"Hello!" Said a voice, "And welcome to Pok'emon Hero Quest. I'll be your host, since I'm right behind the curtains. Aw, give me a minute!" A figure is getting started and moves around the curtains He came out with a whole body. "Phew, now. Where were we? Oh yes! Allow me to introduce myself: My Name is Jack Davis. Yes," he nods, "I know I know. People ask me Am I Ash Ketchum, because my creator created me like this. I do have Brown Hair, Green Eyes, and a new look. Let's get started shall we."

Pok'emon: Hero Quest

New Rules: Humans are awarded by Weapons, All types to defend yourself or others, Instead of Rock types from Fossil, it's Dinosaur Types, Dinosaur, Light, & Shadow are New Types, New Pok'emon, Temples are for Prayers to do their best, New Legendary Pok'emon, Instead of Catching Legendary Pok'emon, they become Guiders (only 3 are allowed), and Legendary Pok'emon has become Orbs.

"Did you get all this?" He asks, "I'll let the Narrator do the Story this time."

Episode 1: The Adventure Begins

It's showing the Game Boy Advance Battle Mode, Battle Music, and Gengar Vs Nidorino in Game Boy Advance. Now showing the tournament in the Pok'emon League in a real battle. There was a real match during the Pok'emon League for centuries, and they've been doing this for a year.

"Nidorino launch the attack and miss the Strike." The announcer announced, "Gengar Dodge the Attack. Gengar uses Hypnosis on Nidorino, and then Nidorino fell asleep. "Now Ganger use Hypnosis on Nidorino, and now Nidorino went to a snooze land"

A figure that is the trainer holds up a red sphere, and then shot out a red beam. Nidorino still sleeping, but when the red beam touches the pok'emon's body, they return back to their pok'e ball. The figure switch next pok'e ball, a small size, and then throws it into battle. One giant pok'emon came out of the pok'e ball, and has a snake body of a rock.

"And now he recalled his Nidorino and Switched to Onyx," said the announcer, "the Rock, Giant, Snake Pok'emon."

Onyx uses Take Down on Gengar, but Gengar dodges the attack just in time.

Genger: (Dodge the Attack)

"Now Gengar Dodge the Attack and…"

But only a sphere screen like a glowing box.

"Yes," said a voice "after training from a Sword, I shall be Number One as a Pok'emon Master."

Jack Davis, Pok'emon Trainer and a Young Hero, wanted to become a Master. His room filled with Pok'emon Stuff & Nintendo Symbols everywhere.

Jack picked up a Voltorb toy, and said, "Since my Adventure starts Tomorrow, I shall be victorious." He started to pose for a bit "I shall be the Number One Master…"

"Jack Davis!" A voice shouted, Jack shirked and threw his toy. The ball passes by a girl with short green hair, wearing her pajamas that looks like a long gown, and looks a little mad at her brother.


The Voltorb Ball misses her. It went across the hall, and the whole place is dark.

"You know better then to be crazy!" She shouted. "Don't you know what Time is it?"

"But Erika, our adventure beings tomorrow." Jack replied, pointing at her, "You know that."

"Yeah, but dose not give you right to be this crazy." She said, but when she was about to continue, a small boy with red spike hair and wearing his pajamas all red appeared to the door. "Huh?"

"Why waking up, big brother?" He asks, "And who through the ball at my bedroom?" He's holding the Voltorb Ball, but he feels sleepy.

"Sorry Zac." Said Jack, taking the Voltorb Ball back, "I just wake up to easy." He took the ball "And our adventure starts tomorrow, you know that?" He patted his little brother on his red hair.

"Well Jack," she said, "You should know better to watch TV all night. Erika grabbed the remote and changes the channel. "Here, Mommy said to watch this show"

The glowing box changed and shows the Professor. It was a man with a Scientist Cost and a Stick instead of a stick from a tree. He must be a scientist that doesn't looks like the old person from before.

"Greetings, Pok'emon Trainers," The professor said, "I'm Professor Einstein, here live to greet you three beginner pok'emon: Clubin, Gelam, and Pupper."

"Mommy said to be sure change after this show." Said Erika.

"I know, I know." Jack said, watching the glowing box.

"And don't stay up to long again!" She left the room with her little brother, and then the both went back to bed. They lived in Clock Town ever since they were born, and it's been pass a very long time ever since Jack wants to be like his Idol. The Clock Tower Stroked as 8:00 P.M. and Jack is still asleep.

