Hello, people. This unfortunately, is not an update. It is a simple and short author's note, and I don't care if I'm breaking rules on one chapter being an author's note.

Anyway, on to more serious matters.

After more than one grueling month of hard contemplation (okay, it wasn't really grueling), I found out that this story is a complete and utter disaster which makes me ashamed as to why I did it in the first place. I was writing blindly, with no clear thoughts on to where this story was going and I'm very disappointed in it. This, therefore, made me decide whether or not I should continue this and three guesses on my decision.

Oh, okay, so I had a terrible writer's block and I can't think of anything to write so I didn't update for the last month, but after rereading the past fifteen chapters of this fic, I realized what an absolute idiot I was for posting this up in the first place. My grammar is absolutely dreadful and my organization is horrible. I apologize to those kind and wonderful people who have been giving me such beautiful reviews, telling me that this story rocks, but I'm afraid that is the truth. I am not selling myself short nor do I have abysmal confidence and esteem on my writing, but if you see my story as critically as I have, you will agree with me. My college work didn't dampen my writing for I only have two subjects this sem and that is hardly a mountain of work for me to do and not update.

But fear not, as I plan on doing a complete overhaul on this story, using a different style in writing which I hope is tons better than the old one.

In short, I am ABANDONING this fic and making a new one, which has more or less the basic plot of I Know and yet has different character.

I will post the new (and hopefully improved) version of I Know sometime later though I hope I will not keep you waiting longer, and I am going to change the title, because as you all know, I suck at titles. Any suggestions are welcome. For those who are itching to strangle me, burn me at stake, or push me off the top of the Petronas Towers for failing you or (insert really gross and torturous act of sadistry here), please step in line. I realize that I must have disappointed you greatly and I feel sorry for that, I really do, and I profusely apologize. But I am really very grateful and touched because of all of your support, and believe me, this new one will just show how much I appreciate you guys and nothing shows appreciation more than something worth reading and feeling mushy over. I love you my readers and reviewers:)

Rienne :P