Title: Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Author: Stephanie

Summary: A case for the SVU squad brings back an old friend. Unfortunately, he's a suspect.

Disclaimer: I don't own the show or the characters. Although I do own any character you don't recognize :)

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"Damn, I'm exhaused," Olivia murmured as she dropped into her chair. She leaned her chin on her handsand looked across the desks to her partner, "How 'bout you?"

"Ditto!" Elliot sighed, "But I have a day off coming."

"Lucky bastard," Munch commented as he walked by on his way to his desk. Elliot and Olivia managed a laugh as Cragen joined them.

"You," he pointed to Olivia, "hospital. Our vic, Rachel Reid."

Olivia started putting on her coat as Fin walked up to Cragen, "You know anything else about that vic?"

"Female, 28-30. She was found at home, they boyfriend called it in. She's unconscious right now. We'll know more after the rape kit."

"Mind if I go?" he asked.

"Go for it," Elliot said, "You looking for overtime?"

"Not exactly," Fin muttered, "Let's go." He grabbed the keys and Olivia followed him out.


"Detectives Benson and Tutuola. We're looking for a rape victim," Fin said, flashing his badge at the nurse at the desk.

"Which one?" she answered without looking up.

"Rachel Reid," Olivia replied.

"Exam 2."

"Thanks," Olivia led Fin to the exam room. Fin opened the door for Olivia and then followed her inside.

"Detectives, I'm just finishing up," the doctor grabbed a UV light off of a tray. Olivia paused near Fin, who was staring at the victim.

"You okay?" she asked.

"I know her."


"No. Not quite. We worked together for about three weeks. In Narcotics. My partner was shot... drug bust went bad... she was the rookie detective, they gave her to me. Then I transferred to SVU."

"She's a cop," Olivia sighed softly.

"Fluids present, we'll get it to the crime lab," the doctor said, "You know, we're not expecting her to wake up tonight. I'll page you guys."

"Thanks," Olivia said, "Let's get the statement from the boyfriend."

Outside, Fin pointed to a man pacing near a payphone. As the detectives got closer he looked up and hurried over to them, "Olivia."


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