time I remember blushing for a girl." States Duo with a grin.

"Five years or so, meeting her once a month, she became my best friend. I grew up with her as a good friend.

Flash Back

"Where is she? Bunny said to meet her by the great Oak." I look around, and then sit at its base. "Humph, I'll get her for being late…" I grumble, and then suddenly a bucket of water is dumped on me from above. Coughing and sputtering, I look up and see blonde hair hanging from the lowest branch, with laughter.

"Get me for being late, eh?" Bunny asks from above. "It seems as if I have gotten you, D-chan."

"Why did you do that? Now I'm all wet…" I grumble watching her laugh.

"Better wet than sad, I always say." Bunny giggles as she climbs down. She gives me a kiss on the cheek, and then runs off, I am not far behind her.


"As time passes, this happens many times. While I try to get the upper hand, Bunny is always one step a head of me. So, I start calling her the Queen of Pranks, and I am the Lord.

Sighing Duo's eyes clear, "Watching her grow was a great pleasure. We called each other 'Secret Friend'. She is the one who taught me how to laugh and prank."

"Great we get to meet your maker." Wuffie grumbles under his breath.

"Most of the time, when I would have some free time. I would wonder if her, Bunny's, life was as peaceful as she had told me." Duo looks at the girl. "I guess it wasn't."

Duo looks up at Quarte. "Do you remember the mission about a month ago? And what you said to me?"

Quarte nods.