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Summary: Robin's trying to explain something to Starfire and now he's feeling a little hot. Or is that cold? Poor Starfire is so confused!

Hot and Cold

"Salutations of the morning to you my dear friends," said Starfire joyfully as she entered the kitchen. A chorus of voices answered her.

" Morning Star."

" What's up dude?"

"How's it hanging little lady?"

" The mustard is in the other cupboard. Beast Boy demonstrated his usual talents and has rendered the other one full of tofu."

Star smiled on apparently unconcerned by the cupboard of tofu. "That is glorious. There is nothing like mustard to start off the day." Grabbing a cup and vigorously pouring mustard into it she failed to notice the piece of tofu teetering dangerously above her head. All was not lost however as Robin spotted it and dived valiantly pushing her out of the way. As they tumbled over and landed breathing heavily on top of each other Beast Boy snickered only to change his expression at once when he saw Raven's face.

"Raven! I swear I didn't know it was there! I mean you know I don't leave my tofu everywhere! I mean dude why couldn't it have been Cyborg?"

Cyborg looked indignant, "BB I can't believe you'd even suggest I'd eat that meatless stuff."

"Just because it has no meat doesn't mean it's uneatable."

" If it has no meat, no one wants it."

"That's not true! I do!"

"You don't count!"

" Do so!"

"Do not!"

"Do so!"

"Do not!"

"Do not!"

"Do so! Hey wait a minute!"

Raven was still hovering angrily, while a tic began to appear over her eye.

Meanwhile Star and Robin were still in their somewhat awkward position until Starfire hesitantly asked, "Robin would you please get off me? I am beginning to feel the pain of the hard floor." Blinking and blushing the Boy Wonder hastily pushed himself off her.

"Sorry. My bad."

"It is not bad at all friend Robin. You saved me from the tofu did you not? And for that I assure you I am most grateful."

"I tend to overreact," replied Robin scratching his head. Around you.

Starfire didn't reply due to the large amount of mustard in her mouth but she smiled encouragingly while trying to gulp it down.

Robin sighed. "It's just sometimes I tend to lose control. I guess I kinda get so much into this hero thing I forget how to be normal." I forget everything when I'm near you. Why do you get me so jumpy?

By this time Star had put her cup in the sink and turned to face him. "Listen friend Robin. You are normal. As normal as a teenage what is the word?" She frowned, pouting cutely. "Ahh yes. As normal as a teenage super hero can be. After all we accept you just as you are. We all love you Robin." A fuzzy feeling went through him helped along by her million-watt smile.

"And you?" The words were out before he could stop himself.

She blinked caught off guard. "What do you mean?" she asked clearly surprised.

Cursing inwardly he tried backtracking. "Do you accept me?" Looking a little disappointed she answered. "That is a strange thing to say to an alien girl when you are not on her planet Robin but yes of course I accept you. You are my friend."

Finally he grinned back at her, heart beating wildly but cheeks thankfully still tint free. "You're my friend too Star." Star beamed and then turned worriedly to the room outside. "Friends Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg seem to be experiencing difficulties. Should we help them out?" Coming out of his dream world, Robin finally tuned in to the crashes and various shouts of 'My TOFU!" that was coming from the room next door.

"Err. Just let me sort it out k' Star? Y'know Raven when she's mad."

Even as they spoke Raven came floating in.

"What has happened friend Raven?" inquired Starfire.

"There was a problem. I fixed it."

" That is glorious R-"


"RAVEN! What did you do to the TV? It's all fuzzy! Raven? RAVEN! FIX IT NOW!"

Raven continued. "Unfortunately our two biggest problems can never be permanently removed. I'm going to meditate now. Have fun."

Robin groaned but Star waltzed through the door totally oblivious as usual to the sarcasm. He followed not wanting her to get tangled into the shouting match.

