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Subchapter 1

(Note: Takes place starting near the end of Chapter Two and continues through to the end of Chapter Three)

Presea was staring at her food on the table, though the meal was completely forgotten to her. Genis...loves me? "Presea?" She looked up at the young mage from across the table, who had a look of mingled embarrassment and worry on his face. His face suddenly turned down. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that, I'm sor-" Presea leaned across the small table, placing one hand on Genis' cheek. "Don't Genis. Don't you dare take that back." She held his face with both hands, pulling it to her own. The two lost track of everything as their worlds merged. The only thing that made them stop was the enraged shriek that ensued from a nearby table. Both looked up in shock at Genis' older sister, who was bearing down on them alarmingly fast. Out of the corner of his eye, Genis saw Lloyd making a hasty retreat towards the elevator as Presea stood up to face Raine, who was nearly on top of them. The small girl glared up at the older woman, who looked about ready to strangle both children. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING WITH MY BROTHER!" Presea continued her glare as she replied. "He told me he loves me. So it made sense for me to kiss him." Raine's attention was now focused on Genis, who was trying to make himself as small as possible. "GENIS, YOU ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE, WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU ABOUT GETTING INVOLVED IN ADULT THINGS!" Presea sidestepped so she was between the sister and brother. "Leave Genis alone. All he did was what he felt was right." Raine glared at her younger brother. "He'll be feeling a lot more in a second!" Her hand shot out to hit him over the head like she usually did and he cringed back, but before anyone could see it, Presea's hand had flashed up and grabbed the arm, holding it back. Raine tried to shake the arm free, but Presea held it there. "Leave him alone, he's done nothing to you, Raine." Everyone present could see the change in Presea then; she had never called Raine anything besides "Professor Sage" out of respect. The loss of this respect was not, however, lost upon Raine, who brought her other hand up, not to hit her poor brother, but instead bringing it across the small girl's cheek. Presea's head turned with the force, and she released Raine's right hand. The older woman had a triumphant look on her face. One that vanished quickly when Presea looked back up at her, an angry welt on her cheek and a glare to kill in her eyes. Raine's strong demeanor reappeared quickly as both forgot about their surroundings. Raine's eyes glinted as though she had just remembered something. "Presea, I challenge you to a Mizuho Strip Match! My room, right now! If I win, you never even look at my brother again!"

There was a long silence, interjected only by Genis standing up and moving between his sister and the girl he loved. "Wait a minute! Raine, what the hell are you thin-" Presea's hand fell on his shoulder. "No, I accept. If I win, I get control over her for twenty-four hours." Genis spun around. "Are you sure? I don't want anything to happen to you." He felt her lips reassuringly brush his cheek. "I'll be fine." Genis could feel the tension behind him building again, overflowing from his sister at Presea's last action. There was a hand on the back of his shirt, and he was hoisted into the air suddenly, while Raine lifted Presea in a similar fashion with the other. Presea was struggling; this position would give Raine the obvious advantage when they reached the room.

Unfortunately, neither the axewoman nor the mage were able to escape the healer's iron grip by the time they reached the room. Raine shoved the door open with her foot and stomped in, slamming it behind her. Her brother she threw towards the couch, where he bounced slightly and came to rest sitting. As for her opponent, she continued carrying her towards the bed on the far side of the room. She had almost reached it when Presea twisted suddenly, dropping out of Raine's grasp and to the floor. The young girl reached for the adult's orange jacket, actually ripping it from the professor's shoulders. The white tee shirt worn under it was clearly shown to be a few sizes too small for what was beneath it. Presea made a dive for Raine's black pants, but the older woman caught her by the back of the dress again, flinging her onto the bed then diving after her. Raine pinning her to the mattress face down, then sat on the girl's back so she was facing away from her. Raine reached down and slowly lifted Presea's skirt, revealing the girl's blue panties. What she saw on them angered her again: it appeared that Presea had tried to sew a picture of herself kissing Genis onto her own panties. Raine grabbed the clothing in question, yanking them down and off, leaving Presea's bottom bare squarely in front of her. The girl had enough time to glance up before she let out a surprised yelp as Raine's hand came down on her butt hard. The other hand followed as the two alternated, spanking the poor Presea without mercy. Genis, meanwhile, had managed to get himself out from being wedged in the seat cushions of the couch. He stood, and happened to glance at the bed, where his sister was busy laying waste to his girlfriend's now-red rear end. He just stood still for a minute, his loyalty to his sister battling his love for Presea. (Take a wild guess which won). Then he rushed at the bed, diving at Raine and shoving her off Presea, who quickly got off her stomach and pulled her skirt back down to cover her butt. Raine was about to turn on whomever had attacked her, when she realized that it was her brother, who was now quickly retreating off the other side of the bed. Her momentary shock was all Presea needed to go at her, grabbing her black pants and shoving them past the professor's knees, tugging them out from under the woman. Raine shrieked as her black lace panties were revealed, he hands trying to reach back at Presea. Before she could grip anything, Presea grabbed her shirt and tugged it over her head, showing a black lace bra to match the panties.