"Go, Clubin." Said Jack, in his sleep. "Go! Clubin!" From his dream, he throws a pok'e ball, and then what came out looks like a green small cub of a lion. "Go, Chickeon" "I Choose You, Gelam!" Another pok'emon came out, but looks like a little lam, but with red fur like. "Hang on, Pupper." And lastly that looks like a blue puppy from a wolf. "Huh?" He woke up, and then looks at the time with a big yawn. "Huh?" He was surprised, "Oh No! I'm Late!" He hurried down stairs, panting, and hurried out the door. "See ya!"

"Jack! Stop!" His father shouted, and then Jack froze there like ice. "Before you go on your journeys, you must remember your training."

"But Dad, this is my quest." Jack turned around, and looks at his father, upset.

"I know this is your quest," his father said, "but remember to become a warrior when you're done. Be sure to go pick up your sister and then you can go! She is with her friends, Okay?"

"Okay." Jack replied.

"That's my boy." He said, patting his son on his head. "Now go, before it's too late."

Jack nodded. But then, he forgot something. "Oops, forgot something." Jack just went back into his room, and started to change. He puts a Shirt, Pulled up his Jeans, Put a Belt, Gloves (2 of them), Tie his Shoes, Jacket, Gloves, Sword Holder, Sword & Shield, Deck of Cards got to his Pocket, and his self "Show Time." He went back down stairs, and then went out. "Good-Bye!"

He waves his parents, and then hurried off straight to the Professor's Lab right out of Clock Town.

Pok'emon Presents:

Pok'emon: Hero Quest!

Episode 1: My Adventure Begins!

Our adventure begins with a boy who is about to be a Pok'emon Master, Brave, and Skilled…

"Ah, ooh! Hut!" And a bit clumsy, but today, he is the Empire. That's why people respect him, and everybody respect: Pok'emon! Erika is with her Friends and they are chatting.

"Listen up Girl," said the leader, "if you want to be one of us, you have to pick a Grass Pok'emon or more got it?" She looks like what Erika is but with long green hair and wearing green shorts.

"Okay" Said Erika. The Girls saw Jack Running by.

"Hi Ladies!" Jack called, running by. "Erika! Come on!"

Three Girls looked at Jack with shaped hearts on their eyes. Erika saw her brother pass by.

"Wow Whee!" Said another one, but the same size as Erika's height.

"What a Hottie!" Said the third, a much taller one.

"On second thought, scratch that." Said the leader, and she looks at Erika. "Get that Hottie boy our member, and you'll be one too."

"Okay!" Said Erika.

The leader hands Erika some kind of paper that looks like a registration. "Here, be sure that you and that boy sign this to be in the club okay?" Erika took the paper, and then follows Jack all the way straight

Jack was still running straight to the Lab, even while running on his two legs, he's just a boy. But he still hasn't been able to train that strong just yet. But a lot of things have been happen for centuries. "YA-HOO!"

Near the Laboratory, lots of population has gathered to see the Pok'emon Trainer and Jack's Rival: Peter. Peter got his first pok'emon and was showing off, just like Gary Oak. He has Gary's face, but in a younger age of two years older then Jack, wearing only a blue shirt and black pants.

"And further more, I shall clam myself #1 Pok'emon Master, which is why, I..." But he was interrupted, and then saw Jack appearing out of nowhere. "Well, well, well, look what the Meouth dragged in." He looks at him, sneaky, "if it isn't Jack Davis."

"What the, Peter?" Jack asks.

"That's right, Jack." Said Peter, "The one the only." He continues his speech at everyone around. "As you can see people, like I said, 'I shall clam myself #1 Pok'emon Master,' which is why, I shall become a Master by my Pok'emon and myself." But he freaked out when Jack got closer.

"What? You got your first Pok'emon already!" He asks. Peter nods. " Can you tell me what pok'emon you got?"

"Did you doubt it? I do." Peter holds up the pok'e ball, pushes the button, and the pok'e ball grew about 5 inches. He spins it around with one finger by closing his eye. "Have a pok'emon right in this pok'e ball. And if you were smart enough, you wouldn't make it." He stops the pok'e ball from spinning, and spoke the whole people. "Ain't That Right People?" The whole crowd started to cheer.

"Then will you tell me what pok'emon you got?"

