A young man stood on the offset of a cliff overlooking a decomposing warfront. The field, now lifeless yet threatening, was steeped in the crimson life liquid of so many dead, as gashes on it seeped choked fumes that grapevined to the sky in pursuit of the souls departed heavenward.

The wind picked up slightly. As the man's hand shot to his well kempt hair, the amalgam stench of rotting flesh and gunpowder assailed his keen nostrils and a single tear struggled out of an eye and crept down his childish face.

He scooped it up and viewed it with awe in the rays of the soon to set sun.

As he turned slowly, he glimpsed a stab of orange disappearing downhill, into the eaves of the shady forest ahead.

He smiled...

"This road has already been taken. I must make my own, not trace the one of another. My will and not this wind will carry me now." he whispered.


In the depths of the Kamiya dojo, in the gathered darkness, a man bolted up from his cozy futon. An instant later he had calmed, his hand closed around his love's small and calloused palm.

As he was lulled back to sleep by her warmth and gentle breathing, he smiled. His trials over, his burden now in the past. It was someone else's turn to smile at all odds and cry only when the heaven's cried.


Somewhere many miles away, a figure, asleep, huddled on the soft earth beneath the stars, smiled his never-ceasing smile, though his troubles were far from over.


Well my dear readers I'm back with another One-shot. Hope u like this. I'm rather proud of it and of my Beta Sueb262(three cheers for Sue-sama)...

U may have realized that Battousai/Kenshin has never had "well kempt" hair. This is also the last time Kenshin is Battousai (except Saito fights and fanfictions) willingly.

This came to me in the darkness of the night after I had a strange conversation with a friend, Jasmine Reineir...so thanks go to her too.

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