Books and Magic

Starfire wrinkled her nose excitedly as she turned the page. Her eyes scanned the page ferociously, taking in every sentence, every word, every letter. So intense was her concentration that when Robin placed a hand on her shoulder she jumped about ten feet in the air before breathing a sigh of relief. "Oh Xhal Robin it is only you. For a minute I feared the evil Voll-di-mort had come out of the book to attack me!"

Robin's mask creased. "The evil who?"

Starfire waved her book at him excitedly. "Voll-di-mort! Voll-di-mort! Surely you have heard of him in this delightful book."

"I'm afraid I haven't…," he glanced at the book and grinned. "Wait a minute. You're reading Harry Potter?"

"There is something wrong with that?"

He held up his hands quickly. "Course' not. I just never thought it was your type of book."

"You have read it then?" she asked staring at him.

"Nah. I tried. It's not really to my taste."

"But Robin!" said Star at once, looking distressed. "You do not eat the book. You must read it." Seeing his bemused look she added. "With your eyes."

"But Star I don't eat the books. What gave you t-," He stopped and laughed. "Oh, you mean taste. Well when it's used in that context Star it means it doesn't really suit my preferences. Do you get it?"

Blushing a little the alien girl nodded surprised. "I understand. I am sorry for my mistake."

"No need to be sorry. It's quite a confusing thing to grasp."

Scooting a little nearer to Robin on the couch Star asked another question. "So what book is to your 'taste' friend?"

He looked thoughtful for a moment before clicking his fingers. "I know. Alex Rider. Have you read the books about him?"

"I believe I have not."

"Well they're great. Action, adventure, mystery, the coolest in spy gadgets and death defying stunts. It's like having my life in print!"

Star giggled. "It sounds a lot like you Robin. But does it have no romance?"

Immediately the boy wonder's face became a shade paler. "R-romance?"

"You know! When attraction is felt between a boy and a girl."

Robin pulled his collar nervously. "That's not really my t-thing Star." Seeing her open her mouth to pursue the subject he hastily cast around for another topic. Spotting her book now lying on the couch he snatched it up. "What about this then? Is it actually any good?"

The girl's eyes immediately lit up and Robin cheered mentally. "Indeed. It is a most glorious book. True it is lacking in the romance factor but it more then makes up for it with fantasy."

"You mean like dragons and mermaids and stuff? No thanks."

"No!" Starfire shook her head vigorously. "It is not at all like the fairy tales my Knorflaka used to read to me. It is much more…creative."

Robin shrugged. "Different people like different things I suppose. But since you're on a roll you might as well tell me what it's about."

Twisting her hands together Starfire composed herself. "It is about a boy called Harry Potter-,"

"You don't say," cut in Robin smirking but a punch from Starfire soon caused him to double over in pain.

"Robin! You must not interrupt." Seeing him clutch his arm concern quickly took over. "I did not hurt you?"

Robin grimaced. Was he really going to admit that Starfire (alien strength forgotten) had hurt him? Nu-uh. Male pride did not bear such remarks. "Of course not. Now continue your Majesty."

Still a little worried Starfire placed a finger on her chin. "Where was I? Oh yes. Well this boy is not just a boy Robin. He is a wizard!"

Robin tried to look a little amazed. "Wow!"

"Mhmm! And what is more Robin he goes to a magical school with his friends Ron and Hermyninny."


"It is. And there is the evil wizard I told you about."

"Voll-di-mort?" said Robin teasingly.

"Do not make fun of me," replied Star hotly but her twinkling eyes betrayed her true feelings. "So that is what it's about."

"A boy, his friends and an evil wizard."

Starfire's shoulders sagged a little. "Well…yes…but it's also about loyalty and pride, courage and love, betrayal and sacrifice, doing the right thing…" she faded away but her eyes were shining like gems.

More interested then he wanted to let on Robin prompted her. "And?"

Coming out of her reverie she stared at him. He suddenly realised she was very, very close. Maybe a little too close considering the fact that he could count her eyelashes. "Mostly…it's about magic," she breathed, eyes closing involuntarily. Robin gazed at the beautiful girl before him who was expecting him to kiss her and he realised that if he didn't take the chance she was offering him now it would be the biggest mistake of his whole life. And he had made a few.

When their lips met Robin felt the whole world disappear. It was just him and Starfire and he could never, ever remember feeling this happy, this complete, this whole. There was only one word to describe that kiss…magical. After a few minutes they both pulled apart flushed and shaking. Seeing her there looking ten times more beautiful then before Robin decided to say the first idiotic thing that came into his head. Pulling her close again he whispered, a smirk crossing his face, "I'm definitely going to read Harry Potter."

Authors Note: Sorry. Know this really sucks lol. Hope you found some enjoyment in it anyway.