The Empty Grave
Part 2:- A Tomb by any Other Name.
Introduction and summary.

This is the second part of a multi-crossover epic I am working on. In total I plan to have three parts, each one devoted to the show the crossover is centred on. The last one had the main protagonist entering the universe of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, here he's just arrived at the SGC at the end of season six (the episode we start with is "Prophecy"). I strongly suggest you read the first part of the story before this one. It is called; "The Empty Grave:- Part One" but if you can't find it there is a (limited) summary after this disclaimer;

I do not own Stargate-SG1 / Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Star Wars. Thus any and all characters used in this story are not mine:-

Stargate-SG1 is owned by MGM and Gecko

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is owned by 20th Century Fox and Mutant Enemy inc

Star Wars is owned by 20th Century Fox and Lucasarts.

Summary of Part 1:- A New Journey:-
After finding his wife's grave (shortly after the destruction of the first Death Star) Darth Vader proceeded to destroy it in a fit of rage and grief. This act caused a great rift in space, sending Vader hurtling through time and space until he landed in Sunnydale. He found himself sometime during the events at the end of season six of Buffy (the death of Tara and Willow's revenge using dark magic).

Darth Vader sensed the dark magic that Willow was using. Knowing it to be Dark Force energy he hunted the witch in an effort to twist her into an apprentice. Fortunately by the time he found her she had already been talked down by Xander Harris.

Undeterred by this turn of events the Sith lord attempted to force Willow to join him. After the first attempt failed Willow and Xander fled to their friends for help. Darth Vader tracked them and bested the group, on mass, before they trapped him and fled, in search of a more effective plan. The third time he encountered them he left no obstacle in his way, save for Willow. After a battle of wills Willow revealed to Darth Vader the names of his children. Knowing that he had tortured his own daughter he suffered a catastrophic brake down.

After days of recovering from this event what emerged was a new man. Now naming himself simply "Vader" the former Sith returned to his Jedi teaching and helped Buffy fight of a invasion by the harbingers of the First. After much deliberation the Dark Jedi chose to search for a way home, back to help his children and defeat the emperor. However with no way to get back to his home galaxy and limited knowledge of "this" galaxy he chose to travel the globe in search of a form of magic that could help him return…

Despite travelling for just over a year all he found was a small round stone in the possession of George Lucas that used both the Force and technology combined. This stone is what Lucas used to see into Vader's galaxy and write his stories. Now he knows where to go but how to get there is another question.

A question that's answered in the next chapter (it's just a click away).