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Naruto knew he'd have hell to pay later. He knew it as much as he knew ramen was the greatest thing ever created. He knew that Sasuke was not happy with him. To be honest, Naruto wasn't too happy with himself either. He didn't know how they would be able to fool Iruka-sensei into believing that Sasuke really was Naruto. Iruka-sensei knew Naruto better than anyone.

"How could I forget, Iruka-sensei!" He beamed at the chuunin. "If ramen's involved, I'd never forget!" He plopped down on a stool and gestured to the man behind the counter. He just wanted to get this over with. As soon as they got home, Naruto was in for it.

Iruka say down next to 'Naruto', chuckling. "Yes, I know." He looked over at 'Sasuke', and frowned slightly. "Are you just going to stand there or are you going to join us?" He smiled at the boy.

Naruto 'hn'-ed, and sat down quietly next to Sasuke.

"I didn't think you liked ramen."

"He doesn't. But I thought that he should try and be sociable this one time." Sasuke wanted to bite his tongue, but settled with ordering ramen.

"Well, that was nice of you. How did you get him to agree?" Iruka knew 'Sasuke' wasn't the most accommodating person. He hardly did anything with other people.

Sasuke blinked. "Well, Kakashi-sensei kinda forced us to hang out together, so I dragged him here. He didn't agree to it right away. Sakura-chan and I had to practically beg him!"

A nerve next to Naruto's eye twitched. "You both can stop talking about me as if I'm not here." He ordered his own ramen when Ichiraku came over.

"Gomen. I'm sorry if I've offended you."

Sasuke waved his hand. "No need to apologize, Iruka-sensei. Sasuke-teme's just being his normal, jerky self." On the outside, he grinned as the ramen was placed before him; on the inside, however, he was sobbing. 'I don't want to eat it,' Sasuke thought. 'Maybe I can find a way to get rid of it…'

Iruka sighed. There was no telling 'Naruto' to apologize. There was no point if it didn't come from the heart. Instead, he smiled at his old pupil. "So. How many bowls are you going to eat tonight? Fifteen?"

Sasuke nearly gagged. He would have to eat fifteen bowls of the stuff! One was bad enough, but fifteen! Ooh, was Naruto in for it when they got home. Instead, he just smiled at his old sensei and started shoveling ramen into his mouth.

Naruto raised an eyebrow. He'd half expected Sasuke to just throw the stuff away when Iruka wasn't looking. He turned to his own bowl of ramen and began eating. Even if he wasn't supposed to like ramen, he might as well enjoy eating in the company of others. He looked up when he felt a pair of eyes on him.

Sasuke was glaring at him from the corner of his eyes. Naruto almost laughed at how ridiculous he looked shoveling ramen into his face while glaring. But such an act would be very un-Sasuke. He mentally sighed at how difficult life was going to be for however long they were stuck like this.

"So when are you two going to admit it?"

Sasuke and Naruto blinked at Iruka.

"Admit what?"

Iruka rolled his eyes impatiently. "That you're… not yourselves."

The pair gaped at Iruka.

"How do you know!"

"Kakashi told me, of course. I was just waiting for you to confide in me." He frowned at Naruto- or was it Sasuke…? "Why didn't you just come right out and tell me, Naruto?"

Naruto scratched the back of his head and glanced off to the side. "Uhm… Well, Iruka-sensei… We were trying to keep it a secret…" Iruka agreed with Kakashi. It was strange to see the normal detached Uchiha display emotions.

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "You're pretending to be me, dobe. At least try not to make me look awkward." He pushed his bowl of ramen away. "Well since he knows, I guess I don't need to pretend to like this crap." He sighed in relief. "Thank the gods."

Naruto glared at Sasuke. "Shut up, teme! Don't you dare talk about ramen like that! Ramen is ten times better then you could ever hope to be!"

Both Sasuke and Iruka closed their eyes in defeat. You couldn't argue with Naruto when it came to his ramen. And he tended to say the stupidest things when he got really worked up. Though, he often said stupid things, even when he wasn't worked up, so it didn't really matter.

Sasuke stood up. "Well, it was nice chatting, but I'm going home. Later." With that, he headed off toward the Uchiha Compound, and away from the stupidity.

"Oi! Dobe! Wait." Naruto caught Sasuke by the sleeve. "You've never been to my house before. How would you know where it is?"

Sasuke seriously contemplated beating Naruto senseless. He lacked tact. In a bad way. "You don't need to stress it so much, dobe," he hissed in Naruto's ear, sending a shiver down the other boy's spine. He raised an eyebrow at the movement, but said nothing. "Okay then, Sasuke," he started in a normal voice. "Lead the way!" He made a grand, mocking gesture.

With a scowl, Naruto grabbed Sasuke by the sleeve and pulled him along next to him, hoping that the true Uchiha would help him find the house.

Iruka watched them go, shaking his head and frowning. He was worried about Naruto, but he'd promised Kakashi he wouldn't make a big scene. It would draw too much attention, and the boys were going to be having a hard enough time of this as it was. He pinched the bridge of his nose, wondering why he had ever gotten saddled with such a troublemaker.

"They'll be fine, dolphin," a voice whispered into Iruka's ear, causing him to stiffen. Arms wrapped around his waist and a chin rested on his shoulder. "I'll keep an eye on them."

He rolled his eyes, though his companion couldn't see the action. "That also worries me, scarecrow." He crossed his arms in a childlike way.

The other man chuckled softly. "That wounds me, koibito. Wounds me deeply." He nuzzled his nose against Iruka's ear.

