Jessie smiled down the table. She had never been in a place like this; a place where everyone seemed to look simular, or laugh simular. A place where everyone knew who she was, despite the fact that there was many more than fifteen people sitting around the warm wooden dining table, the crackling fire across the room warming them up as it snowed fiercely outside, and carols echoed from the wizarding wireless in the corner. Laughter reverberated off the walls, and swam back through Jessie's head, the sweetest sound she had ever heard. The food she was eating tasted delicious- as though all other meals she had tasted up until this point of her life had been fake, and this was the real thing.

In fact, everything about this seemed like that. As though this was where she was meant to be, and she should have been here a long time ago. This was, of course, the truth, but if she wanted to stay here then she would just have to accept the fact that she couldn't; and at least everything was all right now.

Molly Weasly eyed her family with a joyful festive smile on her plump face, her cheeks rosy and red from cooking up the meal, a strand of tinsel strung around her neck in the festive spirit. She was glad that Hermione had come, no matter how much she hated what the girl had done. She hadn't changed, really. She still seemed like the polite fourteen year old who had first arrived at the Burrow, all those years ago. The only difference in her was the traits of bad decisions; and some fatigue brought on by the war; however, she was still there, no matter how many differences Molly tried to spot. And for every bad decision she must have made a good one, Mrs Weasly thought, looking at her granddaughter, Jessie, fondly.

Ginny frowned slightly, looking at the way that Hermione glance nervously, and sadly at her daughter, from time to time. Something wasn't right there, and she didn't know what. Jess had agreed to come here today, to meet her family, and find out who she is, and yet she and Hermione still don't seem to be getting along well.

"Give them time." Jade whispered in her mother's ear, following her gaze to her friend- cousin- and noticing Hermione's edginess. "They'll be fine."

Jessie looked down the table at her cousin. Jade smiled back, her green eyes gleaming encouragingly, as she nodded in earnest. Jessie took a deep breath, and turned to her mother, who was sitting to her right, holding out one of the Christmas Crackers that was sitting at her place setting.

"Mum?" she said, attentively, nervous almost. Her voice quavered, but it was Christmas, and she wanted things to be right. "Merry Christmas." She said, grinning. Hermione's face broke out in amazed relief, and her entire body relaxed, a smile relaxing across her face that made her look many years younger. Hermione took the other end of the cracker, and they pulled it, tight, so that it burst open with a resonating crack, making Jessie scream, and duck under the table. Jade was laughing herself silly, tears rolling down her face, as Jessie's head peered back up over the edge of the wood. Hermione clasped her hand over her mouth.

"I- forgot-" jade was gasping for breath, between bursts of laughter, "I forgot to- to tell her…" she rolled on her chair, in uncontrollable glee. Harry chuckled, but was more preoccupied with the hat that had come out of the bon bon. Hermione perched the stuffed vulture firmly and proudly on her head, a stupid grin on her face, trying to hold in the laughter, for only three at that table would find it remotely funny.

Hermione calmed down a little, and the table rose into chatter again, the thick French accents combining with the laughing, heavily British ones, Jade laughing over something with Harry, Ginny trying to stop James from throwing food at his grandfather. She felty a hand slide slowly on top of hers.

Hermione seized up. She dared not to look.

"Merry Christmas." Ron smiled, and whispered so soft that only Hermione, who was sitting to his right, could hear. She squeezed it tight.

It wasn't a marriage proposal. It wasn't a kiss, or a confession of love. It wasn't even as though he was embracing her, however, it was a start, a promise of more to come.

After all; Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger always seemed to take it slow.


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