Chapter 22: Still in the Bedroom

After Merle finished smothering Van with kisses and tightly hugging him, she finally rested besides Van, her head on his shoulders. They laid there like that for a few peaceful moments, before Merle spoke up again, "Lord Van, what are you going to do about Hitomi?" She could tell he tensed up. She playfully stroked his chest with her finger, trying to get him to ease up. "You know, I think she really is sorry about what she… well you can't ignore her forever can you? I know you still care about her."

"What? No Merle I-"

Merle looked up at Van, smiling "No, I know you care about her. I know you don't love her anymore, but you still care. And Lord Van, she is our friend, we can't just ignore her. Besides, she gets us into so much trouble all the time, life would be pretty boring without her."

Van sighed, he knew he would have to talk to Hitomi, and mentally kicked himself for ignoring her for so long. He would have made time for Hitomi, had things been different, and now he was ignoring her? It wasn't right. He hugged Merle tightly, "I will go and speak with her today. I'll do it right after I talk to Sophia and her father."

"Good, we are all friends Lord Van and I want us to stay that way." Merle hugged Van and gave him one final kiss before standing up and stretching her body. Her eyes beamed as she looked outside, the Fanelian nation basking in the early glow of morning. The entire city was glowing, the yellow light of the sun reflecting off of the white buildings of Fanelia. Anywhere else, and it would have been blinding, but here in Fanelia, it was beautiful. Merle could see the people walking along the streets and the shop keepers in the market square setting up their shops. Out in the fields she could see the farmers plowing their lands, and past the port she could see the first carriages lift off and fly towards their intended destinations, trading with the rest of Gaea.

She felt the gentle breeze on her face, and on her neck and on her….

Am I wearing clothes?

Merle reluctantly looked down to see that she was in fact not wearing clothes, and was standing on the balcony in the nude. She immediately moved her hands to cover herself and turned back, looking for her clothing. All she saw as a grinning Van Fanel, "Why didn't you tell me I didn't have clothes on!" she shrieked.

"I was too busy admiring the view!"