"Didn't you learn anything? Nobody wants to show his or her own Pok'emon. So…" He flicked Jack right on his nose. "Beat It!"

"Ouch! Hey!" Jack just holds his nose, feeling angry.

"Sooner or later, you will learn how to be a master." He leaves, walking off. "So good-bye, people. Bid ya'll and Jack, Farwell."

Everyone started to follow Peter, walking way off. Jack just stood there, looking very mad. "HRRR! One of these Days..."

"There you are, Jack." Said a voice.

"And about time you two showed up." Said another.

Jack turns around, and then saw the same guy from his glowing box. He was a bit nervous, and spoke to him, "Professor!" I didn't see you here." He looks at his sister, "You too, Erika."

"Well, you're a bit little late." Said the professor. "Well, what are you waiting for, Christmas? Come on you two, right this way."

Professor Einstein leaded Jack & Erika inside a Lab. When they got inside, a table with four sections has been place with region names.

"Here, we have four sections on you journey." He explained. "Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Danto. Now then, Erika, will start with you? Since, it's 'Ladies First'. And I know you will be frustrated a Jack for taking to long. Which region you'll start off with?"

"I'll pick the Johto!" Erika replied. The machine selected to Johto, then the table showed Three Balls with symbols.

"Each pok'e ball represents each pok'emon." Said Professor Einstein. He took the first pok'e ball that has a grass symbol. "First we have Chikorita"

Green Flash appeared from the Pok'e Ball when it was opened, the Green Flash showed the body and them it's real form. It looks very small, and has a leaf on its head. "Chika." It said.

"This is a Chikorita, a Grass Pok'emon." Said Professor Einstein.

"Oh, It's so Cute!" Said Erika, happy.

"It is, isn't?"

Erika picked up the pok'emon, hugging the pok'emon and said. "I'll pick, Chikorita."

"That was fast." Said Professor Einstein, "I'm good." Both Erika and the professor looked at each other. "Well, I see you have your first Pok'emon. Here Erika are your Pok'e balls, and your very own Pok'e Dex." He gives Erika six pok'e balls that are tiny balls, and some kind of machine to attach to her arm. "Your turn Jack." He said to Jack.

"Uh, I'll Pick the Danto Region." Said Jack.

"Huh?" Professor Einstein was confused, and then pushes the button, unsure, "Ah, okay." The table changed, and then three new pok'e balls. "These Pok'e ball are the same as before."

"Okay then," Jack said, and then he shouts, holding a grass pok'e ball, "I'll choose, Clubin!" The pok'e ball opened up, and then it was empty. Jack was surprised. "AGH!"

The Pok'e ball was release and then, it was empty.

"That one was a bit early." Professor Einstein said, thinking.

"No problem." Said Jack, switching pok'e ball, and then he picked up a water pok'e ball. "I Choose, Pupper!" Another one is empty again. Jack was surprised again. "What?"

"That one is early too."

"Not your day, Huh?" Ask Erika, looking at her older brother.

Jack feels irritated, switching another pok'e ball that looks like a fire pok'e ball. "Let's try this one. I Choose: Gelam!" The last ball was empty again, and Jack was surprised. "AHHH!"

"The early the bird, catches the worm." Said Professor Einstein.

"You mean all the Pok'emon are gone?" Ask Jack, looking stressed.

"Well, there is one pok'emon I caught," Professor Einstein suggested, "but it's in the Kanto Region, and this one is..." But Jack was surprised, and he interrupted him.

"Professor, I'll take it!" Jack said, interrupted. The table opened a Pok'e ball with a lightning pok'e ball.

"I must warn you." Professor Einstein said, cautiously, "This one won't obey a thing." He gave Jack the lightning pok'e ball, and then when it opened up with yellow electricity. Jack, Erika and Chikorita are surprised to see it. The pok'e ball released a yellow mouse like with red cheeks.

The yellow mouse opened its black cute eyes and said, "Pikachu."

"This little one is Pikachu." Said Professor Einstein.

"Wow, a Pikachu. It's so cute." Said Jack, liking the pok'emon.

"You should be." Said Professor Einstein.

"How can this be so not obeyed?" Ask Erika, confused. "It looks happy enough."

"Hello, Pikachu!" Said Jack, hugging his pok'emon. But Pikachu looks pretty made, being touched by humans. It has sparks on its cheeks.



