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My Fair Woman

Bulma sat up in bed the sun barely making it through the dark shaded curtains of her room. She blinked her eyes confused taking a look at the alarm clock on the bedside table

"Seven o'clock" she murmured to herself. Placing a hand on her forehead she let out a heavy sigh. The last thing she remembered was getting home at around two o'clock in the morning and drifting off to a sound and placid dream; her work clothes were still on. Inventory month had hit, as it always did, same month of every year. She couldn't help but to think that every year was worse than the last; the whole thing would get her stressed enough to even dream about it blowing all up in her face. She widened her eyes trying to clarify her blurry sight. Her phone went off. She cringed at the sound annoyed. Early morning calls often meant something went wrong. She picked up

"Hello?" she answered groggily

"Why hello! Don't tell me you're still sleeping? You have to do inventory-"

"Ugh, don't even start with me Chichi" Bulma replied at her perky and energetic sometimes annoying yet still one-of-a-kind friend Chichi

"I was trying to keep up with your busy-ness since that's all you're about these days. In reality, however, I think you sound terrible. You should just ditch inventory and have a cup of coffee at my place. It's on the house" she proposed. Bulma thought for a second

"Coffee from Chichi's sounds great Chi I'm not gonna lie" she sighed "I just don't have the time. Inventory has to be done by tomorrow at six o'clock in the afternoon. We just got through halfway yesterday and-"

"Well I don't pretend for you to stop by here. You are, after all, my best customer. I guess I can stop by to bring you some" Chichi said. Bulma's face brightened

"You would do that? For me?" she asked excited. Chichi tsked

"And just what kind of friend do you take me for? I know how bad you need it-"

"SO bad, you can't imagine" Bulma interrupted desperate. Chichi giggled some

"Fine I'll head over there as soon as I can find Goku. You know he's in charge of the culinary area. We've been baking since three, as usual, and I haven't seen him in a while" she said. Bulma smiled

"Still amazes me how Goku is up so early in the morning to bake food" she said. Chichi shrugged her shoulders

"Well it is his passion. I don't think Goku would be the same without food" the girls shared a laugh

"Let me see if I can find him so I can hand the coffee shop over to him and I can go to Capsule Corp. Expect me at around eight thirty" she said. Bulma nod

"Will do. Thank you so much! I owe you big time!..."

The Day Begins

"Bulma, Mr. Radisson called. He said-"

"No calls until tomorrow. Leave a message" Bulma cut off speaking to her secretary as she entered the CC building. Her pointy black boots resounded on marble-tiled floor marking her rather fast steps. She carried a black leather briefcase on one hand and a newspaper with her cell phone in the other. Finally making it to the elevator she placed the briefcase on the floor grabbing her id card, clipped on the front pocket of her white blouse, and sliding it through the slot that read 'Ms. Bulma Briefs – President.' The doors to the elevator closed. She sighed clipping the card back on her blouse. She fixed her blouse some making sure it didn't look wrinkly then looked at her dark grey pants making sure they looked ironed. Her cell phone rang. She breathed out picking up

"Bulma" she said. The voice on the other end spoke

"We have a lot of shit going on today, Briefs"

"I know that Pete. I'm almost there" she replied irate. Pete breathed out

"Yes! I know you know. Xiao Li called in sick. We have no director of car-capsule inventory. Who the hell are we going to get the lists from and where are we going to-" Bulma let the hyped-up man go on and on as she tried to problem-solve in her head. Stress began to build up. The man took a break leaving her with space to talk

"I can take care of the car-capsules lists. I have them in my office because I worked on those with Xiao 'til late last night. Call Robinson. Tell him we need the lists from his department. How many departments do we have left?" she asked. Pete sighed

"We have appliances, electronics, vacation packages, dining rooms and living rooms" he informed. Bulma shut her eyes tiredly frustration starting to take over her. She looked in front of her I can't think overwhelming. I have to think one thing at a time

"Ok" she said "now that we have inventory done for all the other departments it'd be a good thing to call in the directors so they can help out. We need as many people as we can on this. It'll help us get done a lot faster. We don't have a lot of time. Vacation packages, living rooms, and dining rooms are three broad departments to do inventory for-"

"So I'm going to be calling-?"

