Episode 230

I'm coming home.

It seems that everyone in the whole region were thinking if Jack, Peter, Pikachu, and Umbreon are still alive. They were wondering if they survived it from Meteor. But they just hope if Jack, Peter, Pikachu, and Umbreon didn't end up into the sun.

"No." Said Jena, looking at the sky. "They didn't get killed, did they?"

When they look at the sky, there were raining shooting stars, thinking if they've died or have survived from the head of fire. There are four figures coming from the sky, and heading towards the ocean.

"Look!" Erika called, pointing at the four figures. There're coming down from the sky, Jack, Peter, Pikachu, and now Eevee. It seems that Umbreon has reverted back to an Eevee.

"Jack, we did it." Peter thought, speaking to Jack in his mind. "We actually defeated Nickless."

"I know, Peter." Jack replied in thought. "But it was you who defeated Nickless also. You have finally avenged your mother's death. But now, what do we do?"

"Simple. We're going home."

"Home?" Ask Pikachu, speaking through thought. "But aren't we already home?"

"No." Peter replied. "Home, as in, we're heading back to the past."

"What?" Ask Jack, surprised. "But this is our home!"

"No. I mean, our home, the one where we came before coming here." Said Peter. "But we must leave early."

"Peter…I." Jack said, but when they landed to the ocean, they've reached to the surface. "Peter! What about our family? Our friends?"

"I'm sorry, Jack." Said Peter, looking down and swimming back to Clock Town. "But we have no choice." Jack and Pikachu looked very sad. "It would be too sad to say good-bye to everyone. Now let's get back to the Clock Tower, and undo this stuff." Jack and Pikachu followed Peter by swimming, and Eevee is on Peter's back.

When they've return back to Clock Town, without anyone knowing, Peter had released all six of his pok'emon. Jack released all of his six pok'emon too. But this is very sad to see Jack and Peter ready to head back to the past.

"Jack, we have no choice." Said Peter. "If we say good-bye to everyone we know, then we can't return to the one where we came from."

"But Peter," Jack said, trying to convince Peter, "This is the future."

"Use your head." Said Peter, shook his head ounce. "This is not the future. This is really the 'Empire World', made by our minds and our soul. It made us come here to complete this task, and we're the first ones to complete the Empire World. Don't you want to see your baby sister and the rest of your real family from the real world?"

Jack looks very sad, thinking that he wants to stay here. "Jack." Said Pikachu, sad at Jack. "Are you and Peter going to leave us?"

"I…don't know." Said Jack, making a tear. "I don't know if anyone will find you here." He was about to cry. "I know I want to see my real sister, but I don't want to leave you all here…alone." He walks up the steps, and pulled out his Empire Sword. "So, this is…good-bye."

"JACK!" Pikachu shouted, getting on Jack's leg. "I want to come!" Jack came to a halt, and get Pikachu off of him.

"I'm sorry, Pikachu." Said Jack. He is ready to continue, but then, he turns around one more time, and then shouted, "Pikachu! Venusaur! Arcanine! Link! Golduck! Primape!" All of his pok'emon gather around Jack, hugging each other like they're going to miss him. Jack starts to cry. "I'm ganna miss you all! I'm sorry, everyone." Peter looks at his pok'emon, and he wants them to say good-bye too. His pok'emon gather around Peter, saying good-bye.

"I'm sorry, too." Said Peter, hugging his pok'emon. "I know it's very difficult to leave. But we have to go."

"Peter." Said Eevee. "I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too, Eevee." Said Peter, making just one tear. "My friend."

"Jack." Said Pikachu.

"Pikachu." Said Jack, "Arcanine, Primape, Venusaur, Golduck, Link, I will miss you all." They got close to each other, like they don't want Jack and Peter to go. And then, a hand was placed on Jack's right shoulder.

"They will miss you too." Said a voice. When Jack and Peter looked at who was touching. The figure looks exactly just like Jack and Peter, but they're kind and matured. Seymour Guado has become a good guy now, a peaceful friend, and the other looks like Jack but smarter and more intelligent.

"…Who…who are you?" Ask Jack, looking at his replica.

"You don't know who I am?" Ask the person that looks like Jack. "I'm you, but your Empire self. You were the first one who have been able to defeat the final boss, and save the world."

"But I had help." Said Jack. "My friends, my family, my pok'emon, even Peter helped me."

"I know." Said the Empire. "I've been watching you both."

"But why is Seymour here?" Ask Peter, "Isn't he my evil side?"

"I was just testing them." Said Seymour, explaining. "Before they go off and fight against Nickless, I was acting evil to see if they are brave enough to fight against Nickless. No hard feelings, but I want to see how strong you guys are."

"Do not worry or fear, brave heroes." Said Empire Jack, "We'll take care of your pok'emon."

"…You will?" Ask Jack.

"However," Empire Jack explains, "When you and Peter touched Akoo's body, we had to protect you both, and when Akoo dies, we die along with him." Jack looks sad again, looking down. "But it's okay. You both will remember us, like always. Danto have a special bond of remembering, and if you remember us, you will remember that we're still alive." The Empire pulls out some kind of a 'Certificate', but very golden and a signature by the Empire. "Here you go, Jack. One rule free wish."

Jack takes the golden certificate, and reads. "This is a note from the real Empire about the hero who saved the Danto Region. This, written by the 'Empire' is document to grant the user who saved the Empire World a rule free wish."

"Jack." Said the Empire. "…Your little sister is waiting for you."

Jack looks at the Empire. "…Empire Jack…take good care of these pok'emon, and have Seymour take care of Peter's pok'emon, okay?"

"We will." Said Seymour. "Now go." Both Jack and Peter have done enough of their good-byes, and stand on the platform. Jack looks at his pok'emon, with a smile and a tear. He still has the Empire Sword.

"Jack, it's time." Said Peter. Jack nods at Peter, plants the Empire Sword on the stone, and then the flash begins. Jack looks at Pikachu, and his pok'emon, and gave them the thumbs up. Pikachu gave the same thing. And then, both Jack and Peter disappeared back to their home. When they did, Empire Jack and Seymour were covered with Pyerflies, and vanished with their new pok'emon.

It's empty in the Clock Tower, and everyone left.

The End