"CHU!!!!" Pikachu burst a jolt of electric energy right at Jack, as Jack becomes electrocuted by shock.


"This one is a Electric Mouse Pok'emon." Said Professor Einstein, explaining. "It may be a bit shy, but he may come to his sense when you get to know him." Pikachu stopped shocking.

"That must of a been a real shocking experience." Said Jack. He felt burned from the static.

"Here Jack." Said Professor Einstein, giving Jack the stuff. "Your Pok'e Balls, and your Pok'e Dex."

Jack is still stunned from the static. He reaches for the stuff, "Thank..." And Pikachu shocks both Jack and Professor Einstein, still angry. "YOU!"

"You're Welcome!" Professor Einstein shouted, electrocuted.

Everyone visited Jack and Erika to see their first pok'emon. Although, Jack was a lot of Damage but not a lot, he is just holding his Pikachu, because Pikachu is not obeying Jack. Erika is holding Chikorita. And Professor Einstein showed up with Jack and Erika. Jack and Erika's Mother, Father, and little Brother showed up to wish them good luck on their adventure. Their mother has a ponytail with green hair and wearing a red dress that reaches to her legs.

"What the? What's going?" Ask Jack, confused.

"Jack, Erika, this is the most proudest day that you two began." Said their mother.

"Thanks so much, mother." Said Erika, happy and holding her pok'emon. Both of their pok'emon just jumped down to the ground. But then, their mother gives them loads of stuff, giving them advice.

"Here's you laundry and you clothes, your gloves, I also packed your launch, so be sure not to burn, and here is my home phone if your lost, and be sure to..." Jack and Erika were embarrassed, and took their bags from their mother.

"Mom Stop!" Jack shouted, "You're embarrassing us!"

"I almost forget." Said their father, giving Erika two yellow crystals. "You might need this just incase of your Pok'emon fainted." Their parents saw their pok'emon.

"Is that a Chikorita?" Ask the mother.

Erika replied to her mother with a nod. "Uh-Hu."

"Huh?" And then the mother looks at the little yellow mouse.

"Pika." Pikachu said, turning away.

"Jack, what is that?" She asks.

"What, Pikachu?" Ask Jack, looking at his pok'emon, confused.

"Honey, this is a Pikachu." Said their father.

You got a Pikachu, Big Brother?" Ask Zac, confused, and he looks at his older brother, "Why didn't you get a Fire Type?"

"Well Zac, there is no Fire Type for me." Jack replied. "They beat me to it"

"And why you didn't you get Growlithe?" He asks again.

"I told you Zac; Growlithe ran away." Jack replies again. He shows Zac a picture. "But I know he's okay."

"But, you got Pikachu for your troubles." Said their mother, but she thinks back. "But I thought pok'emon are suppose to be in their Pok'e Ball." Erika & Chikorita looked at Jack. Jack's Family looked at him and so does Pikachu.

"Uh, oh yeah!" Jack pulled out a pok'e ball, and said to his pok'emon, "Pikachu, get in the ball." But Pikachu rejected, having his tail, and then bounces back at Jack's hand.


"Wha! Pikachu!" Jack drops the ball again, and the Pikachu kicks it back. He keeps trying, and Pikachu still rejects going back into the pok'e ball.

"Oh look; you're playing catch!" Said their mother.

"Oh, Yeah." Said Jack, and he picks up his pok'emon. "Pikachu and I are real friends."

"But, with a Rat?" Ask the mother, and then Pikachu felt very mad.

"Pika…" Pikachu had his cheeks sparked up, and then shocks everyone around. "CHU!!!" But Erika, Chikorita, and Professor Einstein took cover. Jack took some of the shock, but he still feels fine. When everyone was shocked, they fell on the ground, stunned.

"Don't forget to change your underwear." Said their mother, still shocked.

"Pikachu." Said Pikachu.

Erika, Chikorita, Jack, and sometimes Pikachu went on trail to be Masters. However, Chikorita & Pikachu are in a leash. Both of them are not able to get inside his or her pok'e ball. They stumble a Crossroad and stopped between two paths.

"Well Jack," Erika said, "Chikorita, and Pikachu, this is where we split up."

"Right." Said Jack.