"You're going to call the directors of the departments that are interlinked with the departments we have left. So Robinson is the director of house-capsules inventory; call him so he can help with both the living room and the dining room-capsule inventory. Raditz Son is the director of kitchen-capsules inventory; call him so he can help out with the appliances. I will handle car-capsule inventory with Li on the phone. We have everything under control. Call Krillin Roshi for electronics-capsule inventory. He's the assistant director of the department but knows almost as much as King does. Who can we call for vacation packages?" she asked the elevator ringing as it reached the floor to Bulma's office

"Good Morning Ms. Briefs" she heard the peaceful pre-recorded voice of the elevator as the doors opened. She breathed out calmness washing over her. Every time she stepped in her office it was just a constant for her to feel that way. Her office was huge with big windows everywhere and all around her. She could see all sorts of buildings built around hers. For more than a hundred years hers had stood strong. Once her father's and now hers; there was nothing more she could ask for, really. The office was big enough to have a living room, a 115' plasma TV and a chimney for when the cold days hit. She loved it. She loved being able to breath in achievement and exhale success. She loved being able to live a dream she had endlessly worked for. That's what her office reminded her off. Her dream; the one and absolute thing she had wanted ever since she was a kid. To her nothing could outdo being an over-achiever not when she had gotten this much out of it

"Pierre" she heard a voice say reminding her that she was still on the phone

"What department is Pierre again?" she asked. The man paused pensive

"Vacation transportation" they said in unison. Bulma smiled

"Call him. Call me back if he presents any issues" she said. Pete nodded

"Sure will. How you can keep your cool in situations like these will never cease to amaze me sweets" he said. Bulma smiled wider

"Why thank you. Call me back" with that she put an end to the cell-phone conversation. She walked towards her desk a woman with dark long black hair seating on the chair across it

"You're here already?" Bulma asked placing her briefcase on her desk. Chichi smiled

"I just got here too. I have a request though" she said. Bulma sat reaching over to grab her cup of coffee

"All ears" she said sipping some coffee and rolling her eyes in pleasure. The coffee from Chichi's coffee shop was the best no doubt. Chichi cleared her throat as if what she was about to ask for was something of severe importance

"Ok. My request is rather simple. Can you talk to your secretary?" she asked. Bulma giggled

"I knew I forgot something. I'm so sorry-"

"It's ok" Chichi replied quite irritated. Bulma breathed out

"Ah Chichi, you know she doesn't hate you she just can't let you in for security purposes. She'd get fired if she did-"

"Which she did anyway" Chichi pointed out. Bulma raised a brow

"Did you threaten her?" she asked. Chichi nodded

"Put a fist on her face and everything" she described. Bulma shook her head

"Not surprising. I'll talk to Sienna later and let her know that you're an exception" she said. Chichi nod

"Fair enough. How's inventory so far?" she asked. Bulma scoffed

"We're kinda running out of time. I'm calling directors from all departments done so they can help out with the ones left. We saved the big ones for last this year. Big mistake" she said. Chichi sighed

"Yeah. We did that last year and things were a bit more hectic than they should've been" she said. Bulma sipped some more of her coffee

"Oh well. Work is work. Tell me about married life" she said. Chichi's eyes sparkled

"Well" she breathed profoundly "it's a dream. I feel like I'm walking on clouds" she said. Bulma smiled

"Aw. Chichi! I'm so happy for you guys" she said. Chichi and now husband, Goku, had married no less than two months ago. They met at Chichi's Café about a year before the nuptial; she was the owner of the café and he had come to apply for a job as manager of the culinary area which his brother, who worked for Bulma, had recommended. No sooner they met and they loved, they dated for almost a year before they wedded

"He's such a good man I have to say" Chichi continued "he's just so honest and sweet and incredibly loyal, a gentleman first-class. His lips are so sexy and he's just so strong with his muscles and his hair and I just love every bit of him" she squealed. Bulma shook her head. If there was one thing this woman was for this man it was definitely crazy in love

"Sometimes he's a little too careless for me…but that makes up for me caring way too much for everything" she added. Bulma nodded

"Well that's good. Equals don't match. I can tell you that" she said. Chichi smiled

"I know. He makes my skin crawl. Let me tell you Bulma you cannot marry a man if your body doesn't long for him. You'll be miserable. You know how they say that sixty percent of relationships is time? Forty percent has got to be your desire for him. It just has to be. There's no way you can make it work without the sex" she said. Bulma giggled

"Oh Chichi. You know you were always a little addicted to sex" she pointed out. Chichi thought for a second

"That's a good point you've come across there, B, but let's not forget college is referred to as the experimenting/crazy years people go through-"

"Right…'referred to' by whom?" Bulma asked. Chichi scoffed

"By many researchers and philosophers-"

"Bullshit. Come on Chichi. It's ok to be liberal" Bulma said. Chichi tsked

"Whatever. How's your love life?" she asked. Bulma almost choked on her coffee

"Excuse me-"

"How's your love life?" she asked again. Bulma's expression became somewhat sad

"I don't know how to answer that. It's kind of pathetic really" she said. Chichi motioned with her finger for her to go on. Bulma sighed

