I almost forgot Gaara-chan's birthday :( I would have forgot if I didn't see the birthday stories for him. To make up for forgetting, I'll write a nice birthday one shot for him. YAY!

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Banana Nut Muffin


Gaara eyes slowly opened as he heard his name being called. He sat up, stretched and went to find the source of the noise. Gaara found the source of the noise in the kitchen where bags of grocery were scattered all over the floor.

Naruto grinned. "About time! God Gaara you sleep too much." Gaara smiled softy "Just making up for lost time." Its true, Gaara after moving in with his lover, Naruto was starting to sleep more and more. Maybe all those nights of sleeping a mere three hours where catching up to him or maybe he could sleep because he knew Naruto could stop Shukaku if he ever decided to come out for visit while Gaara slept.

"Oie Gaara. Don't space out on me!" Naruto yelled at him and threw something at him. Gaara caught it with ease "What's this?" Naruto grinned. Gaara looked at the item which was a box of banana nut muffins. "I know you don't like sweets but for some reason I think you'll like these."Naruto said while a small blush came to his cheeks. Gaara's non existent eyebrow arched up "Why?" Gaara asked suspiciously.

Naruto grinned pervertedly "Well before you told me that I taste like banana ...and so if I am not home one day you could eat one till I came back... and think of me..." Gaara smirked "and the nuts in it are for what...?" Naruto and Gaara eyes met, a perverted grins stuck on both their faces. "You tell me what the nuts are for?" Gaara smirked "You bought the nuts." Naruto pouted and tried to think of something " It has nuts because...were...umm nutty in love." Gaara smiled at his lover lame excuse and put the muffins on the counter.

He drew Naruto into a hug and started nibbling on his neck. Then Gaara whispered to Naruto "Mmmm Banana... I prefer this to any muffin" and started trailing kisses down Naruto's neck, Naruto whimpered as a response and then they disappeared into the room.

Gaara got out of bed and put his boxers on and started to walk out of the room but not before stealing a glance at his lover, who slept soundly. Gaara walked into the living room and just sat there. Gaara liked the quiet and used it as time to reflex, he sat there for about 10 minutes and then he realized something, it was January...January 19th...his birthday. Gaara mentally smacked himself in the head. He didn't celebrate his birthday but he'd still like to remember when it was.

He realized something. Naruto hadn't given him a gift. Then he realized something else...he never told Naruto his birthday. He sighed, it would have been nice just to get a happy birthday from him but Gaara didn't to want to sound like "Hey say Happy Birthday to me! NOW!". Gaara sat up and went towards the kitchen, seeing the banana nut muffins on the counter he got an idea.

He got a yellow candle for a cupboard and lit it. Then he got a banana nut muffin and placed the candle in it. Even though he didn't celebrate his birthday Gaara still wanted his wish. He already knew what he wanted, he gently smiled before he blew the candle out. He took the candle out of the muffin and placed it on the table. Then he took a bite of the muffin and savored the taste in his mouth.

Naruto suddenly came into the kitchen wearing boxers and hugged Gaara from behind. Naruto mumbled "I love you." into Gaara's back Gaara smiled to himself.

He didn't need to wish for Naruto to love him and stay with him because he knew Naruto won't leave him or stop loving him.

He took another bite of the muffin.

Hehe I used a Banana nut muffin because I'm currently obsessed with them now. Yum.