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Chapter 4: Time Goes On

8 years later

Many seasons had passed and Erik became aware of how few his meetings with Antoinette were. He understood how busy the opera house was, because he began to watch the shows on a regular basis. Antoinette had teased him by saying, "I'll bet you could get box 5 as a permanent seat if you write a letter to the opera house manager." Erik thought about it and soon wrote his own letter to Monsieur Clayton demanding Box 5 as his own private seat.

The day Clayton received the letter he ran screaming into the house right in the middle of rehearsal.

"Madam, stop the rehearsal! I must share this with you."

Madam put up her hand and then turned to face Monsieur Clayton. "What is so important, Monsieur, that you must interrupt our dance rehearsal?"

Clayton climbed onto the stage and handed Madam the opened envelope. Antoinette peeked over another girl's shoulder to see a large pool of red wax hanging from the edge of the envelope's flap and gasped. Erik had taken her literally and written the letter.

"Do we know anyone by the name of O.G?" Clayton asked, as Madam read the letter.

"O.G?" Antoinette thought. "What kind of mischief is he planning to pull now?"

"I know of no O.G. sir. My guess is someone is messing with your head."

"But, Madam, you don't understand. Whoever this person is he demands that this request be fulfilled or something will happen during the performance. I will not allow something or someone destroying my prized masterpiece."

"Then just leave the box open Monsieur. If no one shows then you can let it go as a harmless little prank," Madam said, sounding a bit bored.

"But that's the best seat in the theatre. On top of that every show it seems to be filled anyway. I will sell the box, but no one is able to get into it. Not even with the key. It's as if some strange force is keeping us from going in there."

"Fine, do whatever you wish sir, but if you please I would like to get back to my rehearsal."

Clayton raised his arms in defeat. "Alright, go back and rehearse, but if I ever catch the hooligan I will make it he can never use his writing hand again!"

Antoinette watched Clayton as he hurried into the house and down the left aisle. Then she realized Erik had never told her how he managed to sneak into the box before people got up there. Was he coming early or did one of his mirrors allow him access to the small balcony? She decided she would ask him before the performance tomorrow. At 17 years, Erik was becoming quite a troublesome teenager.

Following Day

Erik's arm was a blur as he thrust his bow across the violin strings. He was playing so fast, one could have sworn smoke was rising into the air. Eyes closed listening to the melody, Erik moved throughout his cavern as his played. A music stand covered with sheets of notes sat nearby, but he barely glanced at it having played this piece multiple times.

The newest violin rested upon his shoulder as a new sized mask sat on his right cheek. He had grown into a handsome young man and started taking pride in himself. He would dress in the leftover costumes the male actors had outgrown and he even found a few decent wigs to cover his lack of natural hair. He noticed the lack of growth around the age of 12 and ended up finding a few slicked back black haired wigs that he proudly wore.

A cavern door opened, but distracted by his music Erik did not hear it. Antoinette stepped in wearing a beautiful white dress and for a moment she stood impressed by Erik's figure. She was surprised how much this man had grown within her care. When he had reached the age of 13, she realized that Erik was getting taller. It didn't take long for him to pass her by a few feet and tower over her. He once came to her waist, but now he stood just inches above her eyes.

"Um…Erik? Are you busy?" she called out to him.

Erik continued to play. She called again and still no response. Frustrated she went forward and poked him in the shoulder. Startled, Erik finished the up thrust of the bow and lost his grip. He spun around quickly as the bow shot across the cavern and landed just edges from the water's edge. Suddenly, Antoinette started laughing and Erik turned to acknowledge her.

"Oh! So you find this funny do you?" he asked. "You are so lucky that didn't land in the water or I would have thrown you in to go fetch it."

Antoinette doubled over in laughter and ended up snorting. Erik laughed as she covered her mouth and stood back up.

"You just snorted!" Erik managed to shout between a series of heavy chuckles.

"It's your fault!" Antoinette cried.

"My fault!?! Who decided it would be smart to come and tap me on the shoulder while I was in the middle of a rather fast violin piece?

"But I needed to talk to you."

"Well you have my attention. What is it you want?" Erik asked as he straightened and cleared his throat. A small smile still graced his lips as he set the violin down on a small side table.

Antoinette placed her hands on Erik's shoulders and gazed into his eyes. "Erik, please tell me how you get into Box 5. Clayton received your letter yesterday and he was furious."

Erik took her left hand and held it in his own. "If I told you it wouldn't be a mystery. The Opera Ghost does not reveal his secrets to anyone."

"Opera Ghost? So that's what O.G. stands for. Where did you ever get that idea?"

"Well this is an opera house and I can get through the walls just like a ghost. Don't you think that sounds right?"

Antoinette watched his eyes as they gazed back at her. A strange feeling flowed through her, a feeling she normally felt in Erik's company. Her hand seemed to sweat as he held it within his own. "Does he feel the same?" she wondered as she looked towards their conjoined hands. "Why do I feel this way when all we are is good friends?" Now lost her thoughts she had forgotten why she had come down her in the first place.

Erik watched her carefully as she seemed to be within a weird trance. He knew something bothered her, but he couldn't put a name to it. She had come down her wondering how he planned to pull off his greatest feat, but now all she seemed curious in was the way he now held her hand. He had to break the silence somehow, so he began to hum. Quickly she looked up at him as his other hand rested against her waist. "Dance with me."

He led her onto a flat section of the rock and began to waltz with her in tune with his humming. At first she looked shocked, but her look of confusion became a slight smile. Erik returned the smile and twirled her out taking a moment to admire her dress in the candle light. When she twirled back in she rested her head upon his chest and listened to his heart beat increase in speed, a small moan escaping her mouth.

Erik moved her slowly across the floor and rested his head against hers taking in the lush smell of her hair. It felt as if he was dancing through a field full of wild flowers. A place he had never seen before. A place he could only visit in his dreams, a place where no one could ever hurt him again. Antoinette shifted beneath him causing him to lift his head and look down at her. In one swift movement she stood on her tiptoes and gave him a kiss.

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