"Dear friends? Why have you raised your lovely voices to such a high decibel level? I am sure friend Raven can hear you if she is anywhere in the radius of-"

"Guys stop yelling," said Robin brusquely cutting off Star's ramble. "Anyway BB's got to get used to something other then tofu for a while and it'll be good for you guys not to watch TV for a day. Just go sort it out…quietly."

"Why?" snorted Beast Boy. "So you can spend quality alone time with Star? Mwah, mwah, mwah." He made little kissy faces as he spoke and Robin felt his face grow hot. Before he could respond however Star spoke. "Friends, I have a query."

Beast Boy stopped immediately. "I just remembered a very important um thing, yeah thing I've gotta go do in my room. Sorry Star. Maybe later?" Turning into a cheetah he sped off.

Cyborg looked after him apologetically. "I have to help Star. Sorry about that. Don't want him breaking anything I'm paying for. I'm sure Robin will explain." Once he was gone silence fell again.

Shit. isn't this peachy perfect. Just when I thought it was all going to blow over too...

"Friend Robin I am having trouble with the definition of words." Confused for a moment he just looked at her. Sighing she ran a hand through her long hair.

"You see, recently I received a letter from a fan saying that he thought I was hot, yet shortly before that another fan told me I was 'really cool.' I do not understand how I can be such different temperatures at the same time Robin?"

Robin fought back a laugh, he knew it would hurt her feelings. "Sit down Star, I'll tell you." Feeling as if he was starting a story he began, "Well you know how here on earth not everything we say is literal. That is, it doesn't mean exactly what it sounds like and well hot and cool are um expressions."

"So you're saying hot and cool do not necessarily mean high or low body temperatures?


"Just like how when you call a girl a 'chick' you are not referring to her as a baby chicken?"

"Um, well yeah."

For a moment, Star seemed to ponder this then her face lit up. " Glorious! But then what did my mail from fans mean Robin?"

Robin bit his lip, now was the difficult bit. "You see, cool sort of means fashionable. Or not exactly fashionable but something that's in or y'know trendy at the moment." He stopped. Did he just say trendy?

"So they are comparing me to a piece of clothing?" said Star looking surprised and a trifle annoyed.

"No!" replied Robin hastily scratching his neck. "They're just saying you're-you're-nice and that they like you." Who wouldn't? He nearly groaned again, that irritating voice! Couldn't it just stay out of his head?

Star pursed her lips thoughtfully. "I think I understand now friend Robin. But what about hot? You have not yet explained that to me. Does it have the same definition as 'cool'? Robin felt his ears go hot. Oh Boy. What had he got himself into this time? Suddenly Starfire's hand was on his forehead and her face was way to close to his. "Robin? Why has your face gone all red like a blurthak? Does talking about the word hot bring heat to your face?"

Robin pushed himself back quickly. "No I'm fine. Really," he added in response to her anxious look. "I was just thinking of what to say."

She sat back still eyeing him critically but waiting for his answer nonetheless.

Robin gulped. "Star, saying someone's hot means…well that you consider them extremely attractive and…well….sexy." O.K. had he just said trendy and sexy in the course of one day? He really had to stop explaining stuff to Star.

"Oooh!" Her face had gone as red as his but she still looked undeniably cute and she was moving closer to him. Wait a minute! SHE WAS MOVING CLOSER TO HIM? His breathing was getting ragged now and he didn't know quite know where the feeling in his legs had gone. "Robin-"

Her lips were so, so close…

"-do you tell someone if you find them 'hot'?" her voice was barely above a whisper.

" That's sort of up to you as person Star," he said his voice husky and rather low.

"Well Robin, I just wanted to say I find you extremely attractive and…" Her lips were millimetres from his, "…very sexy."

He couldn't stand it anymore, eliminating the distance between their lips, they met, and he found himself in heaven. Kissing Starfire was like, was like…well it was like flying. And he loved it.

As they kissed he wondered why he didn't explain stuff to Star way more often.

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