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A Secret Uncovered

Chapter One
The Hidden Cameraman

Danny crashed into the floor, making a large indent in the pavement. He stood up slowly, his body shaking from the pain. This ghost was getting particularly annoying. He turned invisible and flew up towards the giant dragonish ghost whose three heads scanned the area, searching for him. Danny turned visible behind the ghost and cupped both his hands together, releasing a powerful ecto-blast at the body of the ghost. He had long since discovered that hurting each of the heads was out of the question, since that's how the ghost got three heads in the first place. He should have paid more attention to the unit on Greek Mythology in Lancer's class, otherwise he would have known after two heads popped out of the one he destroyed that it was pulling a hydra. So now he ended up facing a three headed giant dragon ghost instead of a one headed giant dragon ghost. Fortunately Sam was able to remind him before he destroyed another head, or he could be in a much worse situation.

The ghost whipped all three of its heads around to face Danny and shot purple ecto-rays at him through their deep purple eyes. Danny started screaming as he was thrown to the ground again. This time, however, he had a hard time getting up. Then he saw a large purple clawed foot overhead and he went intangible as the ghost stepped on him. He flew out of its foot and over to Sam and Tucker who were hiding in an alley nearby.

"I don't know what to do," he breathed, severely weakened. "No matter what I can't hurt it, and if I so much as punch one of the heads it explodes and out pop two more. I don't know what to do!"

"Don't say that Danny, there has to be a way," Tucker comforted.

"How was the hydra killed?" he asked Sam.

"Well, Hercules chopped off one of its heads and then branded it shut so it couldn't grow another in its place. Then he stuck his sword through its heart," the resident Goth of Casper High responded, her violet eyes wide with worry.

"In the Disney version he just caused a landslide and that killed it," the African American boy wearing a red beret answered.

"Tucker, that doesn't help," Sam stated. "I don't think a ghost will be hurt by a landslide."

"But it might be hurt if I burn its neck," Danny said lost in thought. "Wait here, I'll be right back."

He flew off towards the lab, glad that his parents weren't in there. The last thing he needed was his parents interfering. Thankfully they hadn't heard about the attacking ghost, otherwise he'd have to worry about five heads. He grabbed the invention he was looking for and returned to the scene.

"What's that?" Tucker asked as Danny landed next to them.

"This is one of my parent's new inventions. It sprays out goo that burns a ghost's skin. I think this may be exactly what this ghostly hydra needs, a ghost version of branding."

As Danny was about to fly towards the hydra, his sister Jazz came running down the street and turned into the alley. "Danny, I came as soon as I found out. The ghost alarm's been tripped, and Mom and Dad are getting prepared. It's probably only a short time before they come, and Valerie too. So, I suggest you finish this ghost pronto."

"What do you think I've been trying to do?" Danny asked his red headed sister fiercely. "Nothing I have does anything, other than give it more heads."

"You mean like the hydra?" she asked.

"How does everyone but me know about that story?" Danny asked in annoyance.

"I thought everyone did. It's a common myth that most people..."

"Jazz, I don't have time right now; I need to get rid of this ghost," Danny interrupted as he flew off towards the ghost. He flew high above it to get some leverage and shot an ecto-blast at one of its heads. The head blew up and Danny quickly coated the gaping neck with the goo. He saw the ghost's neck start to burn as the ghost screamed in pain. He noticed the new heads trying to burst through the burnt ectoplasm of the neck but failing miserably.Danny smiled in triumph and flew over to the other two heads and repeated the process. Once headless, the ghost didn't prove that much of a threat and Danny had it in the thermos in no time.

Tucker, Sam, and Jazz ran out to join him in the street as he shut his trusty Fenton Thermos, glad the hydra was able to fit.

"See, I knew you could do it!" Sam comforted excitedly as she put a warm hand on Danny's frigid shoulder.

"Nice use of mythology little brother," his sister complimented as she ruffled his snow white hair. "But I thought you didn't know the story of the hydra."

"Well, it was Sam's idea actually. Well, at least the burning it's neck part. Everything else was all me," Danny bragged.

"Hey, what about me?" Tucker asked, feeling left out.

"You didn't help," Sam replied. "You just suggested a landslide."

The three of them laughed and Tucker eventually joined in.

"Well, shall we continue our trip to the mall before we have to awkwardly answer questions from my parents?" Danny asked as two white rings of light surrounded his waste moving in opposite directions up and down his body, changing his black and white jumpsuit to a white t-shirt and jeans, his glowing green eyes to icy blue, and his snow white hair to a dark black.

"I'll see you three later," his sister stated as she walked off back towards the house.

"Jazz, would you like to come with us?" Danny asked, hating to single his sister out. She sacrificed so much of her time to help him and ended up hanging out with his friends more than her own. He hated making her feel left out of the group when she did just as much as the rest of them.

"Thanks, but no," she replied smiling. "I'm going to do my homework, which you should be doing."

"That can wait. Right now I'm going to spend a few ghost free hours at the mall with my two best friends," he stated as his friends started walking towards the mall, their original destination. They failed to see a tall, thin man with dark hair standing in a window in a nearby building with a video camera, smiling at the amazing footage he'd just received.

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