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My Fair Woman

"BULMA!" Bulma answered her phone a cranky loud voice coming from the other end of the line

"Hey Chi-"

"New York Times front page" Chichi said restless. Bulma widened her eyes. She took a look at the clock resting on the bedside table

"Eight o'clock" she smiled letting herself fall back to a full stack of feather pillows that decorated her queen sized feather bed. Eight o'clock in the morning was sleeping in for her. She had successfully managed to sleep a whole night. That was quite an achievement

"Bulma!" she heard Chichi's voice

"What?" she pressed the phone to her ear again. Chichi breathed out

"Haven't you heard!?" she asked. Bulma raised a brow

"Heard what?" she asked. Chichi tsked frustrated

"Turn on the news. Right now" she ordered. Bulma reached for the remote on her night table turning the TV on just as Chichi told her to

"…what's probably the biggest news in the US; it's quite an anomaly, if you will. Kao Karamoto has just announced that Karamoto Enterprises will officially be cooperating with Capsule Corporation in their most recent capsule integrated project. Capsule Corporation owner, Dr. Briefs, confirmed the temporary union early this morning saying 'it will be beneficial for us to have the latest technology on hand when developing this new set of integrated capsules. It will help us advance to a much brighter future' Dr. Briefs made a very large and promising payment to Kao Karamoto in which he leased buildings, very well financed stocks, and headquarters around the world. CC president, Bulma Briefs, could not be reached for comment. US Karamoto Enterprises CEO, Vegeta Ouji, could not be reached for comment either. This is definitely the news. Can you say monopoly--" Bulma shut her TV off

"Did you see it?" Chichi asked. Bulma looked straight ahead of her with a blank expression

"I can't talk right now Chichi. I'll call you later"

"But-" Bulma hung up before she could say another word. She dropped the remote. Her phone went off again. She looked at the caller ID and immediately frowned

"Father" she answered her phone "you and me, private, NOW!" she hung up jumping off her bed and directing herself to her walk-in closet to find something decent to wear before meeting with her father…

Karamoto Enterprises

"We've being compromised!" Vegeta's voice could be heard through the hallways of the big building

"No we haven't Ouji. I'm just lending our services to them for a short period of time. Briefs is an old friend of mine and he needed help with the technology so he could develop a new set of capsules. That's all" the owner of Karamoto Enterprises, Mr. Kao himself, attempted to soothe Vegeta down with a peaceful expression and tone of voice "he offered 50 billion for everything, the stock markets, the headquarters, the equipment, the space on the spectrum, everything, I couldn't refuse it. You've been a good CEO maybe the best we have in all our headquarters put together. I need you with a good mindset on this project. It could open many doors for us-"

"I don't give a shit. Merging with Capsule Corporation is the biggest mistake you've ever made. It's a setback. All of our projects will be delayed because of this. We won't be able to develop newer technology. We won't have any time. The new router signals, the satellite setup and positions, everything we've worked for you've fucked it up!" Vegeta exclaimed angered. The man backed up frightened

"Calm down, Ouji. Look I'll split the winnings with you if that's what you want but I need you on this. Our reputation world-wide will be high if we get it right. Dr. Briefs is a very powerful man. He can get us up there-"

"I don't care about the damn money! If I have to put my pride aside to work with that bitch-"

"Actually you'll be working for her" Kao interrupted "she'll be…uh…telling you what to do" he added nervously. Vegeta grunted

"Shit" he looked away extremely infuriated. Kao breathed heavily

"I'm gonna bring in my team from Tokyo just so they can keep working with what you guys have so far while you work at Capsule Corporation. It's a six to eight months operation. All I ask is for you to stay focused through it. That's all" said the president. Vegeta swallowed hard

"Sure" he murmured under his breath "why not…"

Capsule Corporation

"I just don't think it's best for the company" Bulma and her father, Dr. Briefs, sat in the spacious living room inside his bedroom in a heated argument about Dr. Briefs' decision concerning the company's near future

"Now Bulma, Vegeta Ouji is a smart man. We could use him. We're stuck with the-"