The professor was still for a moment, then she lost it, spinning around and grabbing Presea's legs, hoisting them into the air. Her head shot forwards, about to bury itself between the girl's legs in an attempt to sap the axewoman's strength. Suddenly, something slammed into her back, and she heard Genis' voice. "Don't you DARE touch her there, Raine!" Genis had his arms wrapped around her neck, trying to hold her back from Presea, who was visibly shaken from what his sister has just tried to do. The shock was replaced with anger as the girl grabbed Raine by the back of her bra. As Genis released his hold, Presea slammed Raine into the mattress, taking a seat on the woman as had been done to her. Raine knew what was coming and began to struggle, but Presea's small hands began their work, extracting unfamiliar yelps from the woman. Presea looked up at Genis, who was kneeling on the bed close by. "Genis? Would you like to try?" Genis' eyes widened as he was torn between anger and what seemed moral. He spoke out loud. "To hell with what's moral, she deserves this." He crawled to his sister's butt, raising a hand over it. "This is for all the times you spanked me!" His hand came down and Raine yelled. Both children continued spanking the woman, their anger at her fueling them. A few moment's later, Presea got off the professor, grabbing her bra and ripping it off while Genis tugged her panties down and off. Presea forced her to roll over, revealing everything from head to toe. The axewoman unexpectedly slapped Raine's breasts, extracting a final yelp from the woman. "Alright Raine, I won. I get control over you for one twenty-four hour day." Raine sat up, grumbling as her hands moved to cover herself belatedly. Presea spoke again. "Go to the bathroom cupboard and open it. Put on the clothes in there, then wait in the bathroom for us to come get you." The woman stood slowly, moving as though fighting against her body, still covering her privates.

Once the door to the bathroom was closed, Genis dove at Presea, hugging her tightly. "You did it! You beat her!" Presea hugged him back. "I couldn't have done it without you, Genis. You chose me over your sister. That must have taken a lot." "Well, if I thought about it too much, I never would've been able to do it. I just...loved you more." Presea replied by pressing her lips to the young mage's. Both fought for control of the other's mouth. Genis won, sliding his tongue into Presea's mouth, meeting her tongue and allowing his to get acquainted with it. Both eventually separated, donning deep crimson blushes. What Genis hadn't expected was for Presea to reach up to her dress button's, slowly unbuttoning the dress. "Presea, are you sure?" "Yes, I'm sure Genis." "Alright, but I don't want you to get pregnant, so I'm not going to in there." Presea smiled. "You're so thoughtful, Genis. That's one of the reason's why I love you so much." She undid the last button, and the dress fell from her shoulders, leaving her as bare as Raine had been. She wore no bra, her breasts small enough to not need them. She pulled the ribbons from her hair, letting her hair fall around her shoulders. Genis just stared, then said, "You-you're beautiful, Presea." The girl moved forwards to him, her hands sliding under his shirt. "I want to see what's under this. Now." She slowly pulled the shirt over his head. She gazed at his muscular chest, probably toned from their journey. She planted kisses up and down his chest, causing him to moan involuntarily. Genis pulled her face to his, kissing her again. As she sat next to him, his hands felt for her small breasts, finally closing around one. Presea tensed up for a second, then softened as the hand gently caressed her chest. Genis's other arm was around her, supporting her reassuringly. His hand traveled from her breast down to between her legs, gently rubbing the outside of her lower lips up and down. Presea blushed deeply, her eyes watching in rapt attention, her breath coming in short gasps. She suddenly threw herself back, her back arching, her eyes closing as she screamed as Genis's fingers slid into her. The digits slid in and out, Genis focusing on his task while also holding Presea with his right arm. The fingers kept going in and out, eventually rubbing up against a small hard nub. This extracted another scream from Presea, which was silenced by Genis locking his mouth onto hers. There was a final rub, and Presea screamed his name around his tongue as she came, soaking his hand. Once she had calmed down, the girl pushed him down onto the bed. Her legs were suddenly above his shoulders as her head went down to his crotch. Obviously, this surprised Genis as her hands found his blue shorts. "Presea! What are you doing?" Presea smiled. "I want you to feel like I just did." She pulled the pants and boxers down all at once, pleasantly surprised to find his length already hard. Her hands stroked it, extracting a moan from the boy. Genis felt like he had to do something. That was when he noticed the fact that Presea had overlooked: in her positioning to get to his crotch, she had unintentionally straddled his head with her legs. He reached up, grabbing a firm hold on her bottom that was in the air above his chest. Presea stopped moving at this, gasping. "Genis? What are you do-ah!" Genis pulled her down onto him and his tongue flicked out over her leg, slowly moving up it. Presea was trying to move, trying to do something. "Genis, wait, don't do that, wait, d-ahhhhhh!" The young mage's tongue licked her still wet slit fully, causing her to moan loudly. Genis slid is tongue into her, and Presea screamed, shaking. She continued to move, trying to get back to her original task and give him pleasure, but he held her bottom firm, keeping her above him. His tongue lashed across her clit more, faster and faster, until, for the second time that night, she screamed so loud it must have been heard miles away as her juices flowed out. Genis lapped up as much as he could. Letting go of Presea, she immediately dove forward back to his crotch. "Oh, Genis, I'll get you for that!" Her mouth closed around her target, and she smiled, pleased, at the shudder that shook her lover. She continued, licking and sucking all over Genis' length. There was a single shout of "Presea!" and her mouth was filled with a pleasantly salty substance. She swallowed it all, turning her body around so she faced Genis. Genis made sure he kept her hole away from his fluids as they kissed again, relishing in the moment. "Goddess, I love you Presea." "I love you more, Genis. You taste wonderful." "So do you."

The two eventually got off the bed, dressing again. Once they were clothed, Presea called to Raine, who was still in the bathroom. "Raine, you can come out now." The door opened and Raine stepped out. Genis' mouth dropped open. His sister was dressed in a white tee-shirt and pink panties. Around her neck was a collar with a rope dangling down from it. Presea walked over to the woman. "On all fours." Raine paused, then got onto her hand and knees. Presea took the rope like a leash and led Genis and Raine out of the room. Once they were in the elevator, Genis looked over at Presea. "Boy, I never want to get on your bad side, Presea." The girl only smiled mischievously in reply. "Perhaps you should do it on purpose sometime, Genis. Just to see what I might do." Genis grinned back at her. "Now now, don't turn into Zelos on me."

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