The Empty Grave
Part 2:- A Tomb by Any Other Name.

General Hammond had long ago become used to odd reports, when the President called and told him several million dollars of gold had vanished from Fort Knox he had a fair idea where it had gone.

About an hour later SG-1, Vader and three girls came down the spiral stairs. 'Colonel O'Neill!'

'Talk to the dark lord Sir. It's his idea.'

Once again in this black armour Vader looked over the embarkation room. 'They are my guests General. Buffy Summers, her sister Dawn Summers and their friend Faith Leanhn.'

'Vader, you single handily have put this entire facility at risk to public exposure. Threatened the planet with a third world war, stole millions from the national gold reserve and now you reveal top secret information to complete strangers?'

'I know. I was hoping to do something completely outrageous before I left. I sent four air men to collect the equipment I bought. Within the day I will have finished on this world.'

Jack was in the control room as the air men carried the stones and crystals into the Gate room. He heard Vader's asthmatic breathing slide next to him. 'I am ready.'

Jack turned to say something but Vader had already moved away, heading up the stairs to the briefing room. He followed.

'General Hammond; I will be leaving within the hour. I wish to apologise for not being the most gracious or cordial of guests. My urgency often overrode what manners I have.'

The General swallowed; 'I understand, Thank you.' An hour ago George had gotten another phonecall from the president, the result was three visitor passes for the girls and a very haggered Major-General

'You don't have to do this you know.' It was the brunette Dawn Summers, she was close to tears.

'Little Dawn. I don't think you know how close we truly are. We are both of the Force, that makes you my sister in every way that matters. I'll miss you as much as you me. Be strong.'

Vader visibly set his shoulders. 'As long as I am saying goodbye:- Colonel, you and several others here have access to the Force. You have trusted your instincts for years, your reactions and skill are the product of that trust. Never lose it.

'Teal'c; Freedom is never lost as long as hope prevails. Believe in victory and it will be.

'Major; Keep the Bike.

'Jonas; this isn't your home. Your training here is almost complete, you will know when to return to your homeworld. Use your time here well and it will help more thn you know.

'And Dear Buffy. You found it so difficult to be a general, the leader of your men. You're not a general. You're a warrior, all of them are thanks to you. Don't give up your destiny, not all is ashes yet, and the poet's heart will beat.'

With that he swept from the room. But at the door he stopped. 'Miss Carter; I have said all I needed to say. But the words mean more than sound.'

Dawn burst out laughing as the black armoured man headed to the Gate room. 'What's so funny young lady?' the General asked.

'He's still a hopeless romantic!' she said between laughs.

Jonas frowned, trying to figure that one out. Jack had a very good idea what he was talking about and from the others face's so did they. 'I don't get it.' the young alien finally admitted.

'You are not intended too Jonas Quinn' Teal'c boomed, a smile tugging the corners of his mouth.

Vader had never tried to do anything like this before. He had never done anything like this alone. He set the last crystal in place on his focusing alter before picking up the Oak staff. 'Words are the structure of thought. Thought is the building blocks of reality.' he said aloud, banishing the twinge of trepidation. Opening his mind the once Lord of the Sith, former Jedi knight felt his soul merge with the energy of the world.

In front of him the crystals glowed deep green before slowly shifting through a rainbow of light. With a grand sweep of his staff he blew the silo doors open, buckling steel and earth in a cacophony of noise but there was no sound. The very air froze as all the energy that moved it was sucked into the stone block.

With a roar of silent pain Vader rammed the staff in the precise centre of the crystal prism. The very air erupted in a Force storm that would have shattered the world had he not sent it like an arrow deep in to the sun.

The gate room was shattered, cables and glass scattered like a bomb had half demolished the place. Behind him the Colonel asked if it was done.

'No it will take 19 minutes before the energy gets back here.' Little Dawn said, a catch in her small voice


'The time it takes light to get from here to the sun. sir.'

He swallowed; 'I don't think I can take something like that again. There was someone shouting in my head, I couldn't even hear the words just the pain...'

'...just the power of those words,' Little Dawn said. 'He's using the Force. We're both sensitive to it. Jonas has already collapsed. We have, what quarter of an our to get ready.'

'I do not believe you have that long Dawn Summers.'

Vader had began the next part. Rising the white staff high with one hand he began slowly dialling the Stargate with his other. The great stone ring spun in time with that outstretched, claw like, glove. Slowly grinding mineral against mineral. Deep inside electrical energy lanced across ancient conduits in a slow dance.

The gate room grew brighter.

The orange chevrons pulsed to life.

The staff grew hot.

The stone spun faster.

The solar flare scorched the black of space.

Behind him a grown man screamed.

The room grew ever brighter.

The staff called a white lance from the heavens.

The spinning stone glowed red with heat.

Vader, champion of the Force, felt his friends pain.

The solar burst struck the dark figure.

The alter burst in flame.

Concrete melted.

Vader threw the burning staff through the Stargate.

There was no splash.

The very fabric of reality bent to the javelin of light.

'Forgive me for what I had to do.'

The warped space folded into the hollow stone ring.

'Forgive me the pain.'

The wormhole formed, a spinning funnel lost in infinity.

'I wish I never had to come here.'

The back armoured shade was sucked into that vortex and the maelstrom stopped dead. The gate room was empty. The people in the control room, knocked out from the pain, slept as computer banks scattered their microchips across them.

The main hall of the Jedi temple was empty. All the younglings and Padawans were left on their own to meditate in their rooms. All but one youngling was still there, a small child peaked her head around one of the grand columns. She had been drawn to the grand entrance hall by a vision, someone was coming from far away. Nothing was going to be the same, everything was about to change. She could feel it in the Force. High above the small girl-child the grand rosary window slowly ground in its fittings. Glass glowed, covering the hall in rainbows of light. The shadows retreated with the silence of night. Great granite stone coverings cracked across the wall and shattered revealing the moving stars.

From every door they came, the sound the ruined stone made against the polished floor was nothing compared to the roar in the Force that drew them there. As suddenly as the ring had started it stopped and a crystal lit up in a bright blue. Then it started again. Soon all the crystals burned with the cold light, each light pulsing with raw Force energy.

An explosion of energy shattered the inset stained glass, changing the hall from a peaceful multicoloured hue to a dancing white light. Jedi trainees of all ages scattered from the falling shards, amongst the glass a wooden pole flew ahead of the pond like vortex and buried itself in the middle of a stone slab in the temple floor. Nothing happened.

After the eternity of seconds the pond rippled, as if a stone had been tossed into the other side. Something black fell to the ground.

With a speed born from grace the man shape that had fallen slowly stood up. He was easily the tallest man anyone had ever seen and as he towered above them, his breathing rasping out with a mechanical hiss; they all heard him whisper 'Younglings?'

End Part 2:- A Tomb by Any Other Name.


So, after a longer stay than I had planned, Vader makes it back home to the Jedi temple. You should be able to guess what has happened but as for what happens next you'll have to wait. Other stories are spawning across my hard drive and I would like to finish them before I start the final instalment of this one. But don't worry, I'll have a link on my Bio to it and until then more stories are going to be finished and new ideas are coming!

Thomas Fishwick
AKA Mountain King