"What could we use him for!?" Bulma interrupted outraged "I'm just as smart if not smarter than he is. I can do the job-"

"Bulma you just got done with inventory. This was a hell of a week. You have to get back to work Monday and there are a lot of things you need to be taking care of enough to have to resign to your post so you we can use your intel for capsule integrated modules. It's not necessary. Vegeta will do" he father assured. Bulma looked away

"How long is he going to be here?" she asked in a softer tone

"Six months, eight tops. He'll be under your command. I assume you'll have no problem taking care of this" her father spoke sternly. Bulma nod once

"Sure" she agreed clearly not wanting to. Her father stared suspicious

"I understand there's a conflict of interests involved" he said making her look up at him "it shouldn't be a distraction for you. Or should I believe otherwise?"

"No father" said Bulma submissively "it won't be trouble at all" she slid a strand of her hair behind her ear breathing heavily

"Good" Dr. Briefs smiled "now that this is all cleared up your mother is waiting for us out in the balcony. She wants to have lunch" he said

"I'll be there in a minute" said Bulma as her father stood from the couch "I need to settle some numbers down"

"Sure" said Briefs walking out the bedroom silent. Bulma stared after him then rolled her eyes in annoyance

"Why me?" she looked to the sky hoping the gods would hear her and pity her…

The Doctor

Chichi had been feeling sick for a while. Her stomach was killing her. The smell of just about everything made it turn giving her bad nausea. Being that she worked at a coffee shop where all kinds of smells circled the place consistently she decided it was best to pay a visit to her family doctor which was always available for her and could prescribe some medicine to make her feel better

"Hello Chichi" the doctor walked in his office where Chichi was already seated waiting for him

"Hello Charles" she smiled as they shook hands

"It's been a while" said Charles "how's married life treating you?"

"It's pretty good" Chichi smiled sheepishly "we're incredibly in love"

"That's good to hear" Charles smiled "Goku's a good man"

"He is" Chichi affirmed. Charles nod at her

"Now let's see here" he looked at her records. Chichi stared silent as he read through the pages "looks like you're having bad stomach cramps" he looked up at her

"Yeah at first I thought I had eaten something too heavy for my stomach" said Chichi "but its Sunday and I still feel queasy" she added

"When did the cramps start?" the doctor asked

"Last Monday" Chichi answered. The doctor wrote the information on a blank page inside her records

"Are you close to having your period?" he asked next. Chichi nodded

"I'm actually supposed to be on it…but I'm irregular so it's always a couple of days early or late" she said. The doctor breathed in locking eyes with her

"Well Chichi I would like to run a couple of blood tests to check your iron and folic acid levels. I would also like to test for pregnancy-" Chichi cringed at the sound of the word "just to rule it out" the doctor clarified "I want to make sure it has everything to do with your period. How's that?" he asked. Chichi nod

"Fair enough…"

Chichi's Café

"Hello" Krillin greeted as he entered the coffee shop speaking to Goku who was resting with his elbows on the bar watching the TV above it. Sunday wasn't much of a busy day at Chichi's Café

"Hey man" Goku turned to look at the shorter male "what's going on?"

"Not much" the engaged in a handshake "you're watching the Capsule Corp thing?" asked Krillin

"Yeah, you guys are merging with Karamoto Enterprises?" asked Goku. Krillin shrugged his shoulders

"Temporarily" he nod "yes"

"Will there be budget cuts?" asked Goku. As naïve as he was for every other topic they discussed Goku was very business-oriented. Why wouldn't he be? Thought Krillin he has been handling his own business for over ten years

"I doubt it" Krillin replied "their 'help" he said with irony "will only last six months. It's not enough to have a significant impact on employee wages"

"I see" said Goku "what about you guys' positions? Will there be unit modifications once the Karamoto teams get there?" he further interrogated. Krillin hesitated to answer

"No" he shook his head uncertain. Truth was he was just hoping there weren't unit modifications. He would have to leave his position to let someone foreign to the company run it and he sure wasn't ready to do that just yet. He had gotten his position almost a year ago and was starting to get used to it when the news hit

"How's 18?" Goku asked changing the topic. Krillin broke from his daze

"She's good, a little bitchier than usual. I think she's about to hit her monthly deadline" he said

"What do you mean?" Goku raised a brow

"I mean she's about to be on her period" Krillin stated the obvious. Goku nod

"Ohh I see. Yeah Chichi's about there too. She hasn't been loud this month though" the men stood pensive looking for an explanation to such an odd behavior

"Maybe it's the marriage thing" said Krillin

"Maybe" Goku agreed as they nodded at the same time

"It has to be" they said in unison….

