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"Oh! When are they going to wake up?"

"Calm down, Sakura. They're fine; they'll wake up soon enough. Don't crowd."

"But I'm so worried, Sensei! They've been out for a while now. And neither of them has moved very much!"

A groan, a rustle. Gasping, blinking. Slowly, one of the prone figures on the ground opened its eyes. He winced a little at the sudden burst of light, and then squinted up as something blocked the light. His eyes focused and adjusted until he saw a girl his own age with pink hair and green eyes hovering over him. Shaking his head, he propped himself up on an elbow and rubbed his forehead.

"What happened, Sakura-chan?"

Silence was what met the boy's question. He felt Sakura's eyes on him and looked up, confused. Her eyes were wide, filled with confusion, disbelief and horror.


A frown. "Who else would I be?" Why was Sakura-chan acting so strangely?

Behind him, there was a slight rustle, signaling that the other boy on the ground was coming to. Sakura didn't move, didn't blink. All she could do was stare, her eyes glued to the first boy. When the silence got to be such that the first boy couldn't take it, he spun around.

"What ha-?" The question died on his lips.

He was staring at… Well, he was staring at himself. His eyes went wide and his jaw fell open as he turned and looked into his own blue eyes and saw his own whiskered face painted in surprise and horror. Fleetingly, he wondered if his hair was always that disheveled. He tossed the question from his mind when the 'other him' opened his mouth.

"What is going on? Why does…" He trailed off and looked down at his hands. His eyes, if possible, widened further and the horror on his face grew more pronounced.

"Naruto…" The first boy turned to the pink haired girl next to him. "Look at your hands…"

He sighed. "Sakura-chan, what do my hands have to do with-?" He broke off when he did see his hands. Since when was his hand so pale? And where was that scar from when they were attacked on their mission to Wave Country? He reached up to touch his face. When he didn't feel the whicker scars, he spun around to face the other boy.

The two stared at each other for a long time, horrified. When their silver-haired sensei cleared his throat, their heads snapped around to see face him.

"Well," he drawled. "I think we have a problem…"

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