"Listen, I'll take this direction," Erika said, pointing to the right, "And you take the other way. "Let me know if Pikachu isn't listening, okay?" Erika was about to leave, but she almost forgot. "Oh! I almost forgot. Here Jack." She gives Jack a yellow Crystal. "You might need this, incase if Pikachu is knocked out." And then she left, "Okay, farewell, Jack! Pikachu!"

"Chika, chika!" Chikorita called, and both Erika and Chikorita left to their adventures.

When Erika and Chikorita left, Jack pulled Pikachu's leash and it pulled Pikachu, but Pikachu refuse to continue. So we continue on to see what's on their mind. Jack is trying to drag Pikachu along, but Pikachu still tied up on a leash, refusing to go. Jack stops, and then sighs.

"Pikachu." Said Jack, asking Pikachu, "Do you want to be like that?"

"Chu." Pikachu respond, not answering.

"Is it because you don't like me?" Ask Jack.

"Pika, Pika."

"Well, I liked you a lot." Pikachu just scratches his ear with his feet. "Can't you just open your mouth and say something?"

"Cha!" Pikachu had his mouth opened up wide.

"Well, that's not what I meant. Do you always say your name, the whole time?"

"Pika, Pika."

Jack works on his wrist on his pok'emon, and found some data. "Look Pikachu, do me a favor, and get inside the Pok'e Ball, just like what is said in the Pok'e Dex."

His pok'e dex activated, and then some words came out. "Pok'emon is always allowed to be in their Pok'e Ball."

"See?" Pikachu jumps up, and pushes the button on the Pok'e Dex.

"However, Pok'emon can decide to be when ever they can stay in or stay out of the pok'e ball."

"Okay then." Jack said, "Is that the way it should be? Okay." He takes off all of the stuff he was wearing, and untying the rope on Pikachu. "I'll get rid of these, and this. Now, how do you feel?"

"Pi." Pikachu replied, turning away. Jack sighed again.

"Still not happy." But then, he looks the other way, and then saw some kind of a small bird pok'emon. "Huh? What's that?" He checks from his Pok'e Dex, and the pok'e dex found some data.

"Pidgey, a bird pok'emon. Pidgey is a flyer type, it has a unique skill of flying in a group or go solo, and easy to catch."

"Well, a Pok'emon is a Pok'emon." Said Jack. He commands his Pikachu, "Okay then! Pikachu, go get it!" But Pikachu still turns away. "What now?" Pikachu runs off, but climbs up the tree, and then yawns. "Well fine, Pikachu, I don't your help. I can catch that pok'emon, myself!" Jack pulled out a pok'e ball, and then changed its size. The Pidgey stares at Jack, and Jack is prepared. Jack starts to act how his idol acted, and then shouted, "Pok'e ball! Go!"

He throws the red sphere at Pidgey, and then Pidgey was hit. The pok'e ball opened up, and then Pidgey's body becomes flash red, taking inside the pok'e ball. Jack just snaps his finger, and then shouted…

"Bulls-Eye!" Jack stares at the pok'e ball, but then, he was confused. "Huh?" The pok'e ball shook very hard, and then releases Pidgey out of the pok'e ball in a white flash. Pidgey flew away. "…What happened?"

"Pi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi!" Pikachu laughed.

"You capture the Pok'emon, you use the Pok'emon in battle."

"Now he tells me." Said Jack, checking his pok'e dex. Pikachu continued to laugh at Jack, and Jack feels annoyed. "Grrrr!" But then, he looks at his sword, his shield, and all of his stuff. He had an idea. "Wait! That's it!"

Oh goody, the old shirt trick, one of the oldest tricks in the book. He's holding his shirt out, and sneaking up on Pidgey. Pidgey is mining his own business, until then Pidgey saw Jack, and stares at him. Jack was surprised, and he froze.

"Um...hi…little...buddy." Jack said, and then he surprised Pidgey, "Sorry Friend!" He traps Pidgey by covering him with his shirt. Pidgey can't get out, until then the small bird uses a powerful win, to blow Jack off course. "AAAAGGGHHH!!" BAM! "OW!" From that gust attack, Jack was blown on the tree.

"Pidgey's attack is Gust. Another is Sand Attack." Said the pok'e dex.

"Sand-Attack?" Ask Jack, and then he went on another joy ride, blown away by a lot of sand. "AAAGGGHHH!!! AYE!" He was hurled towards another tree, and that had to hurt hard.