Capsule Corporation

"Bulma the press conference is set to start at eight o'clock sharp" Sienna, Bulma's secretary, walked in Bulma's office the place where Bulma oftentimes ran off to so she could hide herself from the world by burying herself in a big pile of work

"Ok" Bulma responded from behind her desk writing stuff down on the papers there

"Oh and Karamoto Enterprises CEO is coming to dinner. He will be here shortly. Your father wants you to give him a warm welcome and introduce him to the team he'll be working with" added Sienna. Bulma looked up now

"You have GOT to be kidding me" she said sounding pessimistic. Sienna tsked

"Don't worry Ms. Bulma. I've heard he's got quite some manners. I'm sure dinner will be enjoyable" she said

"Yeah don't bet your ass on it" said Bulma looking away "this is going to be the longest night of my life" she let her forehead rest on the desk surface. Her phone rang. Without lifting herself up she clicked on the speaker button

"Yes" she asked annoyed

"Bulma honey it's your mother" the voice alone made her sit straight

"What is it mother?" Bulma asked

"Vegeta Ouji has arrived. I would like you to be with us when he walks in our home" she said. Bulma rolled her eyes then faked a smile

"Be right there" she muffled with sarcasm

"Ooook" her mother hung up. Bulma rest her back against her black leather chair

"This isn't happening to me" she breathed heavily. Sienna half-smiled

"I'd give up anything to be in your position right now. Vegeta Ouji is a very charming man" she said with dreamy eyes. Bulma furrowed her brows

"You two were…involved?" she asked

"Oh God no!" Sienna exclaimed "no I just find him so royal and majestic. The way he walks and talks" she smiled wide now. Bulma raised a brow

"Well I have to get going. I'm not even dressed" she overlooked at her figure covered in a light yellow very simple but casual dress

"Sure. Let me know how it goes…"

The Doctor

"Alright" the doctor walked in his office with all of Chichi's test results on hand "let's see what we can find here" he sat on his chair comfortably putting his glasses on to read the pages

"Folic acid good, iron good, blood count good, antibodies very good…" he kept muttering while Chichi looked out the only window in the office worried as any patient would be when they knew something was wrong with them

"Ok" the doctor called her attention "you're not gravely ill" he said. Chichi breathed out with a smile

"Good" she whispered

"You're pregnant" he announced. Chichi stared awestruck

"I'm what?" she asked to make sure she heard right

"You're two months old. Congratulations" the man smiled. Chichi furrowed her brows

"That's-" she fainted…

Capsule Corporation

"Well I'm glad you joined us for dinner" Bulma's mother spoke as her along with her husband, Bulma and Vegeta sat quietly at the dinner table waiting for the food to be served any second now "it is very noble of you" the blonde woman kept going

"I appreciate you having me" Vegeta spoke with a sense of irony only Bulma seemed to catch up on

"Tell me Vegeta"Dr. Briefs spoke now"how exactly you are planning on helping our company?" he asked

"I brought all of my schematics. You mind looking at them right now?" suggested Vegeta


"Now, now honey" Bulma's mother cut through the conversation "dinner will be served soon. I'd rather you look at the schematics later" she suggested. Dr. Briefs shrugged his shoulders

"I guess" he settled. Bulma narrowed her eyes at Vegeta who was seated right beside her

"You son of a bitch" she said lowly so her father wouldn't listen "you think you can come in here and act like a gentleman so my father won't see through you. You've got another thing coming. My dad is a good reader. Just as good as I am" she said. He locked eyes with her

"I've gotten past what you could read once. What makes you think I can't do it again?" he asked. Bulma rolled her eyes angered

