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Captain Jack Sparrow was like copper.

At least, Will thought so, when he was drunk and everything was a wild blur at the tavern, even though he never drank any rum. He'd feel those light heaven-fingers (the fingers of an experienced pick-pocket) on his body and the world would begin to spin on its own, unaided by the devil's drink.

When they had retired to their rooms and the fingers were hot and needy on his skin Will would look at the scarred chest and see nothing but a sea of metal. Smooth metal filling his mouth, his body, his mind, more and more until he thought he couldn't take it anymore, but it still wouldn't stop.

William had taken silver lovers to bed, smooth and exotic, eager to please, and gold lovers, malleable and beautiful. But he could say with complete honesty that this was the first copper one- rough and relentless, attacking him again and again but it was so goddamngood.

Yes, he decided, fingers trailing down the hard stomach of the pirate, that Jack Sparrow was copper all the way.