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The Fire Lady sat at her boudoir, looking but not really seeing the face the mirror reflected in front of her. Absently, she picked up her brush and began to brush out her already perfect dark brown hair. Finished with the morning routine of fixing her hair into a presentable coiffure, she stood up gracefully, wanting to escape to the serenity of the palace gardens.

Having arrived at her destination a few moments later, she sat on a wooden bench wet with dew and didn't even care that her simple yet shockingly expensive blue and orange gown was going to get ruined. All she thought of at the moment was having a quiet place to think and collect her thoughts, somewhere where water was present, be it in her clothes or on a puddle in front of her.

The gentle soothing sounds of the water made the Fire Lady look up. She had always loved the water, being born of the Water Tribe and being a Waterbender herself. Her husband, the Fire Lord, had the small, man-made stream built specially for her when he noticed her homesickness during her first few days at the palace. It was a present, he claims, not wanting to see that desolate look on her face everytime someone mentions the word 'water' or 'South Pole.'

The young Fire Lady squinted her clear blue eyes at the stream in front of her. She sighed audibly and started to concentrate. A portion of the water rose up from its gentle flowing on the rocks and floated to her outstretched hand, forming itself to a small sphere. The Waterbender played with the water for a while, turning it into a block of ice and willing it to change forms, first into a rose, then into a small house.

Once tired of the water, she made it turn into a sphere of liquid again and go back to the stream with a gentle flop! Calmer than what she was fifteen minutes ago, she focused on her dilemma: How to tell her husband, Fire Lord Zuko about her predicament.

It had been three years since Avatar Aang had somewhat mastered the four elements and bring the past Fire Lord Ozai to his downfall. It was a serious fight, indeed, and almost sapped Aang of his powers, as the Fire Lord was very powerful and a twelve-year-old who was trapped for a hundred years in a block of ice was at that moment insignificant to the great power the master Firebender wielded against him.

But Aang came through in the end, Katara thought, smiling gently at the recollections. However bad Aang looked beaten up at that time, he managed to get through and defeat him in his own element…and mixing up the other elements in the attack as well.

Earth, Fire, Wind and Water are very powerful elements, Aang used to always say to her before they separated. When used just by themselves, they have tremendous power, but even more so when used together. That's what I need to find out, Katara, how to use them together and end this war once and for all.

And you succeeded Aang. Katara smiled again, now with a hint of sadness. She missed him so much along with her dear brother, Sokka, who accompanied Aang in his travels and make himself a better warrior as well. Sokka, the bumbling yet caring brother of hers who almost had a heart attack when she declared that she was going to marry Zuko, their once enemy. Sokka, her courageous brother who was always there when she needed him the most; Sokka, who gave her what she wished and let her go, no matter how much it pained him to see his baby sister in the arms of the man he once loathed to the very bottom of his heart.

Where are you when I need you, Sokka, Aang? She thought disconsolately. Please, just this once, answer my call, tell me that everything will be all right after this day is over, please….

A warm breeze rushed by her, calming her senses, soothing her aching mind and soul.

Thank you, Aang, Sokka.

She slackened her position on the wooden bench, feeling that she didn't need to act like a queen of a powerful nation since there were no guards or troublesome maids to observe her every move. All she wanted to do now was crawl back to her bed but she only had a few moments to sit not doing anything for in an hour or so, she was to be in a meeting concerning the affairs of the kingdom and its trade with the South Pole water tribes. It was obvious that they needed her opinion, as she was from that region, and she didn't hesitate in answering 'yes,' her eagerness to help her husband in anyway getting the better of her.

Her husband—the Fire Lord. Who would have thought that completely different people would someday be together and rule the Fire Nation? She certainly didn't. But then again, Aunt Wu did predict that she would marry a powerful Bender, little did she know back then that it would be Zuko. It was hate at first sight for the two of them, as she would protect Aang with her life and his life's mission is to capture the Avatar. He was arrogant, bossy, mean, impatient, rude…everything she didn't want in a man…but that changed when the war was over and she got to meet the man behind the scar.

Another gentle breeze swooped by and she closed her eyes, letting the wind take her to recall the past she dearly held on to…

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