Pidgey Used Sand Attack on Jack, and Jack went on a second Joy Ride "AAAGGGHH!!" BAM! "AYE!" The Sand-Attack was cleared, and Jack was in a bad comma. "Okay…that really hurt." He just saw something moving from his stuff. "? Hey!" Some kind of purple rat came out, and then left. "What is that?" Jack uses his pok'e dex to check on that pok'emon.

"Rattata, the Mouse Pok'emon." Said the pok'e dex. "Rattata is the smallest pok'emon that is like a thief. They eat nuts, fruits, and they still stuff from Stupid Trainers."

Jack: (was confuse) "So, I'm Stupid?"

"Pi, hi, hi, hi." Pikachu laughed.

Jack is really had! He picked up a pebble rock, and then throws it to where the other Pidgies are. "GRRRRYA!" All of the Pidgies flew off, and then there is some kind of a shadow pok'emon that looks different from the other Pidgey pok'emon.

"Oh, I'm ganna get you this time." Jack said, holding another rock. He throws it again to where the shadow is, "GRRRRRYA!" Pow! The pebble hits the shadow pok'emon on the head. "I got him!"

It's a Bird Pok'emon, one tear, and an anger look at Jack. It doesn't look very happy, and it's not like the other Pidgies.

"Gee, what kind of Pok'emon is that?" He asks, checking on his pok'e dex.

"Unlike Pidgey, Spearow has a horrible attitude, and they are nasty to fight as flying pok'emon."

"Spearow!" It shouted, and then it went after Jack.

"Ha! Whoa! AH! Yikes!" He got his stuff, and avoiding Spearow. Now Spearow has a different; instead of going after Jack, it went after his pok'emon.

"Pika, Pi, Pika! Cha!" Pikachu shouted, avoiding and hanging on. Pikachu slipped, off, but hangs on tight.

"Hey, Leave Pikachu alone!" Jack shouted, "He did not throw the rock!"

"Sometime, Spearow could get Jealous from other Pok'emon." Said the pok'e dex, and Jack gasped.

Spearow is about to do a direct attack on Pikachu, and Pikachu can't hold on much longer. Jack looks very desperate, and then shouted to his pok'emon, "PIKACHU! THUNDER SHOCK!"

Pikachu up electricity all the way, and then burst out a lot of static electricity at Spearow. Spearow is now shocked by the electricity, electrocuted and stunned to the ground.

"Alright, Pikachu!" Jack shouted. "You blast that pok'emon.

"Pi?" Ask Pikachu, and when the branch snapped, Pikachu fell. "Pika!"

"Pikachu!" Jack shouted, and the he catches Pikachu just in time. "Gotcha!" He fell on the ground, but got back up. "Pikachu…are you okay?"

"Pika." Pikachu replied with a small squeak. Jack looks mad at the Spearow.

"And as for you Spearow, you should learns some manners!" Jack shouted. Pikachu gets off of Jack's arms, and Jack looks at him, happy.

But then, the Spearow started to call loudly. "SPEAROW!"

Jack and Pikachu were confused at first. But when they look at the tree Spearow called, lots of Spearows came out of the tree, far away, and going after both Jack and Pikachu.

"Should we run?" Jack asks to Pikachu.

"Pikachu." Pikachu replied with a nod.

"Good Idea." Said Jack, and then both Jack and Pikachu ran off in a dash, just to get away from the Spearow that is chasing them. "RUN AWAY!"

The Spearows are chasing both Jack and Pikachu through the fields. This is pretty much the worst time of their life of their first adventure. "Hey! Pikachu! No matter, I'll save you, okay?" Jack shouted, and then Pikachu super speed dashed even faster.


"Hey, I said, 'I'll save you'!"

One of the Spearows pecked Jack on his head. "Ouch!" More of the Spearows keep pecking on Jack, and more Spearows are attacking Pikachu. Jack was shock to see Pikachu pin down on the grass, and being peck down. Jack gasped and pulled out his sword. "Pikachu!" He slashes all of the Spearows out of the way. "Leave, Pikachu Alone!" Three Spearows were out of the way, and flied out of here. Jack picked up Pikachu, and escape with him. He's holding Pikachu on his arm, but hurries. "Hang on, Pikachu!"

Pikachu was pecked everywhere on his yellow body, and Jack has to hurry to a pok'emon center. When one of the Spearows was about to peck Jack, Jack attacks them back with his Sword.

