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Part 1:

As she walked in, Harry felt the change in him immediately. She looked so beautiful. The bride, yes, she was too, but the person Harry couldn't keep his eyes off was the vision to her left, just on the other side of the bride's sister. Her skin was peaches and cream. A bit of makeup had been added to her face with some urging from the bride, but it only enhanced everything she already possessed. There was the illusion of an aura about her as the gold dress shimmered all around her.

Cold. That's all he had felt since Dumbledore's funeral. Since he had told her he had to leave her and that they couldn't be together. Miserable cold. That deep ache you feel when you've lost everything.

Now, he felt some kind of flutter deep in his stomach. It was starting to spread now, but very slowly. Ever since, he had seen her walk down the aisle. He watched as her dress floated briefly in the wind. He felt the air stir from it. He felt it blow, ever so softly, against his leg as she walked toward her brother standing at the altar waiting for his bride.

Somehow, it was over and Harry had not heard a word of the ceremony. Suddenly the couple was introduced as man and wife. The bridesmaids turned to follow them back down the aisle. She turned and she smiled at another of her brothers who was escorting her and looked up to walk out of the garden. Her eyes were slightly misty, as she looked up. Then, she looked around andstared right into his eyes. He saw her hesitate, and the smile faded ever so slightly. But, her eyes didn't leave his until she passed him.

The reception went as beautifully as the wedding. But, Harry didn't notice. He casually shook hands with some of the guests, made some small talk with his friends, but he kept finding excuses to leave their company. It was hard keeping his eyes off her. As, she mingled with the guests her smile became more wooden. Occasionally, she would look over at him and their eyes would meet, but she would quickly look away. Someone refilled Harry's glass and he looked away from her for a moment to utter some thanks. When he looked back a moment later, it was to see her murmur something to their friend, Hermione, then walk away toward the back of the property.

Harry watched her walk next to the side of the hedge until she was no longer in his sight. He felt his feet take the steps that would put her in his sight again. Briefly, he struggled against them and where they would lead him. Soon, he gave up and let them lead him, knowing he was about to make several mistakes. But, he couldn't stop his feet from walking in her direction.

As he rounded the corner, he heard muffled sobs. He stopped several feet away and he saw her on the ground, her dress billowing majestically around her. Her face was covered with her hands.

"Oh, Ginny", he said whispered breathlessly.

Her head raised in surprise. "Harry? No, go away. I don't want you to see me like this." She couldn't help it. With a sob, she dropped her head into her hands again.

Harry couldn't make himself leave. He walked over to her and sat down next to her very carefully. He knew this was about him. But, he couldn't think of one damn thing to help her. He didn't know what to do. It was his fault after all. And there was nothing he could do about it. Except give her what comfort he could and then leave her, probably for the last time.

He reached out to touch her back, and then jerked his hand back. What if she didn't want him to touch her? He didn't have that right anymore. He just had to do something. Her tears were killing him.

"Ginny, may I hold you for just a moment? I know I can't make it better, but I just feel so helpless. If I could just hold you even for a mo…"

Ginny rose up and threw her arms around him. Harry felt the warmth begin to seep back into his body. After a few moments, she stopped crying and spoke.

"You feel it to, don't you Harry?" Ginny asked, as she held him tight.

Surprised, Harry held her back so he could see her face. "What do you mean?"

"It's right again. You know, warm, just better. You know?"

Had she to felt the cold? He stammered slightly, "Of course, Ginny. But, but I can't, I didn't mean to, I mean I feel …"

Ginny wiped her eyes with her hands and said slowly, "I know what you feel Harry. And now I've had time to think, I realize you were mostly right about some things, Harry." Ginny moved to sit next to him. She took his hand and intertwined their fingers together slowly.

"Really, Ginny?" he said frowning slightly. She wiped her eyes and looked pointedly at him.

"Yes, but I said mostly, Harry. You were right that I have to stay behind. I'm underage. And besides my parents, especiallyMom, having an absolute fit, the fact is I'm not allowed to do magic outside of school, yet. Logically, I know all this." She paused.

"But, Harry, you weren't right about breaking up with me." Ginny said firmly.

Panicking slightly, Harry tried to remove her hand from his, but she held on tightly. " How can you say that Ginny? Voldemort has killed just about everyone I've ever loved. I couldn't stand it if he killed you, too. It would just be too much. Please, try to understand what I'm saying. Why are you smiling?" He said looking absolutely puzzled.

Her face had a glow to it and she was looking at him with a dreamy look on her face. "I think you are trying to tell me that you love me. Is that right?"

Ginny ran her other hand through the hair that fell slightly over his scar. She heard his sharp intake of breath. Her smile faded and grew serious.

"You don't have to say it out loud. It's ok. I don't want you to feel more pressure than you already do in that "noble" part of you. That's not what I'm trying to do. But, I do want you to know that I am totally in love with you. I know we're young, but I also know you are it for me, Harry. Whether you come back or not."

"Ginny, that's just..." Harry began, until he saw the familiar stubborn set of her jaw.

"What Harry? Wrong, silly? You can make a lot of decisions, but you can't tell me how to feel. And I know that I love you. Forever. I thought that I loved you before I met you. I know that wasn't realistic, since I didn't really know you. I was too in awe of you and slightly afraid. Back then; all I had was just an idea of you."

"But, then you came home with Ron during the summers- then being around you at school and fighting with you against Voldemort, and I really got to know you. I found out that you were a lot like what I already thought of you. Through time, you became more. Now, you are my friend, you are my protector, and you are my soul. That is the person I love."

Harry looked at her with a stunned look on his face. Ginny took a deep breath. She released his hand and stood up.

"Please, think about it. Give me something to do from here, some way to help. I am not a little girl anymore. I haven't been since Riddle's diary. So, don't treat me that way. We have been through too much together. We have fought the same fights together. I'll stay here for now, Harry like you want me to, but that will have to be enough of a compromise."

Harry was desparately trying to think of something to say when she turned to go, and then she stopped suddenly.

"And think about this while you are busy being noble. Draco can't know we have broken up anymore than Snape. In this case, you are being noble for no reason. I believe you love me back, Harry. And if you do love me, they will be able to sense it. You can't keep them out of your mind. You are just too good, too honest. And know this, Harry Potter. I won't just be waiting for you. Whether you like it or not, I'll be fighting for you, too. Anyway you can use me."

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