"Let me make this clear to you" she started "this is a six month operation. I'm not willing to give you any more than that-"

"It's not your call to make-"

"I'm the president-"

"He's the owner. I follow his orders. Not yours" Vegeta said arrogantly. Bulma smirked mischievously

"He'll give me the authority to do my way with you" she said. Their maid, Gloria, walked out with a big tray of food on hand

"Dinner is served" Gloria said placing the tray in the middle of the table "enjoy"

"This looks great Gloria" Bulma's mother complimented

"Gracias Ms. Bref" the woman said in a Spanish accent "I try" she smiled excusing herself to walk back to the kitchen

"Aren't these great?" the blonde turned to her husband with an oyster on hand. They were having seafood for dinner. Great thought Vegeta just my luck. I hate seafood. Dr. Briefs nodded at his wife with a smile

"Yes. They're very good" he said. Bulma took a chance to put an end to her conversation with Vegeta

"You are not allowed to override my authority. One mistake, a minor slip, and you're out of here. Those are my terms" she said. Vegeta smirked evilly

"That all depends on you really" he said

"How so?" Bulma raised a brow

"It's all about how far you want me to go" he locked eyes with her staring at her lips then back into her eyes intensely. Bulma felt her breath get caught in her throat

"Don't even try" she whispered trying to fight it

"I'm not even started" he said in his deep voice. Bulma's mother cleared her throat

"Well are you two joining us or not?" she asked. The pair turned to face her realizing right away the only two empty plates on the table were theirs

"Sure" Bulma muttered Vegeta proceeding along with her. The rest of the dinner went by in silence…

The Son Household

"Honey?" Chichi called as she walked in their spacious home. Her breath was trembling. How to tell him!? How to explain it to him!?

"Hey babe" Goku walked out the kitchen approaching her close enough to kiss her. Chichi locked lips with him feeling as he cupped her face in one hand. He could feel her shakiness. Her skin was cold. As they pulled away he noticed her bloodshot eyes and splotchy cheeks

"What's wrong?" he asked immediately. Chichi looked away. She walked past him and inside the living room placing her things on the sofa and taking a seat. She breathed profoundly. Goku caught up with her. He stood at the doorframe waiting for her to speak

"What is it?" he asked again. Chichi looked up at him

"I'm…pregnant" there she said it. She felt a big burden come off her shoulders. Goku swallowed hard. He blinked. Twice

"You're pregnant?" he asked. Chichi let her forehead rest on the palm of her hand closing her eyes. Goku stood still. He didn't know what to think. Had they been trying to have a baby he would've been ecstatic. But they weren't trying. They had just moved in to this new house thinking about having kids in the future not now, not so suddenly! What were they supposed to do!?

"Well" Chichi broke the silence making him look at her "say something" she sniffled

"What do you want me to say?" Goku asked. Chichi tsked

"I don't know Goku. We have to decide if we can have a baby right now" she stood from the couch

"We have the money" said Goku. Chichi breathed heavily

"It's not about that. What about the shop?" she slid a strand of her hair behind her ear desperate. Goku thought for a second

"I can take over. We can hire someone to do your job with me while you're out" he suggested

"Do we have the money for that?" asked Chichi

"Yes" he answered. Chichi shook her head

"I don't know. I don't trust anyone to do my job" she said. Goku sighed

"You can interview the applicants yourself. Would that make you feel better about it?" he asked. Chichi smiled a little

"Maybe" she covered her mouth "we're gonna have a baby?" she said doubtful. Goku shrugged his shoulders smiling

"I guess so" he said. Chichi walked up to him and embraced him in a warm hug

"I love you" she pulled her face back so their eyes would meet "I love you so much" she kissed him. Goku embraced his arms around her waist

"I love you too" he gently pressed their foreheads together. Chichi cupped his face in her small hands

"You're the best thing that ever happened to me" she smiled wide now. Goku caressed her face with the back of his fingers

"You complete me" he entangled his fingers on the strands of hair on her face and slid them behind her ear softly. Chichi kissed him

"You think we're ready for this?" she asked

"Ready or not… we're a go…"

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