Title: The Impala
Summary: Dean and Sam investigate the Impala, which they suspect was involved in a ghostly hijacking.
Rating/Warning(s): K+
Note: This fic is based on a challenge from P.L. Wynter's Supernatural Fanfiction Challenge Forum, posted January 7, 2006: "Sam and Dean investigate all kinds of supernatural things. But not everything is caused by monsters and ghosts. What happens when the current case turns out to be more normal then paranormal?"

The Impala

Several yards off the main road, the Impala stood empty and abandoned. The moonlight reflecting off the Impala's detailing gave the scene a ghostly quality. Except for the broken driver's side window, the undamaged condition of the automobile simply added to the eeriness.

Sam and Dean approached cautiously, with rock salt loaded shotguns at the ready. Dean headed forward, while his brother stood at his back, keeping an eye on the perimeter, should anything decide to attack from that direction.

Dean leaned toward the Impala's broken window, still keeping his shotgun trained on the car, prepared to shot should some ghost suddenly appeared in front of him and grab his throat. Dean took an experimental sniff of the interior and wrinkled his nose.

"Sulfur?" Sam asked.

"Beer." Dean replied, shifting the shotgun so that he could get a better look of the interior of the Impala with his flashlight.

Beer? Sam, curious at the new development, took a couple steps closer to look over his brother's shoulder.

Dean's flashlight revealed empty beer bottles on the floor, a half eaten bag of chips on the passenger side seat and the unmistakable signs of a sloppy hotwiring job.

Behind him, Sam lowered his shotgun, "I think we can rule out spiritual possession."

Frustrated, Dean just cursed. Damn drunken teenagers.