Dear Asuka...

Early Valentine's Special. JxA. Asuka's been receiving haiku's slipped under her door to start her day: 'Your beauty's breathtaking, Capturing anyone's eye, And anyone's heart.' So, who's Mr. Thoughtful?

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Asuka stared bewilderedly at Judai who, feeling as though he were being stared at, turned and caught her eye before causing her to blush by grinning and winking at her. In response, she 'hmphed' and turned her head away, feigning irritation.

All the students were gawking at Judai and a few gutsy ones decided that cat-calling and howling was absolutely appropriate and necessary.

"WOO!" whistled a boy from the far side of the room. "I didn't know rainbow was your thing, Judai," the boy smirked, causing others to laugh along with him.

Understanding what he meant at this jab, Asuka glared daggers at the boy, murderous intentions in her mind. 'As if that was necessary!' Asuka thought angrily as students around her were howling with laughter with the jokes they whispered amongst themselves. She turned to look at Judai's reaction but was amazed to see that he remained smiling and did not appear at all troubled by his classmates' mocking. He continued to face Dr. Chronos and held his hand out expectantly.

"The haiku must have slipped out of my pocket as I walked in earlier. I'm sorry to have given you any trouble," Judai explained calmly, a grin still on his face. "So I guess, I should just make sure not to lose it again."

There was a pause where Dr. Chronos simply stared at Judai's upturned hand and then he turned away, sneering. "This is no time for jokes, Yuuki Judai. I'd prefer that you not bring your bizarre valentine "fantasies" with you into class. Of course, that joke has cost you your afternoon tea. You can spend it with me in detention."

Asuka froze and stared at Dr. Chronos' back in both shock and anger. How could he possibly say that? When Judai was attempting to sound sincere the man decided to sneer in his face. Her fist clenched and she had the urge to scream and yell at the teacher and perhaps pummel him into the ground when Judai spoke up.

"I'm sorry, sensei," Judai said, bowing his head as he took his seat and there were snickers from people around him.

Being seated higher up, Asuka only had a view of Judai's back and noticed that as he sat, his head remained bowed and his shoulders slumped. Her heart ached. It was a saddening picture to see.


"Class dismissed," called Dr. Chronos causing students to pack their things and leave the room, heading off to their dorms.

Asuka packed slowly, glancing up occasionally to see Judai also taking his time with Shou muttering softly to him. Eventually, the room emptied and Judai, Shou and Asuka were the only ones that remained in the room. Although she had finished packing long ago, Asuka had remained in her seat, staring ahead at Judai who was either ignoring Shou's indignant mutterings about "our classmates are all idiots!" and "they don't know anything, they're just idiots!" or he was listening silently. His packing complete, Judai straightened up and mumbled something to Shou before shouldering the small back pack he had decided to bring today and began heading to the door of the classroom.

As if sensing that they were not alone, Shou turned and glanced over his shoulder, spotting Asuka who continued to gaze after them. He smiled warmly, "Aah, Asuka, will you join us?" he asked politely.

"Oh, uh, of course!" Asuka replied, hastily rushing down the stairs to where Judai and Shou stood waiting patiently.

"Uh, hi," she greeted Judai awkwardly.

"Hi," Judai replied, smiling weakly.

Asuka's mouth hardened into a straight line as she frowned at Judai. "What kind of reaction was that?" she demanded, pointing her finger right into his face forcing him to back away slightly, a look of alarm on his face.

"Whaa? Huh?" Judai said, backing away more from Asuka's finger.

The frown on Asuka's face, if humanely possible, hardened even further into a straight line. "That sounds hardly like you at all Yuuki Judai! Now, smile like you mean it!" Asuka ordered, waving her finger closer to Judai's face.

The alarmed look on Judai's face softened into a genuine smile and a chuckle escaped his lips. At this, Asuka's face softened as well and she returned his smile. "You're absolutely ridiculous, Asuka," chuckled Judai, scratching the back of his head. "And here I thought I was ridiculous but you take the cake."

Asuka's smile brightened. "Thank you, I'll take that as a compliment."


Miraculously, Asuka had managed to wake up before her alarm would ring and being 7:30 and the fact being that she had nothing else to do, she simply laid in bed, staring at the off-white ceiling, wondering if anyone else could be suffering a severely monotonous moment as she was at the current time. The only sound that broke the silence of the room was her breathing and the slushing of snow. 'Wait a minute...' Asuka thought as the sound continued, '...the slushing of snow?' Asuka slowly shifted herself up into a sitting position whilst leaning on the wall at the head of her bed so as to have a better view of the door of her room that led outside. As she stared at the door, she noticed that the gap at the bottom of the door allowed light from outside to seep in and that this light was currently being disturbed. Someone was outside her door.

She gulped and froze, her breathing ceased as she stared at the door and waited silently, watching the shadow that blocked out parts of the light. Then, a small scrap of paper was slipped under the door onto her welcome mat and the shadow gradually vanished. It took a while for her mind to register that the person had just come to her room simply to drop something off. She sighed in relief and got out of bed, making her way towards the door where she picked up the small scrap of paper and gasped when she realised it was another haiku.

'Of all the people, I have ever encountered, you're the one I love.'

Asuka felt like beating her head against the wall. Not because the haiku was bad-it was beautiful once again. But the fact that she had just missed her opportunity to find out who her secret admirer was enough reason to beat her head against the wall.


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