Iruka moved his head away from the touch. "Nothing wounds you, Kakashi. You're too aloof." He turned in the man's arms and wrapped his arms around the shoulders of the taller man. "Sometimes I wonder what possessed me to start seeing you."

Kakashi grinned under his mask. "I'm just that irresistible." He placed his forehead against Iruka's. "Let's go home. I haven't seen you all day…"

A blush stained Iruka's cheeks at the look in his lover's visible eye. Something told him he wouldn't be getting much rest tonight…(1)

After about an hour of wandering aimlessly around Konoha, Sasuke finally decided that he would be productive in the search for his house. He still wanted that bath after all. With a smirk, he led Naruto down an alley… And on the other side was the Uchiha Compound.

"Here we are, dobe." Sasuke used a seal to unlock the door and ushered Naruto inside. 'Home sweet home,' he thought bitterly.

Naruto's jaw dropped open, and Sasuke pushed it close as he passed him. "You mean you knew where we were the whole time and you didn't even tell me!"

Sasuke shrugged and walked through the threshold, leaving his shoes in the hall. "I thought you said you knew how to get here." He smirked at Naruto. "My bad."

With a noise of frustration, Naruto kicked his shoes off and stomped over to Sasuke. "You. Are. A. Jerk." He punctuated each word with a jab to Sasuke's chest. "Ya know that?"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow as he looked up at Naruto. "Sorry?" he replied, not sounding sorry in the least.

Naruto blinked. Wait a minute… He was looking down at Sasuke… Right! He was in Sasuke's body, and Sasuke was taller than him, and Sasuke was in Naruto's body, so… Naruto smirked.

Sasuke's eyes narrowed.

"I'm finally taller than you, teme!"

Sasuke rolled his eyes and thumped Naruto on the head. "I'm going to take a bath." He turned and started down the hall.

"Wait!" Naruto pouted. "I want to take one, too."

Closing his eyes, Sasuke let out a breath and turned to face Naruto. "Well, you can wait until I'm done." He resumed his trek down the hall.

"Awh, c'mon, Sasuke!" Naruto padded after Sasuke. "It's fine if we take one together! We've done it before, and I'm sure you have a big enough tub!" He pouted at Sasuke.

Sasuke just stared at Naruto. "Naruto, that was an osen. And I don't like the idea of bathing in close proximity to another male. Sorry." Again, he started walking back down the hall, trying (in vain) to ignore Naruto.

"TEME!" Naruto stamped his foot. "I'm sure you've got more than one bathroom! Just let me use a spare one!" He wanted a bath. He was still sweaty from training. Although… Now that he thought of it, he was significantly less sweaty than if he had been in his own body. Usually, he was drenched in sweat. 'It must be because his blood is actually ice,' Naruto thought grumpily.

Taking a deep breath and counting to ten, Sasuke clenched his fists and grit his teeth. "Fine! You can use the spare bath." He pointed down the hall. "It's the third one on the right. Don't break anything." He nearly stomped the rest of the way to his bathroom. Nearly. The only thing stopping him was that it was very un-Uchiha-like. 'It'll all be back to normal soon… Soon…,' Sasuke thought to himself, trying to calm down.

He entered the room and shut the door behind him. Filling up the tub, he got a towel and robe ready. He fleetingly wondered what Naruto was going to do about clothes for when he was done, but brushed the thought aside when the water level was just right. He peeled off his clothes, grimacing at the smell and amount of sweat stains. He rarely sweat, so this was new for him. He approached the bath, but froze and nearly jumped out of his skin. Again, note the 'nearly'. When he composed himself, he looked at his reflection again in the mirror. It startled him to see blue eyes blinking back at him in a whiskered face instead of obsidian black. And unnerved him to find golden blond spikes instead of raven black locks. His eyes trailed down the tanned body in the mirror, pausing at a spiral design on the stomach. 'I didn't think Naruto had a tattoo…,' Sasuke thought absently, his eyes already traveling lower. He was startled out of his trance by a very high pitched scream.


This seemed to pull Sasuke from his previously frozen position. He hurried out the door and down the hall, thinking something had happened to Naruto. When he opened the other door, he found Naruto sitting on the floor, naked, huddled in a ball, his hands covering his head. Oh, and he was rocking back and forth.

He looked up when the door opened, and his eyes widened. "Holy crap, Sasuke! I'm so sorry! I forgot we were switched and then I saw myself-or you-or me-or-WHATEVER- in the mirror and I just kinda- I mean I- What I'm trying to say is…" He trailed off and, if possible, his eyes went wider. "SASUKE, YOU'RE NAKED!"

Sasuke blinked. Looked down. And blinked again. Then looked back at Naruto, and blinked.

Naruto covered his eyes-and privates. "HENTAI-TEME!"

A small blush tinged Sasuke's cheeks, though it was a little difficult to see through the tan. "Wh-What!" He sputtered indignantly. "I thought you hurt yourself! I was about to take a bath, thank you very much!"

Naruto pointed to the door, still covering his eyes. "HENTAI-TEME, GET OUT!"

Now Sasuke was angry. "This is MY house, dobe! Don't try to tell me what to do!" No one ordered him around!

Naruto's hand slid away from his eyes and he looked up at Sasuke from his place on the floor, raising an eyebrow. "Oh… So you want to stay here? You like seeing me… yourself… naked?" He ignored the bizarreness of that question.

Sasuke blinked rapidly. "Huh?" he uttered eloquently. He shook his head, processing the question. Then his eyes widened. "NO! I just meant that I'll leave when I feel like leaving… Which is right now." He turned on his heel and hurried out the door and down the hall. When he reached his bathroom, he slammed the door behind him, and leaned against it. This was way to fucking weird for him.


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