"Fine I ended my engagement to Yamcha about eight months ago-"


"Yeah well I don't feel sad at all. I actually feel happy I have all this time to dedicate to my career. Isn't that sad to you?" she asked. Chichi shrugged her shoulders

"As sad as it can get in the concept of what we do. It's not sad for a goal-oriented person like you Bulma. You can't blame yourself for not being ready to get married. You're at the peak of your career-"

"I know. I just feel horrible like remorse is eating me up. I feel terrible for what happened-"

"Ok with all due respect here. Yamucha was a good man and all. You guys had everything well under control as far as finances went with you being the president of Capsule Corp and him being the corporate finance consultant for one of those big TV networks. From the outside it's hard to see what went wrong. You guys spent three amazing years together and you were a great couple but" Chichi sighed "I can't tell you enough times" she looked into her eyes serious "nothing will ever prepare you for what married life actually is. You can hear it from me, you can hear it from 18, you can hear it from Krillin or Raditz whoever you want. Truth is marriage is something you have to be a hundred percent sure you want to do. If you're indecisive, even the slightest bit, don't do it" she said. Bulma looked down

"We were a great couple weren't we?" she looked up "I miss him sometimes" she confessed. Chichi shook her head

"You miss the idea of you guys. It was three years you know" Chichi said. Bulma shrugged her shoulders

"I wouldn't know" she said melancholic. Chichi tsked

"Now Bulma I'm sure you hadn't thought about Yamucha 'til I mentioned him" she said. Bulma looked around pensive

"Actually" she started "I've been thinking about him a lot lately" she said. Chichi sighed out

"You need to go out, that's what you need. You have too much time to yourself. You think about him because you have enough time to think about him. Come to my party tomorrow night" she suggested. Bulma widened her eyes at the absurd proposition

"Ha! Right! A miracle needs to happen so we can get through with inventory tonight. If we don't we're pretty much done for. Tomorrow we only have time to make corrections and fax the final numbers. I'm pretty sure I'm pulling an all-nighter today so I'm going home to sleep as soon as we're done tomorrow-"

"Correction, you're going to my party as soon as you're done tomorrow" Chichi cut off. Bulma sighed

"Chichi, no"

"Come on, Bulma. Goku and I are finally moved in. Everyone's coming to see the place and chat it out. It'll be fun. I promise it won't be one of those boring gatherings" she said. Bulma gave her an I-don't-believe-you face

"AND if it is" Chichi continued "there'll be champagne and beer. You can get drunk. I promise it won't be boring though" she said. Bulma smiled

"I have to work the next day-"

"Take the day off! You owe it to yourself! I left my dad in charge" she said. Bulma shook her head

"I wish I could do that. Unfortunately I take a day off and my company may very well crash and burn" she said. Chichi groaned in protest

"Please Bulma. We're all gonna be there. 18, Krillin, Raditz, Tien, Marron, Neo, Yamcha, 17, Piccolo, Goku of course, his friend Vegeta-"

"What Vegeta are we exactly talking about here?" Bulma asked curious. Chichi held her breath

"V-Vegeta O-Ouji?" she stammered. Bulma's frame tightened

"I see" she said

"What?" Chichi asked concerned. Bulma breathed uneasily

"N-nothing. I've had to…uh…deal with him in the past" she said. Chichi remained speechless as if waiting for a more detailed explanation. Bulma breathed out

"Well he's the CEO for a technology co-op. The company was founded in Tokyo and it has headquarters all over the world. He's in control of the US headquarters. They specialize in bringing out the latest technological services and supplying it to different companies so they can use it to further their own development. We provide tech-capsules for them. That's how I know him" she finished. Chichi nodded

"I see" she sighed "well he's a very attractive man. He's got like an edge to him that makes him quite irresistible. Women can't seem to control themselves around him" she mentioned. Bulma shrugged her shoulders

"I wasn't lured. He's a client so I must have overlooked his physical appearance. I was aware of his arrogance. Quite prominent--" Bulma's phone rang cutting their conversation short. She hit the speaker button


"I got everyone Briefs. We're starting with the vacation package first. Where are you at?" Pete spoke. Bulma widened her eyes. Time had flown by quickly. She had completely forgotten about inventory

"I'm just about to get started" she replied

"Good. I'll keep you posted" he said. Bulma nodded

"Ok" they hung up. Bulma stood from her seat

"Thank you so much for coffee Chichi. I really appreciate it" she said giving her a friendly hug. Chichi hugged her back

"You're welcome. Please, please, please consider the party. That's all I want" she said. Bulma breathed hard

"I will try to go. TRY. No promise" she stated. Chichi squealed

"You won't regret it. Trust me…"

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