"Stay Back!" He shouted, slicing one of the Spearows, but there are more mean birds after both Jack and Pikachu. Jack looks up ahead, and then stopped in a halt. There was a dead end, and the only way to get away is to jump down straight to the river. "Pikachu, hold you breathe. We're going in!" Pikachu held his breathe, and then Jack jumps straight down to the river.

Lucky Jack and Pikachu lost the Spearow, but underwater, Jack is caught by something, and Jack sees some kind of a monster that looks like a serpent. Jack was shocked.

A girl with pink hair, a skirt, and rainbow clothes was busying fishing out some pok'emon. The bobble sunk into the ground, and she was surprised. "Huh? I got something!" She pulled something out, and then Jack and Pikachu came flying out of the river.

"AAAGGGHHH!!" Jack shouted, and then he fell on the ground. The girl was confused at Jack.

"Na, it's just a boy." She said, and then she saw Pikachu. "And a Pokemon, is it, okay?"

Jack was about to speak, but then he had a red fish stuck on his foot. He throws it back in the river.

"Karp, Karp, Magickarp."

"I'm fine." Jack replied, but he feels concerned about his Pikachu. "But Pikachu…" Before he could speak, the girl slapped him. "Ouch!

"Look what you done!" The girl shouted. "Your Pokemon is weak, and he can't fight.

I'm sorry. Do you know where to restore Pikachu?"

"Over there is the Pokemon Center." The girl replies by pointing through the forest.

"The Hospital." Jack looks at the other side of the river, and then a swarm of Spearows is still coming after Jack and Pikachu. Jack had to think fast, and then saw a red bicycle on the ground. Jack runs up to it, and places Pikachu on the basket.

"Hey!" The girl shouted. "What are you doing with my bike?"

Jack gets on the bike, and replies by yelling, "…Borrowing it!" And then took off with her bike.

"You better not get any scratches on my bike!" She yelled.

Spearows were swooping through the girl, while she tried to cover her skirt. One last Spearow aimed a Bull's Eye on her right skirt, which revealed a hole. The girl covers the hole from her skirt and ran to her stuff to find some thread.

As for Jack and Pikachu, Jack is peddling his life through the mud as fast as he could. Pikachu needs a hospital now, but couldn't move. Jack was continuing, when lighting strike out of the sky, and Jack slipped off the bike. Pikachu fell of the basket, and now on the ground, helpless.

"…Pikachu, I won't let you, down." Jack said, weak and looking at his Pikachu. He pulled out a pok'e ball, and enlarged it. But he looks at the Spearow. "Listen, get in the ball. I can save you if you're inside. I'll hold them off, while you get inside." Jack can't fight the entire Spearows, but he pulled out his Sword.

"Here me now, Spearows." He called. "I'm Jack Davis, Pokemon Trainer and Warrior. You can destroy me, but I won't go down!" He calls Pikachu. "Pikachu, get in the Ball Now!"

Pikachu could only watch Jack helpless, suffer from the Spearows closer and closer. He couldn't let Jack die for being killed by the Spearows. Instead, Pikachu has recovered his strength, climbs on Jack's shoulder, and jumps off in between Jack and a swarm of Spearows. Jack was surprised.

"Pi-Ka-CHU!" Pikachu released a yellowish sphere, a bolt of electricity, and blasts the Spearow away, but knocks Jack out of the way.


The Spearows couldn't do anything, but retreat back to their place. Pikachu really earned some experienced, and leveled up for getting rid of the Spearows. But now, both Jack and Pikachu are on the ground when the sun rises up in the sky.

"…Pikachu." Said Jack, both Jack and Pikachu are looking at each other. "Well…we beat them."

"Chu." Said Pikachu in a small voice. Jack rolls his head tilting left, and then saw a flying pok'emon, passing over the Rainbow.

"Huh?" Ask Jack, and he was amazed. "Whoa! What is that?"

"Pokemon cannot be identified." Said the Pok'e Dex on Jack's right arm. "There are a lot of pok'emon out there in the world you could find."

Jack finally got up, and takes Pikachu with him through the trail. Our Heroes stumble a mystery pok'emon over the Rainbow. Jack is holding Pikachu, both of them were almost wounded, but these two made it to the next town, and their next adventure on Episode 2.


-Jack got Pikachu.

-Erika got Chikorita.

-Peter is Jack's Rival.

-Zac is Jack's little Brother.