Prologe: The Dream….

He hugged the girl even closer to him, though he did not think it was at all possible. The sensations going through his body were amazing, he felt warmth, happiness, and above all, he felt Loved. Loved. Something he thought he would never feel again…that beautiful feeling he thought he had forgotten, when the most important person in his life had to leave. But now, She came back into the picture. And now in her loving embrace he could feel that again, and he wouldn't let this feeling, this person who loved him so, ever out of his sight and reach again. He would never ignore her or leave her behind. "Van" the girl hugging him lovingly finally spoke up, "I Love You."

He felt great…he felt only happiness…he felt love. He IS in Love. He responded back with all the love he felt for her, with love he would always feel for her. "I love you too, Merle."