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The moon shone down over the railroad tracks. Heavy footsteps could be heard as a lone figure walked next to the tracks. He was a tall man, somewhere around 6'3, with brown hair and eyes and a powerful build, but his legs looked the most powerful thing on his body. It was decently warm, so he didn't wear a jacket, but rather a fully unbuttoned navy blue shirt with a white t-shirt underneath. He wore very baggy tan cargo pants and heavy shoes. His left hand was fully taped like a fist fighter would have it while his right hand swung by his side. A pair of sunglasses rested in his shirt pocket and a koru necklace hung from his neck. He carried himself straight up with a powerful stride and smiled as he looked up at the sky.

What a night. Been walking for a while now... He looked at his surrondings: grassy plains with a forest outlying them. But there's been good scenery! So, there's not much to complain about. Hope there's a town around so I can get a room... He kept walking and swung his backpack in front of him, and yanked out a rice ball. He swung his backpack over his shoulders again and bit into his snack. He chewed a bit and then grinned.

"That's good food." He swallowed his first bite and was about to take another when he paused. The wind had suddenly picked up. He raised his eyebrow and lowered his rice ball. He stopped walking and looked around as the wind made waves in the grass.

He didn't see anything, so he shrugged and continued walking. Then he heard a distant whooshing. Thinking to be the wind, he didn't think much of it and bit into his snack again. This time, something flew overhead that made a lot of noise, like an aircraft of some sort. He looked up and didn't see anything. Then he noticed something falling from the sky. It was pretty small, and it made a soft thud in the plains. He raised his eyebrow a little. He looked at his snack, then looked at the plains, then the snack again. He shoved the rest of the rice ball into his mouth and chewed as he started to fight his way through the tall grass. He tripped a bit but kept going into the plains. He finally made it to the area where he saw the object fall. He searched around, took a step and then fell flat on his face. "Found it..."

He kicked his legs and was up in an instant. He then bent down and looked at what he tripped over. It was a metal disk about the size of a soccer ball. The disk looked like it was a machinery part. The man looked up, searching the sky for anything. He looked over the disk again, then he swung his backpack over, put the disk in, and swung the backpack over his shoulders again.

"Huh...that was odd..." He made his way over to the tracks again and resumed walking. Then he saw a light a few feet away. It looked like something was phasing in. After a few seconds, a women in a jumpsuit was standing in front of him. She was slightly tall, slender, and had purple hair.

"Okay...this is odd." The woman opened her eyes as he spoke. "Give it back." The man raised an eyebrow. "What?" "I want it back." "You're going to have be a little more specific than that, miss." She drew a glowing baton and brandished it threateningly. "I'm gonna beat you down if you don't give me what I want." The man just smiled. "And what do you want? An ass kicking? 'Cause you're about to be on the recieving end of one if you don't put the toy down and just talk to me." The woman frowned.

"You'd better show some respect, human. I'm Melani Serrac, a monitor of this sector. I've got no problem taking a speciman like you to some of mysuperiors on Mars. Give me back the piece to my ship and I'll leave, and we'll never speak of this again." The man shrugged. "Well, I can see we have a bit of an alien nazi here. Fine, you can have your precious frisbee back. I really don't care." He pulled the disc out of his backpack and handed it to the woman. The woman grabbed the disc, looked it over and then looked at the man. "Thank you. Now you're coming with me!"

She dropped the disc and swung at the man with the baton. The man swung out of the way, and the woman completely missed her attack. As he evaded the attack, he swung his leg and hit the woman in the abdomen, sending her flying back. She flew for a few feet and then landed with a thud in the grass, letting go of her baton in mid-air. The man picked up the baton and the disc and then shoved them into his backpack.

"Well, not only are you a nazi, you can't keep your word? I wonder if you have any honor at all. Oh well. Better luck next time!"

His feet buckled the ground, his hands cut the wind to ribbons, and he was gone.

Melani rolled over and held her abdomen as she groaned. "What a hit...He's fast and strong. Who is that man?" She stood up, still holding her abdomen. "Marsha, take me to my bridge. And find the machinery part, priority one. Without that, we're not going to make it out of the atmosphere." Melani faded out of existance.

The man was breathing a little heavy. "Well, when in doubt...eh...oh well. Can't finish that sentence. Wha...?" Another light appeared next to him. He leapt and cleared a row of trees and landed with a soft thud on the other side. Melani phased into view again. She looked around and growled. "Are you sure you gave me the right coordinates?" She groaned again and rubbed her abdomen. "That worthless being is going to pay for this. Marsha! Take me back to the bridge. Conceal the ship too. We can't risk exposing ourselves." Melani was gone a few seconds later. The man smiled and shook his head.

"Intelligent life-forms. Pah..." He stood up and started to walk down the streets.

Lake Hima, huh? Sounds like fun to me!

He eventaully made it to a small hotel. He strode in and leaned on the desk, looking at the receptionist. "I'd like a room for the night, please. The recptionist yawned and reached for the keys to a room. "Name?" The man smiled.